Let's Not End Up Like These Guys

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    It turns out that we can look at a real-world example of what happens when the 1%’ers get their way.

    Occupy Teotihuacan: Ancient 1-percenters killed pre-Aztec society with wealth inequality, study finds

    “According to a recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the ancient and diverse Mesoamerican civilization Teotihuacan collapsed not because of war, drought, or famine — but because of a “corporate mode” of governance that involved “ostentatious expressions of inequality and wealth.”

    In the study, Linda Manzanilla of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico argued that the “contrast between the corporate organization at the base and top of Teotihuacan society and the exclusionary organization of the neighborhoods headed by the highly competitive intermediate elite introduced tensions that set the stage for Teotihuacan’s collapse.””


    Here’s the link to the study itself.


    Deane Johnson

    Actually, I see the 1% problem as a real issue. I think there is some credence in what they are saying. It cannot be good for society when 1% of the population ends up with 95% of the wealth and everyone else lives in poverty.

    Even if recognition of the problem is accepted, the solution might be very difficult to find.


    “Even if recognition of the problem is accepted, the solution might be very difficult to find.”


    Many attempts to point out this issue (the Occupy movement being a prime example) either are poorly planned out and executed from the start, or are well planned out and initially executed, but somehow go sideways in a hurry, washing away any constructive, positive coverage of their plight.

    Or as George Carlin said about our three-class society:

    “The rich make all of the money, do none of the work. The middle class do all of the work, pay all of the taxes. The poor are there … just to scare the shit out of the middle class.”


    The solution is easy, increase the tax rates and inheritance tax rates.


    I wonder if there’s any way to get those people at the top to see this and understand that they’re sealing their own doom.


    How about we just devalue them some?

    Ideally, we do that by raising taxes and plowing that money into public investment.

    They then can go and exploit that, which is good for everybody, and get paid back, people get jobs, and the US is worth more, preventing negatives, like inflation.

    Or, fuck them.

    Borrow from the Fed as the rate is near zero anyway, plow that into public investment, and aggressive small to mid sized business development.

    The money supply gets diluted some, they become worth a net little less, and the people are happy, get jobs, and over time the US is worth more that way too, and with the same prevention going on.

    They can then choose what they want to do.

    Loosen up some dollars and compete for investment share and with that returns to preserve their relative value, or not.

    Their call, but we just move on and improve it for the majority of people.

    I don’t care personally.

    What I do know is money spent on things that pay back is different from money spent on war or tax cuts.

    War is just sunk costs. We saw that impact, not goid.

    Tax cuts put more into the pockets of the top, but really aren’t the big change drivers they are claimed to be.

    We have a lot of idle labor, and a high demand for higher wage work, and overall demand for more demand, and that is needs and wants associated with liquid dollars.

    We can fund busting a lot of ass and be worth a lot more and get the growth whether or not they are a part of it.

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