Liberals Melt Down

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    Andy Brown

    Herb has totally lost touch with reality.

    Remember, Herb, the below info is not from a polling agency, they are a simple statement of all the polls including your favorite partisan but highly inaccurate Rasmussen one.


    Classic leftist response.

    So how did your polling go last time, libs?

    And at least I put mine out there.

    Prepare to get owned.



    Wow, Herb. With hellfire statements like:

    “…Democrats are in trouble…”
    “…so hard for them to win an election…”
    “…the left isn’t near the reins of power…”
    “…Unless the Democrat party changes significantly, expect more political losses…”
    “…Republicans are more energized than ever…”
    “…Energized voters will now fight even harder to overturn your agenda…”
    “…Democrats will never garner blue collar and middle class voters as long as they look down their effete noses at them…”

    you sure deliver a milquetoast assessment of the midterm elections. “Republicans may even retain a slight majority in the House”? Just say it, Herb – you know the Republicans are going to lose seats in the House, but you think (read: hope) that they can still maintain a majority. Quite an admission for someone who keeps crowing about how the voters have woken up to how amazing Trump and his politics are.

    Love the way you fume and bluster, yet always make sure you have a rhetorical escape hatch. I give you points for style, but you fail on content.

    Andy Brown


    Is it possible that the Republicans, knowing that they’ve hit the point of no return and will soon have to reach out to all the people they’ve maligned lately, albeit to no avail, have come to the realization that the only way to save their party is to go along with Trump turning us into a fascist dictatorship? After all, if there are no more elections, it won’t matter if their numbers are dwindling.


    Au contraire, as usual, edselehr.

    There are two factors you fail to mention.

    1. The media being in the tank for the left, with 7% identifying as Republican:

    2. The historic out of power surge in mid-terms.

    Yet, even those two factors are diminished, as noted in this article in today’s NEW YORK TIMES:

    “The Democratic geographic disadvantage is so severe that it gives the Republicans a chance to survive a so-called wave election, like the 1994, 2006 and 2010 elections that flipped control of the House.”

    Sounds like the ones running scared are leftists. I trust the NEW YORK TIMES is liberal enough for all those here with TDS.

    Mr. Trump isn’t on the ballot this time. And there are more Republican seats up for grabs than will be in 2020. Yet despite these significant facts, Republicans are still expected to buck the trend and perform decently.

    You can keep your fake news, fake Native American Heritage, mob thuggery and usual liberal gaslighting. It isn’t working, as evidenced by now highly engaged Republicans and Independents, thus closing any enthusiasm gap. You can thank your crazies who came out against Justice Kavanaugh for that. (Justice Kavanaugh. That sounds so very good).

    Just remember how very wrong you were in 2016. That’s probably why liberals here are so milquetoast about making any pronouncements. So let the liberal hand-wringing begin.


    “The historic out of power surge in mid-terms”

    Why do you think that is, Herb? Because the people (to some degree) realize that the in-power party is *not* living up to their hype, *not* getting things done the way they said they would, and that the opposition party was in some (or many) ways right about them.

    It was true for Obama in 2010 and 2014. It will be true of Trump in 2018. Very true of Trump…super-duper very true of Trump.

    So stuff your righteous indignation and bluster where it belongs. You have to admit that Trump and his Republicans will lose seats – and probably lose the House, less likely the Senate – because he is a less capable president than he sold himself to be in 2016.

    If you can’t at least admit that, no amount of Kool-Aid antidote can save you.


    Suppressing the Native American vote in places like North Dakota, is just one of many tactics the GOP has been using to secure their power.

    I guess it has to get worse before it can get better.

    What has happened to the rule of law and actually governing our country?

    I won’t predict an outcome of the upcoming mid-terms, but I do hope there’s enough change to slow “train wreck Trump” down and add some needed accountability from the GOP.


    Fine and dandy, Chris. Just for the record, we take it then that you support this:

    Report: AZ Democratic Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Summoned Witches to Anti-War Rally

    And edselehr, the ones drinking Kool-Aide are Democrats who hurl racist taunts to intimidate independent-minded African-Americans who deign not to walk lockstep with libs.

    Or like Chris, is that another facet of the Democrat party you also support?

    36% African American approval for this President has the left throwing a mass temper tantrum. And it’s going to only grow from here. But hey, that’s what the party that defended slavery and the KKK might eventually expect.

    Andy Brown

    Look Herb, you’re the one that supports an administration that is the most corrupt in the history of the nation, so perhaps a long look in the mirror is what you and the rest of the drumpfster divers really need.


    The Washington Post?
    [Milk runs out of nose here].

    Here’s your corruption:

    You know, the usual. Paying ransom to terrrorists with cash on pallets. Mexico gun running. Weaponizing the IRS to attack your political opponents. Typical Democrat Alinsky playbook stuff.

    But it will only get worse for Democrats as the declassification of documents showing collusion with foreign countries to spy on a private citizen are released. They can plead the fifth all they want. The truth is coming out.

    Nice try.


    So Herb, you’re not even going to respond directly to the Native American’s, who live on reservations, who voted in the previous election and are not being able to vote now, or have to jump through huge, nearly impossible GOP hoops to vote in this election?

    Native American’s have been asked to show street addresses, which don’t exist on reservations, so they use PO Box addresses instead. Have been for years. But the GOP is making it a requirement they have street addresses to confirm residency. We are talking about thousands of voters being suppressed. That’s Trump’s America for you.


    Don’t forget Obama’s rape rooms.

    Andy Brown

    All I can say, Herb, is your narrow vision is not unique to you. On a lighter note, I will thank you for voting. Too many people don’t because they don’t trust your vision for freedom nor mine. That, Herb, is sad. Sad because Republicans have moved away from the ideals and morals that they once held dear. Far away. However, unlike you, I have studied the math and unlike your cherry picking of polls and selective view of history, my approach is now and has always been to sort through all the information and rather than filtering out what I don’t like, I average it all up and it results in a big loss for the GOP this time around. The media is playing your side far more than it is playing mine.


    ‘…Republicans have moved away from the ideals and morals that they once held dear. Far away.’

    You can’t be serious.

    Is this all you have when your party has literally walked away from the American worker by outsourcing jobs to foreign countries? And don’t worry, I don’t give the Bush family a pass on that, either. So in some ways, we might agree on mismanagement of our trade policy over the years.

    The reality is that after only two years in office, unemployment is at historic lows, especially among minorities. And no ‘magic wand’ was even needed as the prior administration suggested. If you want economic growth, it appears a community organizer wasn’t the guy to do it. All despite a press that hates the Chief Executive. But Mexico, Canada and China seem to be getting the picture and have come to the negotiation table with some significant wins for the US.

    Forget even the stock market, which is now at all time highs. Instead, concentrate specifically on jobs, because one of the best ways to help the American family is with a job. Re-building our defense is important to keep our country strong against those same Russians the left seems to be so worried about…while Mrs. Clinton signed off on selling 20% of our uranium to them.

    Are you in despair because Democrats couldn’t get their collective act together to Bork another SCOTUS nominee who had been through six prior background checks and was a judge for something like 30 years? Holding back the Blase Ford letter until just before Kavanaugh’s hearing reeked of politics and only helped his confirmation. That guilty until proven innocent thing didn’t help, either.

    If you want to be fair and not just judge Republicans, Democrats were so lacking in awareness that they gave a pass to the ‘lion of the senate’ who headed the tirade against judge Bork, an entitled Democrat so worried about his sorry behind, that he left Mary Jo Kopechne alone to drown.

    Mr. Clinton lied while wagging his finger at the American public, then was impeached and lost his law license. And the plethora of so-called ‘Bimbos,’ like Juanita Broaddrick.

    You’re also fine with all kinds of sealed records for Mr. Obama, but then are straining at gnats trying to find unproven collusion for a President who was illegally spied on as a private citizen by our own agencies?

    We could go down the list of ‘moving away from the ideas and morals’ with fast and furious, Iranian cash on pallets to subvert anti-terror legislation, Lois Lerner’s shenanigans at the IRS, apology tours to our enemies, while dissing our friends. After eight years, voters had seen enough, so the coronation of Hillary was cancelled.

    Get real on the facts and their significance, then perhaps we can take your outrage seriously.

    I get why the left doesn’t like to face facts. They’re an inconvenient truth. But Hillary lost. She didn’t just lose among the public at large. She couldn’t even win among white women, losing by 52% in her own demographic. Rather than hand wringing over what can’t be changed, how about Democrats try something that might work?

    If you don’t like the Chief Executive for his policies, then fine. That’s a fair discussion. But the morals thing? After all that Democrats have done, including support for partial birth abortion? Please.

    Two parties are a good thing. I’d like to see a functioning Democrat party. Competition can make both parties better. This reminds me of Dukakis losing, Mondale losing and Carter losing. Democrats need to moderate or continue the streak.

    Lose the rage and turn the page or it’s likely to be 2016 all over again. Democrat complicity in mob violence is scaring moderates, even those who don’t consider themselves Trump voters.

    Mr. Trump was not my first choice. But just like with many other voters, he sure is my first choice now.

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