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    There’s plenty of blame to go around, but they all have in common a vote for pussy grabbing Donald Trump.

    New on Facebook are feeding frenzies by these douche canoes whereas they share the suicide notes and encourage other LGBT people (kids, too), to off themselves.

    I wonder, was this what God had in mind for you when you cast your vote for Trump?

    On the upside, y’all doing a pretty good job of destroying organized religion without anybody’s help.


    The left and the media needs to stop the fear mongering.

    BTW, suicide rates are DOWN among desperate rust belt workers striving to eke out a living.


    When a Presidential candidate spouts so much hate and lies in an election, and gets elected, in a country that is supposed to be above that, why are you surprised of the results? When the KKK endorses this guy, there is an alarm. People do not know what to think. To some it is like Germany was in the 1930’s. After all for the first in years the GOP has it all and they can stack to courts with conservatives. Even though I have hope (But so did the German’s in the 30s), and I still am darn pleased I live in a progressive blue state, wonderful Oregon. God forbid, if I lived in most of the South. When you hear the rhetoric and see some of the group Trump is looking at adding to his cabinet, of course there is cause for alarm. Also, in a Democratic country where every vote is supposed to count, the person who got the most votes (now by over 2 million), does not take office, so many in the United States have stated, that this no longer feels like their country. their country. If you count all Americans, Trump got about 20% of the total vote. Clinton did not do much better. This election we had few choices. Much of the World wonders if they can even work with Trump now. That remains to be seen. Some I know are moving to Canada for the next 2-4 years. I considered it but at my age and other commitments it would not be a good idea. At least at this time. I hope Trump will lead our country in the right direction. There are a few signs, things are looking better, but to me the jury is still out.


    What a douche canoe you are Pope Bacon. Certain factors of the LGBT community experience suicide at a rate exceeding 20 times that of a typical rust belt miner.

    Rust belt miners kill themselves over job losses (as do members of hundreds of other professions now obsolete). LGBT people kill themselves over society’s rejection of them.

    Your blurts reveal you know NOTHING and that you’re an embarassment to your own Pope. Your falling into an industrial deep fryer will garner a chuckle from the Pope and inedible food for wild boars. That’ll be it, your entire mark on humankind.

    Your headstone: “Here lies Douche Canoe. The Pope laughed when the boars spit him out.”


    Wow, such a “pro-life” statement. It’s too bad that the truth hurts, in the guise of “left-wing media”.

    This election, the campaign and the result, has enabled brazen, disgusting behavior towards minorities of ALL stripes. LGBT suicide rates, which were already double us straight folks, are only going up. The subversive reality of bigotry, racism and hate is now at a rapid boil on the surface.

    Be proud, rich, old white men.

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