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    That’s the second time tonight that I’ve experienced the word, “kerfuffle”! The other time was in a news interview.



    Fact 1: don’t hide your true nature behind a veil.

    Fact 2: you confirm you are not a Christian, and it’s only 2018 ANNO DOMINI, so eat that for breakfast. (just like Adam Sandler said , you eat pieces of s**t for breakfast?) i’m sure you do. instead of using toilet paper, IMO you just crap in their taco shell and serve it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Fact 3: who cares??? nobody i can think of.

    Fact 4: don’t put down xray, i don’t agree with everything they do, but they are ONE-OF-A-KIND: Class D, which nobody can ever have again, and last time i checked, probably the last one left. SO BACK OFF XRAY. they are one of a kind, and you are almost in the back of that line.

    Fact 5: i have a whole bunch of other titles other than mexican for you, if that’s what you want to hear, i’m just being conservative.

    Fact 6: maybe you should check out your heritage, and have some pride. IMO you are a sellout, you’d sell your mother for money.

    Fact 7: wow! you have no idea what airs on your channels, what a shame! i hope you lose your licenses, and the sooner the better, just like the sooner Trump builds that wall, the better for all us Americans.

    You proved my point in your untitled FACT 8, i know Bustos get more than $30,000/mo; and all you guys want is more more more, GREEDY SELFISH SOB’s.

    nosignalallnoise you can’t shut me up, i am more than one voice, and back at you jackass S*B, i hope s*****g d**k pays you worth that what your soul is worth. if you knew who we are, you’d crap you’d have to change your diaper every time you think of us. I live in America you m**********r, so i have the Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech, and if you think you can take that away from me, go live in Mexico.

    Andy, you don’t know what you stand for, maybe you should do some soul digging, go talk to the man on the mountain or something. I don’t have time to test your s****y collective, it’s all stinky farts to me. Just like Confucius said, ‘if you your butt itches, you will have a stinky finger,’ and ‘if you keep in your farts, they will go up your spine to your head, and that’s where all your s****y ideas come from.’ sounds like you don’t have any of your own. You have no idea who i am, and if you did, you’d be changing your diapers every time you think of me.

    Who cares about AM? just BS-ers, that’s all AM is, bunch of BS opinionated rejects (except some exceptional people, of which you are not, i have enjoyed many AM hosts over the years, and miss the ones that got taken down very much)

    radiogeek – you gut your Sherlock Holmes hat on? maybe smoke like pipe like he did and shoot up some cocaine like he did, and that may help you see more clearly, and give you some original thoughts.

    FCC always calls MOOT whenever they are wrong, that’s their keyword when they are in the wrong, but can’t resist the money. Moot? my toilet paper doesn’t deserve the FCC use of the word moot. I’m an English Major, and that word just grinds my gears.


    LPFM is good stuff, and untarnished by corporate greed and oppression.

    Screamer, buy a popcorn machine and a couple pallets of popcorn, and you should be set for a while (until it makes you sick).

    And don’t pick on Common Frequency, they have hearts of GOLD, unlike most of the people here with hearts of lead, who sway left and right in the wind. and like an ocean wave, leave nothing but dirt and foam as a result. Common Frequency reps will be those that are now in the back, but in the Afterlife they will be in front, and that Forever is not even imaginable to you short-lived worldly types.

    SO BACK OFF BUSTOS AND OTHER MONEY AND POWER MONGERING M***********S. This FCC administration will end soon enough, and Ajit Pai can go back to his s**thole country just like Bustos should go back to theirs.

    BOTH ARE SELLOUTS, AND PIMPS. Both would put their mothers on the streets for cash.


    I STAND UP FOR KXRW, AND KIEV, AND KISN’S FORETHOUGHT. Now KISN’s coverage has to sound just as crappy as other LPFM’s, what a shame. Oh wow, maybe kisn did a watt more than 2 (maybe, i don’t know) and that pisses off a**holes like bustos, whos 1520AM boasts 50,000 WATTS. Do you guys know basic math, and basic counting, how far is 100 from 50,0000? Let me do the math for you – you can fit 500 one-hundred-watt stations into 50,000. maybe you should take basic math again, and do some deep soul-searching, but i’m sure you’re afraid, because what you will discover is Ugly.

    show some decency, i can’t believe anyone but alfredo and his mexican (don’t deserve capital letter) mafia is objecting what i say. SHAME ON YOU! you either didn’t listen and don’t respect your moms, or you don’t have them, or they’re RIP, or they’re prostitutes.

    LPFM’s are supposed to be equal to translators, but i don’t know a single LPFM that can do 99 watts at 422m HAAT.

    There is no equality under current FCC administration, i hope they burn in hell forever, especially the east indian. am i racist? blame it on my mother, RIP.

    THIS IS ALL OPINION, and i say that just to cover my butt and protect ALL LPFM’s from Mafia types like Bustos.

    And if pdxradio chooses to ban me or censor me, then that proves that our Constitution should be printed on toilet paper (still worth more than a peso). And if they do, i hope the Russians hack them and take them down.

    And no, i am not new here, been around before this website existed, just wearing a mask to protect myself from low-life’s.

    English major, you say? i don’t have time to correct the capitals and spelling, so you’ll have to forgive me. Too much at stake here to focus on the little stuff.


    And i hope KISN, KIEV, and KXRW will forgive me for bringing them into the spotlight, i am very passionate about local, mom-and-pops, non-profit organizations, i stand for ALL LPFM’s and their uphill battle.

    I did some digging, and KIEV was not the first LPFM that KYTE crushed (do your own digging, it’ll bring up a lot of dirt). They called the first LPFM’s objections to KYTE as MOOT.
    Just like Ukraine was oppressed by the Soviet Union, and is still and continues to be intimidated and oppressed by Russia, so the FCC is allowing regular Citizen English Americans to be oppressed by corporate greed.

    F**K the FCC, and f**k Bustos.

    Enjoy the Bob Marley song ‘GET UP STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS’.

    PEACE. Roll a phat one and smoke it.


    oh, and excuse me, why does the FCC still use math from the 60’s and fails to upgrade their rules to new models?

    How far have we gone with technology since the 60’s, are you guys seriously this ignorant?? Even senior members agree the model is WAY OUT OF DATE.

    hmmmm. maybe because FP’s pay the FCC, and LPFM’s don’t? let me ponder on that. LPFM’s don’t have the funds to lobby or pass enveloped cash to the FCC. Is that what we Americans are anymore, sellouts???

    I bow to OBAMA for allowing LPFM to happen, and grow, i hope Trump pulls his head out of his ass and let’s LPFM’s get the next push and become co-equal to translators.

    And again, F**K the current FCC administration, and F**K Bustos, and F**K KYTE. Bunch of tie-wearing baptist businessmen.


    Keep on KISN.


    LPFMs and translators are secondary service and have no say whatsoever against full power stations. They knew this going in and it has never changed. Incidentally, 100 watts versus 50KW is only a fair comparison if the antenna height(HAAT)is the same for both and 50KW is no where near 500 times the coverage!


    Novic, take your meds and calm down. Or you’re another Russian/Bulgarian troll.

    Outlaw, another instant pop up on the forum. Wonder how long this diarrhea is going to last before the moderator has had enough.

    If either of you had been reading for a while, the majority on this board has been cheering the establishment of new non commercial service and LPFM for years, while also hoping that such service would be managed well and become viable. Criticism of community radio is legitimate when incompetent management and programmers threaten the continued existence of non commercial service.


    It is rare that I have seen such a refined ability to selectively take what I have said out-of-context as I am seeing in this discussion.

    I never said that paying $30,000 monthly is small potatoes in itself. For most individuals, this is an unfathomable amount. A locally-based non-profit would need to rely on donations and on selling spots (commercials) to do this on a continuing basis. What I said was that Bustos Media, as a company, is much smaller than the high-profile group owners that are generally discussed on this forum.

    I wonder, what would be the monthly cost if somebody wanted to buy every available timeslot on 800 KPDQ or 1330 KKPZ? It would probably be more than $30,000.

    I am not going anywhere, novic’s Tiki Torch-carrying shenanigans notwithstanding.


    Five bucks says novic and outlaw are the same person.


    And the Hits just Keep on Coming!

    Andy Brown

    “Wonder how long this diarrhea is going to last before the moderator has had enough.”

    He’s been informed.


    There is also an issue we need to help Dan with and that is disappearing posts. Within the last month or so I have seen several posts listed on the home page or the forum home page but when you click on them they aren’t there. Yesterday, KXRU-Ed started a new thread that never showed up either. Keep an eye out for these disappearing posts and report them to the above address.


    I had mistakenly assumed that the disappearing posts were due to their authors deleting them. The next time that I notice one, I will let Dan know.



    “I am a public figure, and many people know who I am.”

    If that’s true, and if I had to guess who, you’re a public figure who wished he was much more of a public figure. Your language is very familiar.

    To be fair, my diarrhea comment was aimed primarily at novic who IMHO is so over the top inappropriate as to be banned. You’re simply angry and argumentative.


    Awwwww, did somebody have a sad?


    KLLD-LP seems to be transmitting now from their new location in the NW industrial area of Portland. Modulation seems really low. I am seeing peaks at +/- 45 kHz.

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