Looking to liquidate multi-decade collection of radio station ephemera

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    Here’s the deal- I started in radio in 1966 at 17 t KIHR when it was 250 watts and billed itself as “The Melody Aisle on Your Radio Dial.” Through the mid-80s as I worked at other stations, I collected everything I could find with a station logo on it. I have a couple of large boxes crammed with letterhead, business cards, rate cards, coverage maps, bumper stickers, window stickers, playlists, and pitch sheets. I’m looking to pass this one to the right party or parties.

    Ideally, I’d like to make a few bucks with this, but would happily donate the whole thing to a nonprofit outlet of some sort.

    Some of the letterhead goes back to the 1940s, showing KEX and KGW being owned by The Oregonian, vintage KOIN, KALE and others.

    There’s a lot of Northwest, naturally, but I also accosted people at various conventions to get business cards, saved all the samples of bumper stickers sent us by promotional companies, and corresponded with a few similar individuals and traded for some of them, so I have samples from all over the country.

    Want to see WABC’s multi-page pitch sheet for coverage of the Yankees in 1977? That’s in there, along with some Canadian stations, and some international shortwave station trinkets.

    Some of the stuff is organized in notebooks, others are just loose. We’re talking many hundreds of items here.

    I’m in The Dalles, but can schlep to Portland. Some years back I posted scans here of some of the more interesting items.

    Looking for suggestions or your personal interest. Though I haven’t posted here in a couple of years, I do lurk and watch. Some very sharp people post here, and nowhere else do I find such quick up-to-date information.

    email in profile


    Hi Seguedad. I have sold radio memorabilia over the years and can offer perhaps a few tips…

    First, know where to place advertising. I have found ebay to be a good spot as long as you place it in the right category. Take many photos to add to your stock.

    Be patient. Sometimes these items will sit for quite awhile and the inclination is to quit, but hang in there…someone will show interest at some point.

    Radiodisccussions.com has a buy/sell section, though they say “no airchecks” as a restriction. Sounds like that is not what you are selling.

    Good luck!


    Many thanks, Paul Walker. It’s been years since I’ve sold anything on eBay, but I’m sure I can figure it out again.

    Years ago I had planned to donate the lot to the proposed Oregon Broadcasting Museum, but that apparently never came to pass after that dustup between Southern Oregon University and the former head of Jefferson Public Broadcasting.

    If nobody here is interested, I’ll probably start loading things on eBay or Radiodiscussions.com


    A friend of mine is interested in your collection. How can he contact you? I didn’t see an email in your profile.


    I collect radio/TV stickers and other promo items. I would be interested in purchasing your collection.
    Contact me at phil.bytheway@gmail.com

    Thank you

    Phil B


    Sorry, thought the fact that I’d put email in my signup made it available to all.

    catch me at


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