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    Andy Brown

    LPFM programming is generally highly eclectic and niche oriented. It is very difficult to build a steady listening audience when the programming is all over the board. It is, however, generally supported by people and businesses based on the sum of its parts, not any individual part. The exception to that is when talk radio infiltrates the program schedule. There is a lot of underwriting money for anything politically based. LPFM’s generally offer no news, no traffic, no weather but do offer inexperienced DJs that run a sloppy board, turn their heads away from the mic constantly (so their intelligibility goes from good to bad and back again constantly), a lot of jabbering about stuff that doesn’t pertain to the music or the station and some forms of music that will never be even the slightest bit popular. In the end, the benefits of the LPFM service do outweigh the drawbacks and flaws, and in many cases where the community model is not being used there is automation which can result in a less bush league sound but like automation anywhere, it gets boring after a while.

    However, LPFM programming of any type is not new. Non profit NCE stations have been using the community model for decades, and the programming is eclectic and often delivered by inexperienced people who really don’t know what they are doing. The turnover of personnel is huge. LPFMs just don’t offer anything that can be labeled “new” sans the just released music that commercial stations don’t play. Again, it may be more difficult to navigate LPFMs but there are some worthwhile programming going on. But it is not new and it is not as great as proponents would like to label it. LPFM as a whole could be a lot better then it is. Many NPOs got talked into being a licensee and entered into the game with NFC about how it all works. Many end up running either syndicated or shared programming from another LPFM that has it more together. I think that is undesirable. If you don’t have the wherewithal to build out the station and program/staff it with reasonably reliable people, paid or volunteer, you shouldn’t be a licensee.


    Alfredo T: Depends. How large and affluent is the intended audience?
    FCC considers LPFM signal contours as a grid {almost cellular) of seven to ten miles depending on power, antenna and height. Some do better [old KISN-LP]. Most do much worse. True answer is the POP, price of population.
    Someone in the Media Bureau Audio Division recommended and approved more than two times contour increase for K260DK. This should tell you something.


    I sense a demonstration of Poe’s Law in novic’s posts.

    For those not familiar with the concept, Poe’s Law says that it is impossible to distinguish between highly dogmatic views and parodies of such views, unless some very obvious indicator is provided that one is reading a work of satire.

    Novic has only authored a few posts on this board. The only strong clue that I see that his or her posts might be satire are that (s)he takes the nativist position that Bustos is less fit to own radio stations due to its founders’ Mexican heritage and that Russian immigrants are less fit to program radio stations than English-speaking groups. This sharply clashes with the pro-inclusivity philosophy of LPFM owners such as the Media Institute for Social Change.

    However the point (expressed by Andy) is taken that people who see themselves as media activists might be more interested in “saving” a spot on the dial from corporate/out-of-town ownership than they would be in putting something on the radio.


    I assume Alfredo works for Bustos or represents them.

    One BIG issue is that Alfredo thinks it’s ALL ABOUT MONEY.
    LPFM’S ARE NOT ABOUT MONEY!!! In my humble opinion, Bustos and Alfredo are rotten to the core, corrupted by their love of money and power over people. And in my opinion, what they represent and what they are doing is both shameful and shameless, but they have no conscience or even any feeling of shame.
    Bustos is small potatoes? You sure throw your weight around like you’re one of the big boys, and compared to LPFM’s, you are a BIG boy, or very earnestly strive to be.
    Some of Bustos stations were going bankrupt until the Russians came around and bailed the Mexicans out.
    Oh, you’re American – my butt. Your programming languages are not English, therefore you are not American imho.
    It’s NOT ABOUT Cost you greedy turd (imho) but you just can’t get that out of your eyes and ears, LPFM’s represent the communitity and don’t have to rely on funding from listeners or underwriters. You charge for commercials, you charge for people talking on your radio, YOU CHARGE FOR EVERYTHING. I bet if you fart, dollar bills fall out, though in my opinion you should just be crapping pesos South of the border.

    The FCC sold out the rights of American citizens with their reversal of Net Neutrality, so in my opionion, FCC is just like Bustos – all about money and power, and who cares about the little guys crying out with their little voices? You make me sick!

    Back off and leave the LPFM’s alone you miserable money mongers, and don’t intrude on LPFM territory, and go back to your black hole you call a country.


    Of all the people to come after!


    Boy, somebody’s got a bee up his vagina.

    Seriously novic, why don’t you tell us how you really feel.

    Hey Andy, do you by chance recall that thread about the I-5 bridge replacement a few years back where Phreakazoid was epically ranting against it, then you (I think, might have been chickenjuggler) posted an excerpt from a web page about delusions? I think (I doubt it) it may have been in that same thread as his anti-Scott Fybush rant. Sounds like it’s time to repost that bit for this person’s (whomever’s sockpuppet it is) sake. I’d do it but I don’t remember what that thread was called. I’m sure it’s in the archive somewhere.

    Andy Brown

    I do not work for Bustos or even know anybody who does. The last (and only) people who have ever paid me to be on the radio were Crawford Broadcasting, and that was some 13 years ago.

    Nobody is getting rich from operating LPFMs, but they have operating expenses, too. Non-profit doesn’t mean non-money.


    Thank you semoochie, i know, of all people to go after, Bustos is trying to cover over an lpfm.

    If i had your mothers number Alfredo, i would call her and tell her to slap you for your shameless behavior.

    Very shamelessly, you guys know you will cover over KXRW, and do it knowingly, you obviously are not Christian, i don’t know what you are, just a stinky rotten squawfish (in my opinion)

    Am i not telling you how i feel? With much restraint!!!

    You’re such a liar Alfredo, Bustos rakes in over $30,000/mo from the Russians.

    Seriously, just back off, would you?? Go home and watch soccer, go pick a fight with another Mexican, and leave the Americans alone.


    A long time ago, I learned on this very board that one should not burn bridges. The Internet is not as anonymous as many of its users would like to believe.

    I will provide some facts.

    Fact 1: Crawford broadcasting is a corporation, not a ministry. Many of their radio stations sell airtime to churches, ministries, and preachers; Salem does the same thing. This is a business model.

    Fact 2: It is not necessary to be a Christian to work at Crawford. It would be illegal for them to only hire Christians or to even ask applicants about their beliefs (religion is a protected class).

    Fact 3: I found employment at Crawford broadcasting through the Oregon Employment Department, not through personal connections. When one uses the employment department, one first sees the job titles. Only after one asks for a referral does the department give out the name of the employer. When I saw the board operator job listing, I initially thought that it would be with Entercom (to run the studio during sports broadcasts).

    Fact 4: I’m not a fan of the way that all of these AM revitalization translators are being rolled out. I also don’t like Air-1 and K-Love being at multiple spots on the dial. By the same token, I don’t think that X-Ray FM needs to be at multiple places on the dial. I think that I have stated this previously.

    Fact 5: I am not Mexican.

    Fact 6: I am not into watching sports on TV.

    Fact 7: I don’t speak Russian, so I am not able to get much out of the programming on 1010, 1130, and 1520. As a matter of fact, I miss the days when we had Sunny 1520 in C-QUAM AM stereo.

    I am shocked by the xenophobic attitude of YOUR posts, novic. Do YOU have something against Russians or Mexicans? Would YOUR mom be proud of that?

    If I haven’t made it clear yet, I believe that the Russian groups that are heard on the Bustos stations are there because they were the first to offer the kind of money that Bustos Media wanted. $30,000 per month sounds like a bargain to me, considering that Bustos Media paid $2.8 million for AM 1520 and $1 million for AM 1010. Would it have been cool if PSU had bought airtime on one of these stations, instead? I think so, but they didn’t. Could the University of Portland, Portland Community College, or Lewis & Clark College have bought airtime? They could have, but they chose not to. Could somebody have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to buy airtime on one of these radio stations? Of course, somebody could have, but no one did.


    This one?

    No, IIRC was very late in the motozak3 era, like, near the end when the quality had really tanked. It was on the Bbpress software so it would be in the 2009-2014 archive. PZ wasn’t yet involved with the project at the time of the thread you linked to and I don’t believe I even knew him yet. In fact 2008 I was still at it to some degree, see http://archive.pdxradio.com/messages/208652/363831.html which I do remember posting.

    I tried looking for it in the archive myself last night but didn’t see one that looked familiar. I imagine I walked past it 7 or 8 times. It’s too bad Dan didn’t keep the profile database with the archive pages since it would make searching for one user’s posts that much easier.

    Please commit suicide, jackass.

    Andy Brown

    First, novic, you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Second, KXRW can speak for themselves should they choose, and have done so in the venue where it counts, the FCC.

    Third, on this side of the board (Portland Radio as opposed to Politics and Other Things), personal attacks that are baseless are not tolerated. Don’t test the collective will of the regulars on this side of the forum or you will have your posting privileges curtailed.

    Fourth, LPFM does not need your ballyhoo. LPFM already has many proponents who can represent it and does not need your faux emotional outbursts nor baseless attacks on one of our most open minded and technically informed posters. I mean, really, who the fuck are you? Have you ever held a JOB in radio? One that pays, not just a volunteer position where the barrier to entry is quite low. What do you do to pay the bills?

    Much to your chagrin, the attempt to save the AM dial is a good thing and not every AM license is held by huge group owners. There is a delicate balance between the use of the recent window for AM on FM translator applications and abuse of same. I suggest you stop posting like an over zealous moron and make an intelligent contribution to the discussion, if you are capable.

    Shape up or ship out, or be shipped out. Got it?


    Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

    The link between KXRW and KXRY is obvious, as Phil Busse’s Non Profit Hour program has been running on KXRY since it started. If this is a problem or not remains to be seen.

    However I’m curious to hear if there’s been any update on the objection made to KXRY transfer of ownership from Common Frequency. I found that kerfuffle quite interesting.

    Andy Brown

    The objection was dismissed as moot after Common Frequency withdrew its request to assign KXRY to CEBS (XRAY).

    Since then, Common Frequency has reapplied to do the same thing. That’s where it sits last I checked.


    Sometimes, there just isn’t enough popcorn.

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