Liberals Melt Down

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    Nothing new here, I suppose.

    Portland, Ore: This is what ‘rule of the mob’ looks like

    It didn’t work in 1968 and it won’t work now. Fact is, leftist hysteria simply pushes normal voters away from your cause.

    We get it that you couldn’t get abortion and other legislation through the ballot box, so you used the courts.
    Guess what? Just like executive orders can be rescinded, SCOTUS justices can be replaced. And they are.

    Now that a majority of American voters support this President, look for them to keep winning, at least until the left takes some time for self reflection as to why they’ve lost more than 1,000 seats on the national, state and county levels.

    Grow up, libs or continue your descent into irrelevancy.

    Andy Brown

    “Now that a majority of American voters support this President”

    Now you’re just trolling, Herb. The majority does not support drumpf, Kavanaugh or repealing Roe v Wade.
    Didn’t your dealer tell you to go easy on those four way hits of window pane.

    You keep claiming that, but it’s patently false. One poll by a well known to be partisan poll taking entity is a shaky piece of ground to launch your mentos rocket ship, Herb.


    There must be something to get these people to abandon this creep! What do you think it is? A relationship with a gay hispanic? A three-way with Don Jr. and Eric? We’re running out of options.


    Hey nosignalallnoise-

    Your moniker certainly rings true. But who knew you were such a snowflake?

    You apparently throw in with those who presume guilt until proven innocent, while defending those who riot violently in Portland streets.

    And who also knew that you would align yourself with those who try to silence others with an opposing view? How tolerant.

    Unless the Democrat party changes significantly, expect more political losses, pal.

    And as a noted Democrat once said: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”


    I wonder if Trump learned his rhetorical tactics from Herb, or vice versa? Or maybe brothers from different mothers?

    Since Herb is such a Trump acolyte, get ready for an eventual “Access Hollywood” type videotape about Herb. Birds of a feather…


    Antifa now in the traffic controlling business…in the middle of the streets no less…fail…

    Andy Brown

    Herb has spoken.


    There once was a time when liberals could at least attempt to cobble together a reasoned argument.

    Like their former majority on the SCOTUS, those days now appear long gone.

    Instead, liberals now take the criminal route of attacking people in cars and the juvenile route of ad hominem attacks.

    Might liberals consider some introspection to determine how they might change their sorry lot?


    And………keep losing.

    Still wonder why Republicans control the House, Senate & Presidency?

    I’ll take clueless Democrats for $1,000, Alex.


    People know bluster when they see it, Herb. Only the True Believers such as yourself can mainline Trumpism endlessly, but the rest of us have grown tired of it, and the reckoning for this president and his followers will eventually come.

    I think all of us (including you) should work to get EVERYONE to vote, promote the causes you believe in, and let’s meet back here on Nov. 7th.


    I’m all for civil discourse. In fact, I’m for protecting babies from those who get paid money to tear them apart, limb by limb, via partial birth abortion. Can you say the same? If not, then spare me the lecture on morality.

    I’m against violence. Treat others civilly and that’s generally what you’ll receive in kind. Too bad Hillary doesn’t agree. But now even she is getting pushback from those in her own party:

    This is ripping the Democrat party apart, guys. You should have a unified voice that mob rule is bad and free speech is good.

    Indignant chest pounding has produced what, 1,000+ lost Democrat seats over the past decade? If it ain’t working, you might want to fix it.

    But attacking citizens with mobs in the street isn’t the way to do it. You’re scaring people and simply energizing those who before, might have stayed home. This could be 2016 all over again.

    There’s also evidence the media is simply mouthing Democrat talking points. The public is taking note, with 45% seeing media as biased against Justice Kavanaugh:

    And again, as in Democrats calling out Hillary on discouraging civility, such blatant media bias has caused liberals to eat their own:

    You guys need a civil spokesperson, not Maxine Waters who encourages her followers to ‘get in the face’ of their fellow Americans, or Hillary, who disses civility.

    Thank me later.

    Andy Brown

    Herb has made a lifelong hobby of cherry picking news headlines to back up his aberrant conclusions. The bottom line gets drawn in a month, and the buzz on the street as measured by pollsters and the consuming public all points to the end of the Republican horror now occurring at the hands of McConnell, drumpf and Ryan.

    Are you prepared for a loss of power, Herb? Are you ready to see each and every part of your twisted agenda dismantled a piece at a time?

    Today’s news couldn’t happen at a worse time for the GOP and drumpf. Between now and election day, headlines like the one below are going to ensure that the big wave this election cycle will be blue. I’m not sorry for you, Herb. You and your kind deserve it. In two years, the GOP has done an incredible amount of damage to the middle class and the poor, and their votes are going to wash your ass out to sea. G’bye.


    It looks like the joke may very well be on you, AndyBrown.

    That’s because we all know how well leftist prognostications went the last go round. And the middle class and poor are being ‘damaged?’ Record unemployment since 1969:

    Your cherry picking may fly with parts of radical Portland, but not for the majority who choose to avoid failed extreme leftist policies. Speaking of Portland, it now is a laughingstock given those radical policies run amok. As a result, expect better-than-predicted turnout by not only Republicans, but also Independents, who don’t like what the left has become, either.

    If you’ll note, that’s talking. Radical enough of a news source for you?

    Despite the media’s anti-Trump hysterics and their collusion with Democrats (but I repeat myself, as Chris Plante would say), you lost the House, the Senate, the Presidency. You’re also now a minority on the SCOTUS. My point has been simple. What are you going to do to change this?

    Thus far, the Mueller investigation has found NO collusion, or it would have leaked out by their minions in the press, much like Ms. Blase Ford’s letter.

    Fact is, given that 1,000+ seat loss nationally, all Democrats seem to have left is to throw temper tantrums and riot….they can no longer even create phony dossiers and use bleach bit on their hard drives. Thankfully, the left isn’t near the reins of power, lest they again let our heroes in Benghazi needlessly perish by not allowing air support.

    Now that Hillary and Holder have derided civility this week, expect normal voters to disengage from their dangerous views even more.

    Sorry pal. Better luck next time. For now, the adults are in charge.

    Andy Brown

    Hallucinatory. Keep dropping that acid, Herb. Clearly, based on your years of posting, you do not know how or care to understand what proper research is. You have never learned to take a step back and widen your vision instead of seizing on bits of flotsam and jetsam and trying to make a case for the long shot.

    So, again, are you ready for a GOP loss on Election Day as severe as Hurricane Michael just unleashed on our friends in Florida? I didn’t think so.


    “You have never learned to take a step back and widen your vision instead of seizing on bits of flotsam and jetsam and trying to make a case for the long shot.”

    Okay, Mr. party of mob violence. And if your vision is so wonderful, how come your pals are kicking and screaming like two year olds because it’s become so hard for them to win an election, even when they cheat, lie and use phony dossiers at the behest of their media co-horts?

    The voters will speak. And whether they reaffirm the Republican plank or Democrat malfeasance won’t change the fact that mob violence is wrong. But what are we to expect from those who will defend literally tearing a pre-born child limb from limb for money?

    Glad to know you have such a moral high horse, AndyBrown.

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