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    Andy Brown

    Here’s everything LPFM within 100 km of Stonehenge.


    KVBE 89.5 is silent with a CP on 95.1. There are several other already licensed LPFMs that seek changes to improve their coverage through relocation geographically or spectrally or hold CP options as a backup, but every mutually exclusive battle is over and everyone still standing has a license.

    This thread has served its purpose. I intend to post future changes in the Towers and Such thread. When the next LPFM major change window arrives, we can start a new thread.

    Thanks for your support in keeping the thread on track.


    I did and it’s about time.
    There are soooo many Class As and LPFMs in Oregon that violate 47 CFR Section 74.1231(b) it makes me sick. But, it’s not an FCC violation unless someone complains and you’re not caught doing it again. Frankly, it’s cheaper to go ahead and do it than the legal attorney costs to do it with FCC authorization. Besides, Binh is too busy.
    If I ever return to management, a top priority is to starting on legal objections to some of these radio rats when re-authorizations are due in 2022.

    Andy Brown

    Semoochie, the filing was all about sending a message. The filers expected it to be thrown out.

    c-bar, indeed, but the issue is nationwide and so large, it will never be addressed. Sadly, the smaller guys learned the translator rules abuse tricks from the bigger guys. No one is innocent. The largest groups gobbled up hundreds of secondary service capable channels in the top markets and called them fill ins for full service 50 – 100 kW signals when that was a huge bald faced lie and the FCC just rubber stamped them.


    cbaravelli: As you know, 47 CFR Section 74.1231(b) has to do with translators re-transmitting the signals of a primary AM or FM radio broadcast station or another translator. I am not aware of any LPFM’s in OR violating anything. In fact, I am not aware of an LPFM in OR that is even on a translator. Not sure why are you throwing them under the bus. KXRY is a class D. Now, if you want to talk about what a joke the translator service is in general, you won’t get an argument from me. Like Andy says, its the most abused broadcast service we have. Thank you FCC.


    Yer kerect about no LPFMs having FM TXs. But there are many LPFMs which act as FM translators for out of market Class B’s and C’s. In Oregon, there are 14 such. One simulcasts an FM from Iowa.
    CSNI, EMF, EDI, VIP, New Life, Radio Movenmiento and, for two licenses, OPB. There are others. Granted there are micro markets where a low power Class A is the only game in town. But in some markets, it’s gotten out of hand.
    Then there’s the new no studio in city of license requirement ruling that’s working it’s way thru Federal Courts.
    Good to know yer still alive!


    This from All Access:

    CALVARY CHAPEL OF MCMINNVILE, INC. has requested a Silent STA for KKJC-LP/MCMINNVILLE, OR (malfunction in power supply).

Viewing 7 posts - 421 through 427 (of 427 total)
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