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    Hello Portland Radio community. I was directed to this board because I was told that this might be the best place to find audio on a particularly unusual story that happened in Vancouver, Washington in the early 2000s.

    First off, my name is Matt, and I am a producer for True Crime Obsessed, an Apple Podcasts Top-200 podcast, which has recently been featured in The New York Times and Vulture. Currently, we are working on a special project about the Treva Throneberry situation.

    If you don’t remember, in 2001, Throneberry was discovered to have been passing herself off as a high school student for the past three years, despite being in her late 20s and early 30s. We have found numerous contemporary articles about this case from newspapers and magazines, but we have struck out in terms of finding any original audio.

    We are looking for news reports, press conferences, interviews, trial audio, anything that someone might have in their archives related to the case. We have contacted many of the Portland TV and radio stations, but haven’t had any luck just yet, other than someone being kind enough to direct us here.

    So, if you think that you might have something that we could use, please feel free to email me at matt@truecrimeobsessed.com. If you have any questions or other advice, I would obviously welcome that too.

    Thank you so much for your time and assistance.


    Master of Disaster

    According to a quick web search, a blog article sources an interview on ABC Primetime on September 25, 2003. Obviously I have no idea if they maintain official archives back that far or how to go about finding out.

    Two other possibilities that will involve some further digging: 1) this is a long shot but check to see if cable access or government access channels have anything at all; 2) this is a longer shot but maybe check the tape trading circuits for people who record/trade newscasts and TV shows from those years, see if they have anything.

    One thing’s for sure, most of what remains online about this in 2019 is a rehash of the same material.



    Well well well, WELL well wellwellwellwellwell. I never thought I’d see that disgrace of Evergreen’s class of 2000 surface this many years later.

    To say “Brianna” was a fucking bitch would be putting it lightly. For example, she once tried to get me suspended for “hacking” because I routinely brought up a DOS prompt to access my SDF account in Windows 98 in the computer lab. Fortunately that ended in as much failure as did her little masquerade. Miss Hacker (computer lab lady; and yes, that really is her maiden name) knew what I was doing and sided with me but that didn’t stop Little Miss MILF from taking it all the way to the principal because she really thought she was hot shit.

    By the way, she demanded to autograph my 2000 yearbook, up to forcefully grabbing it out of my hands to sign it. I don’t remember if I “redacted” it or not, but wanna see it if I ever get access to a scanner? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    Kenny Dunn was a really, really awesome guy (I wonder whatever happened to him) and very knowledgeable about computers. First time I ever saw a palmtop was from him on the bus (an HP) and we both thought that would be the computing platform of the future. Turns out they were just the platform of the early 2000s.

    (Source: I attended EHS 1999-2002. Go Plainsmen!)

    (EDIT: I see she’s been at it again. “In 2016, Throneberry resurfaced under the alias ‘Brianna Kenzie’, accusing a local man of sexually assaulting her while she worked as a hotel employee. She was later fired after hotel employees learned of her prior record.” [https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Treva_Throneberry&oldid=896507318] Life imitates art.)

    Now that I’ve said all that, it’s time to put this thread to rest and rebury that little scammer’s name in the trash bin of history where it belongs. Matt, please get a life and concentrate your time and energy on real criminals (e.g. that psycho hose-beast from Battleground who marches lock-step with the traitor Russian spy in the White House while saying she allegedly “represents” us) who are more worth of attention than that vaginal belch.

    Thread closed.



    As an interesting coincidence, just last weekend, I watched a Law & Order: Special Victims’ Unit rerun that was inspired by the Treva Throneberry case.

    Your best bet is to go with ABC, as mentioned in a previous post. From my experiences with cable access, there is almost zero possibility that they will be able to help you because the programs that are shown on cable access channels are made by independent producers. Cable access just provides the facilities and equipment that these producers need to make and distribute their programs. Furthermore, cable access–at least during the time that I was involved with them–ran each program for one week and then returned the tape to the producer. Thus, they wouldn’t have an archive of shows that they could search.

    Other possible places to look might be Pamplin Media, who were then the owners of KPAM, or OPB.



    Oh Yeah, her again. Isn’t she the one who had sex with an older guy in his car and then charged him with statuatory rape? She lied in court about her age and sent the guy to jail because she swore she was 15 when really she was like 22? For some reason she did not have
    a birth certificate…… Parents on Oklahoma(?)saw something on TV like on ET Tonight or 20/20 and showed up in Vancouver
    with her birth certificate and childhood pictures and she STILL denied she had parents, they were lying. What a whacko. DSHS then back charged her for all the benefits they paid and sent her to jail? If this was the same person there HAS to be some video in the TV archives since that is where I was following this. I know it was in the Columbian. Of course it will be helpful with the Clark County Courthouse, TV stations and newspapers if you know the exact date range for this and all the names she used. Sorry I don’t have anything personally, but there is video or audio out in the stations, they are not going to look too hard for it in their vast archives unless she kills someone or does something bad. Hope this helps.
    Bob in Vancouver.



    KXL is one other outlet I didn’t think of previously. Also, at the time that Throneberry was arrested at age 31, Bill Gallagher had a crime-themed investigative news show on KPAM called Gallagher’s Crime Scene. A serial scammer like Throneberry is the kind of person who would have been profiled on that program.

    Throneberry has attempted to charge a variety of men, including her own father, with rape. Throneberry’s father said that her motivation for continually passing herself off as a teenager was so somebody could take care of her so that she wouldn’t have to find a real job.

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