Macy's to close four NW stores


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    There is truth that the mall experience is dying. However, some of the big ones still maintain booming business. In our region, Clackamas Town Center still is doing well, as is Washington Square. In Seattle, Northgate still is relevant, Southcenter the same, and Bellevue Square is more vibrant than ever, perhaps due to being in the heart of one the largest suburban downtowns in the country.

    However, the dead malls keep increasing. For example take some of the so-called belt routes on the Interstate as in Kirkland, WA, (405) the Totem Lake Mall could be compared with Mall 205, (205) except that atleast Mall 205 is getting some big box in there. The Aurora Village mall in north Seattle was razed to bring in a Costco and Home Depot. If you are going to be a mall in 2016, you better offer something big or unique or otherwise you will die.


    Good observation, Paul. Agree with you.


    Lancaster Mall in Salem where I work a part-time job in retail seems to be doing well…our store was up over last year for many reasons.


    Kmart/Sears are out with their latest list of store closings, including stores in Roseburg and Walla Walla.


    More bad news for retail in Downtown and Lloyd District.

    Macy’s is set to close the downtown location in Spring of 2017.

    Now comes word that Sears at Lloyd Center may close after the first of the year.


    Brick and mortar stores are fading fast. The only big retailers that seem to be surviving are clothing stores, since a person usually has to try on clothing before buying.


    He said the story of Metro North is more about the change in American society than its economic demise. For one thing, the wrecking ball is sparing the Macy’s (M) anchor store. And rather than leaving the ruins to the rats, city developers are rebuilding the site as an open-air shopping center.

    Lawless said the area around the mall is thriving with neighboring stores and businesses, and developers believe that shoppers want a retail space open to the elements, not the enclosed mall that used to be hallmark of American society.

    “Their communal space is social media,” he said. “They don’t need to go to a mall where they can walk around, meet with people. There’s no need for that large enclosed space.”

    I avoid any mall at all costs.


    I am hearing rumblings that the Macy’s in Bend may be on the early 2017 closure list, which has not been released. Here is a source of those rumblings:

    The Portland closure is, as Vitalogy pointed out, somewhat unusual as the area around it is doing fine.

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