Lyin' Cheatin' Ted?

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    You’re both willfully ignorant, conspiracy theorizing far right whack-a-doodle, loons.

    I.e. Hillary Clinton is not going to prison. She’s not being indicted for anything. She’s not responsible for the innumerable, utterly bat shit crazy things, you believe in defiance of all fact, reason, and logic.

    She is likely to be the next President of the United States.

    And in comparison to Cruz and Trump she’s fucking George Washington.


    Well the fact that Billy boy was getting blow jobs from Monica in the whitehouse was pretty disgraceful but even worse was the fact that he lied under Oath. ” I did not have sexual affairs with that woman”. There was also some clarification needed because Bill was trying to say at one point that he didn’t believe that oral sex was actually sex. Good grief! Now I’m wondering if Ted Cruz will put his hand on the bible and say “I did not have sexual affairs with those women.”


    Here is an interesting take about the ongoing FBI investigation on Hillary Clintons e mail.


    Be thankful that you are not in public office; if you were, somebody opposed to your ideological positions would come after YOU.


    Ted Cruz puts his hand on the bible and lies every day of his existence.


    “And in comparison to Cruz and Trump she’s fucking George Washington.”

    I thought Martha was fucking George Washington?

    Nevertheless, I do find it interesting that when W. was committing war crimes the Dems simply wanted to see him impeached (fired), while conservatives (is there even a Republican Party anymore?) want to see Hillary convicted and sentenced for so-called “crimes” that there is no real evidence for.

    Hey dork, if you think that Hillary has hurt you in some way then sue her. If you have standing, the court will take the case. Go ahead, do it.

    If you think she has broken the law and escaped justice, then don’t vote for her. It’s that simple. That’s why I didn’t vote for Bush in ’04.

    In either case, quit your bitching about Hillary, and start telling us who we should vote for. I don’t think you can.


    Attempting to tar Hillary Clinton because of her husband’s extramarital activities will blow up in the face of any campaign silly enough to think that’s an issue anyone outside of the Conserva-Bubble cares about in 2016. If anything, she’s a sympathetic figure through that particular lens. I.e. attacking her via her spouse is likely to create an icky misogynistic dichotomy that will only engender greater support.

    For that matter, it’s arguable how much anyone outside of Republican-Land cared in the late 90’s. Bill Clinton left office with the country in fantastic shape and with surging approval numbers. He’s widely regarded as a positive political asset to his wife’s campaign.

    By the way, wasn’t it “conservative” folk who generally applauded the idea of working through your problems in a marriage/standing by your spouse, etc. rather than taking the easy way out? By my count Hillary’s been married a grand total of once. What number is Trump on?

    Granted, I personally care not in the least but it’s an interesting bit of hypocrisy from the “family values” crowd.

    And bastion of critical thinking and Edward R Murrow award winning journalism. Because of course you do.


    Oh shit! They are are still talking about Bill? What has that got to do with Hillary? Cruz? A crazy SOB! Trump? Almost as bad! Another Clinton presidency would good. Never has it so good when Bill was Prez!

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