Let's admit it: We are in a class war

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    It’s the economy stupid!

    For decades now, Americans have been on the receiving end of the global economy. Many manufacturing jobs left the country, while automation, in addition to making their return dubious, put a time limit on those remaining; part-time work without benefits became the standard; rents went up; wages increased but spending power stagnated; new income skewed heavily to the top with about 99 percent going to the top one percent; working families often pay more in federal income taxes than the wealthy or major corporations who exploit loopholes and use offshore accounts; government became less and less responsive to the demands of ordinary people. According to a 2014 study by professors Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin I. Page of Northwestern University, policy outcomes in the United States are driven by the demands of economic elites. In other words, we now live in an oligarchy.

    [study reference] http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746


    Over the years, various groups representing the interests of wealthy individuals and multinational corporations have worked tirelessly to chip away at the safeguards meant to prevent our system from giving way to oligarchy, and slowly but surely, money and power have become concentrated at the top of the American ladder. The wealth gap is the worst it has been in generations.


    Of course, the cherry on top of the kleptocracy sundae is the fact that Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is in favor of relaxing campaign finance rules. In other words, a Trump court will mean more money in politics, more influence for entrenched elites, and even less voice for the American public.


    So what can the rest of us do as we’re getting pillaged by the wealthiest among us?

    Resist through unity.

    For years, those at the top have divided us based on subtle differences in how much we are struggling as individuals; race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. have all created the illusion we’re somehow different from and therefore adversarial to one another. We saw examples of this divisive rhetoric this election with remarks like Trump’s “rapists” and Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables.” It does not matter whether they’re “conservatives” or “liberals,” the economic elites are united behind preventing the rest of us from uniting.


    The simple truth in America is that if you’re not a millionaire or a billionaire, you are struggling. You may be struggling more or less than someone else, but you are still struggling, and therefore have commonality with the rest of the 99 percent. And though there are varying degrees of struggle due to differences discussed earlier, the root cause is the same: the oligarchy. The oligarchy is racist. The oligarchy is sexist. It is xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, and Islamophobic. Most of all, it is defined by avarice . . . and it is conquerable. The first step towards breaking the oligarchy is electing members of Congress and Senators who will vote to unequivocally get money out of politics. That is the only way we will restore the power of popular will.

    We are going to need to fund our politics directly. Earlier, I talked about both parties working the same basic economic policy vision, difference being moderate or extreme.

    It’s not possible to fix income inequality and the problems that come with it on the same money and politics driving income inequality!

    Andy Brown

    We have been in a class war since the Great Depression. The modern labor movement (not to be confused with the 19the century labor movement and the earlier version of class warfare which like ozone layer depletion is a result of the industrial revolution) got stronger up until Reagan when the unraveling began. You know the rest.

    “There are serious barriers to overcome in the struggle for justice, freedom, and dignity, even beyond the bitter class war conducted ceaselessly by the highly class-conscious business world with the “indispensable support” of the governments they largely control.”



    Democrats sold out their union base, aided by Republican business leaders.

    NAFTA, GATT and the WTO were not friends of the American worker. Unions recognize President Trump can help them and their members.



    Unless you are a union member Herb, STFU because you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.


    Education, Not Income, Predicted Who Would Vote For Trump.


    Fact is, the stooooopid people voted for Trump.


    Hey Edselehr, a little touchy are we?

    Looks like union brethren leadership disagrees with you.

    Keep it classy.


    “Fact is, the stooooopid people voted for Trump.”

    Obama did well with the “stupid vote.” What can Democrats do to win back the stupid people?


    You’re the credulous and fearful boobs who voted for an ignorant, lying, buffoonish, bullying, tantrum throwing, cartooishly misinformed cretin with no respect for the office he holds nor the governmental intuitions outlined in the U.S. Constitution, who speaks like an eighth grader with the maturity level to match.

    I defer to the experts.


    Nobody is perfect.

    In spite of his flaws, he’s going to be a good if not great president. Better than what might have been. We dodged a bullet.


    Oh yes!
    He’s off to such a good start…

    Andy Brown

    “In spite of his flaws, he’s going to be a good if not great president.”


    There’s, of course, no evidence of any kind to support Pope Troll’s contention. There’s quite a bit to the contrary.


    To suggest that Hillary Clinton, with all her baggage, corruption, two-faced flip-flopping and trickery is preferable to Mr. Trump as a chief executive speaks volumes about where Democrats are right now.

    This is a woman who was kicked off the Watergate investigation for unethical behavior. Remember Whitewater, Travelgate, Benghazi and all her other scandals?


    Mr. Trump is taking a pay cut and doesn’t need the job. Fact is, Hillary simply couldn’t compete when it counted. She was a horrible candidate who wasn’t trusted, faced with a majority of voters unhappy with the country’s direction. And for a white female candidate to lose the majority of white female voters is very telling, indeed:


    Now Isis is having to play defense, countries that have been out-trading us are returning to the bargaining table and labor unions are eager to help their members return to American-based jobs. And we’re in just the first month of this administration.

    Remember all those who said Donald Trump would never be President? They were all wrong. He is President.

    And the first female president will be a Republican.

    Andy Brown

    Andy Brown

    What have you been smoking, Herb? I want some.

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