Leaked 1995 tax returns show how successful Trump is….at avoiding future taxes

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    Andy Brown

    Bacon bloviated:

    “More phony and/or ignorant outrage instigated by illegally obtained documents and a complicit pro-Hillary media.”

    First, the publishing of drumpf’s tax return by the NY Times is not illegal. In fact it is very legal.


    Second, you would be hard pressed to prove to even a small extent that the outrage over drumpf’s abuse of the real estate loophole is ‘phony’ outrage. That’s clearly something you enjoyed typing out but the facts are clear about previous candidates and the making available of all tax return documents being a normal and expected action.

    As far as the media being ‘Hillary complicit’ I do believe that is just a pipe dream held by you and those that you align your extreme version of politics with. The media is hardly ‘Hillary complicit’ and is getting her due in every major publication in the U.S. I believe this is just more of your lashing out at the fact that drumpf just looks worse then Clinton and in reality can not debate her because of his limited and keyholed knowledge which excludes foreign affairs, domestic social issues and military preparedness. The words that have come out of drumpf’s mouth prove all this, I’ll spare you the quotes.

    The media is in this for the money. Why? Because they are all owned by conservative corporations.

    Another lackluster post by the choir boy for stupidity and ignorance on behalf of the extremist right wing movement.


    Mitnick, however, told the TODAY show Tuesday that Trump was “not at all” involved in the 1995 filing.

    “He was interested in the bottom line, not the detail,” Mitnick said. “Staff under my supervision did his returns – he had no involvement in the preparation.”

    Mitnick, a CPA and attorney who did taxes for Trump from the 1960s to 1996, said that when Trump was married to Ivana, she was the one more likely to ask questions about how the taxes were prepared. Mitnick said that Trump’s father Fred was very detail-oriented, while the younger Trump was more of a “concept” man.

    “He knew that we would produce the lowest possible tax for him within the law. And he never went into the details,” said Mitnick, who said it took him six months to prepare Trump’s taxes. “He understood that he had to rely on us to generate the returns, that it was beyond his knowledge.”


    Yet another Trump lie. He’s no business genius or tax genius.

    Andy Brown

    No Bacon sizzle. The silence says it all. drumpf can’t be defended by Pence nor Pope Bacon.

    Warm up the oven, the crow casserole will need to be made soon.



    Dump knows no bounds in hypocrisy.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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