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    I have friends in a few of these buildings. Some will tune KNRK off and on, when they use radio, but mostly they don’t. I know a few KINK listeners in that crowd too.

    What they do have is AMAZING internal playlists.

    Seriously. I get to slurp from a couple, from time to time, when I am in the building doing a gig, or visiting friends.

    Has anyone thought to tap this resource?

    Just putting it out there. Yeah, it’s not researched to the nines. But, there is a vibe there more people than we think might pick up on.

    The AM dial here is pretty lousy for me as a listener right now, aside from the occasional AM Stereo KBPS listen on a 2K era FORD radio. They remain a benchmark of mine. Just great stuff as far as factory stock goes. (thanks for the updated and more recent play selections on KBPS. It’s as fun to hear more recent music on the format as it was listening to KBBT.)

    Oh, and what prompted this post? Yes, I saw “970 THE BEAT” on an old rice burner near my part of town. Hilarious! It’s a lot like seeing the occasional orange, round 62 KGW one. Love it.

    FM? I still enjoy KNRK at times. Usually will tune for a few work drives to catch up on whatever new they are playing. Most of those are still good.

    Mrs is a big fan of Charlie BTW. Life being what it is, we are raising our granddaughter. Great kid, but her parents are in meth hell. Think the opiate thing is bad? (it is) Meth is 10x. We are losing the battle, if you ask me. Anyway, the two of them tootle around, and she’s little, just about to turn 4, so radio is a fun thing right now. Nice when that happens.

    Since the last time I checked in here, I am 95 percent streaming or playing material downloaded to my phone. I’ve got an old Moto Droid in the car that sucks down my faves when it’s in the driveway wi-fi. For travel, I’ve got a Note 8 doing that job. By the way, if you are a Samsung phone user, Overstock.com has two packs of the bundled AKG earbuds that came with the Note 8 and 9 phones. It’s like 20 bucks. At that price, they are insane good, and they are my travel go to. Nothing else even comes close.

    Sound on that one is insane good, BTW. It has a tuning mode like some high end stereos have. You listen for the beeps and it makes a sound profile. Turns out, this is perfect for the car. Just do it while on the road, and the compensation is GREAT. Thought I would pass that little life hack along.

    Regarding HD Radio… Neither of my vehicles has one, but…

    I’ve been on a TON of travel over the last few years. Pretty much all over the US, and abroad in Europe. (The EU has some very low AM that is fun to check out down around 200+ Khz.)

    For a while, most of my rentals included an HD Radio. In some cases, the AM actually performed better than I expected, but it does suffer from propagation issues and noise pretty heavy. In the midwest, it tends to work though. Nice, flat, open roads. Here in our rich terrain, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Still does not, and I didn’t find any signals last I checked either.

    But, in the fly over parts of the country, HD AM worked.

    Some of the stations dividing up into 3 sub channels are too messy for me to listen to. Artifacts galore. But, I have enjoyed some of the two and one single channel offerings.

    That’s all as of a couple years ago though. Sadly, HD has pretty much evaporated from the rental car scene. Plenty of them offer Sirius, and it sucks like Sirius generally does too. Meh. Never got excited enough to subscribe.

    The HD offerings were better, for what that’s worth. I know many of us debated this all over the place. Not sure I ever reported my experiences back, so there you go. Better than Sirius. And the few that put up some good dance EDM? Yeah. The one here, and I forget what subchannel it was on, played a nice set. Reminded me of peak C89.5 from some years back.

    I do see it on third party radios. Anyone have numbers on adoption rates?

    Hyundai featured it, and probably still does as of a year or two ago, and like their excellent analog + DSP offering, it performed when coupled with a premium sound package. Others seemed spotty, and I thought FORD would stay on for sure, but I’ve not driven a single FORD with the system installed. (what happened there?)

    Anything new in PDX radio wise? I have yet to catch up on the many threads. Figured I might just ask whether there is any new investment or effort worth checking out per our usual type of discussion.

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