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    Andy Brown

    Yes, Bacon, drumpf’s surge is reversing and his small chance of victory is shrinking.

    Latest Pennsylvania Poll Shows Clinton Crushing Trump – And His Hopes Of Winning

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all drumpf has alienated every minority except for the knuckledraggers like you and dorque and has shat on the faces of the entire body of mainstream Republicans (the ones that have at least a modicum of decency) who see drumpf for what he is, a phony narcissist without an iota of concern for the American population.

    Yes, the PA poll is just one poll. But wait, there is more evidence. Trump can carry Iowa, Ohio and even Florida (although a poll out Monday showed him losing to Clinton by a point in the Sunshine State), where his numbers have shown the most improvement recently, and still lose the presidency because, as of today, Clinton is ahead in states that total 273 electoral votes – enough to give her the White House.

    Of course, it’s pointless to mention to you again that drumpf has never really led nationally when averaging the major polls.
    Let me add that this morning a four day poll in Florida shows Clinton ahead by 5, another reversal of fortune for drumpf who has only led in Florida for two short stints, one in August and then for a week this month.

    Oh, and while I have your attention, the Senate hopes for the GOP’s retaining control are also turning the other way. That is to say, the Senate polling for GOP Senators has to a large extent, tracked drumpf’s polling. Look to later this week for the Senate polls to reflect the beginning of drumpf’s final fall in polling leading up to his massacre on Election Day.

    Indeed, a sad day at Knuckledragger Headquarters. It’s all downhill from here for the rat bastard you think is a qualified candidate. Do you know that not even one living ex-president supports drumpf? His alienation of minorities is going to prevent him from winning states where he polls well with white people, the only minority that participates in many polls conducted by the right wing conservative media. You know, the media that you claim is ‘lib-rul’ which in reality is owned and operated by the more successful of the knuckledraggers.

    Andy Brown

    Trump’s Surge May Already Be Fading

    “the limited data we do have both nationally and in key states suggests Clinton is reopening the modest lead she had prior to her weekend of horribles. And it looks to me at least like what I called the ‘Clinton Wall’ has not been breached. ”

    Well Vern, what I predicted is now happening. You knuckledraggers just don’t get it.


    UPDATE: Morning Call 4-way poll, Clinton leads by 2.


    The polls change daily and we still have a few debates to go. I think there is a lot of independent voters who haven’t made up their mind yet. We have 2 of the most hated candidates running for office (ever) and some voters are still trying to make up their mind. I was getting my hair cut today at Great Clips and the woman cutting my hair was undecided, she hates them both. After our long discussion I was finally able to persuade her to vote for Trump. She agreed with the statistic that 70% of people in this country think the country is going in the wrong direction and that Hillary Clinton would be more of the same.


    Dork, thats the most cognizant post I’ve ever seen from you. And congrats on turning a voter toward your candidate – seriously. Thats the way to do democracy, not by posting up nonsensical attack screeds on a message board.

    Of course, your suppport of Trump is still ill-informed and misguided, and your pathological fear and loathing of Hillary is a clinical concern to everyone.


    Yeah, and Trump will look out for that hourly Great Clips employee.

    Andy Brown

    drumpf is hiding from the press and avoiding all questions.

    drumpf is considered by most to be a poor debater. Even Breitbart concedes he will lose the first debate (albeit in a snarky way), which historically sets the tone for the other debates and the run up to election day. Bill O’Lielly all but said Clinton will win on Jimmy Kimmell.

    I predict the debate aftermath will show the national popular vote rise for Clinton about 2 to 3 points but more importantly the swing states outside of the deep south will push Clinton further ahead where she is leading or tied by 4 to 5 points. You know, the states where there is some intellect in the populace. The southern core is hopeless. States full of gullible uneducated moronic bozos (remind you of any around here?) that believe drumpf will actually do anything if he were to win other then fill his own coffers with money.

    Trump’s refusal to show his tax returns is going to become an even bigger negative for him in and after the debates. I think that will be the key point and reason his positive numbers begin to crumble. Without details of his ‘plans’ (which he really doesn’t have – plans nor details) he is not going to look good and the media is going to amplify his inability to articulate his proposals.

    I’ll be watching Monday Night Football.

    I do expect drumpf to do his darndest to shift the focus to Monica Lewinsky and the other bimbos from Bill’s harem, but Hillary will be prepared for that as well as drumpf’s attempts to shift the conversation to Benghazi (the GOP’s biggest mistake is to keep pounding away at that, yeah, it solidifies the base of boobs with no ability to think for themselves) which just doesn’t reach beyond the already mindless numbskulls that think drumpf is a change agent. There is no hope for them but they are a really slim percentage of a small minority.


    Hillary just got a big celebrity endorsement. Kim Kardashian. This could solidify the Democrat low-information-voter base.

    I’m worried about a Kardashian bump in the polls.

    Meanwhile it looks as though PA might be in play after all.


    I know you kid, Bacon (and rightly so) but that Kardashian endorsement may be just what it takes to flip a few millenials toward Hillary.

    Am I proud of what may motivate such voters? Not at all. Will I take their Hillary vote? Hell yea.

    Because this election has become all about stopping Trump. He’s that dangerous.

    And while the Trumpites like to claim Hillary is equally dangerous, they put forth no convincing evidence to prove it.

    In fact, many stand against Hillary because she is “more of the same” – which, so far, has been pretty un-dangerous. So which is it? Is she so-called “status quo ineffectiveness”, or “radically dangerous”?

    Andy Brown

    Bacon bloviated:

    “Meanwhile it looks as though PA might be in play after all.”

    It appears F&Bacon is still making up his posts as he writes them. Every major poll since August 25 shows otherwise. Unreliable party sponsored polls don’t count for much Vern, but when you make claims you need to back them up. That way we can impeach your source instead of having to point out that it is you that is full of shit.

    Pennsylvania is not in play. It is solidly for Clinton. I lived in Pennsylvania. It is solidly Democratic, even in most of the old steel towns.

    Also, the Senate race is also not looking good for the red party.

    One Pennsylvania Poll Shows Exactly Why Democrats Are On The Verge Of Senate Takeover


    If a 2% difference is not “in play” then what is? Or is the Morning Call poll now not a credible poll?

    The premise of the article is wrong, however. Trump can win without PA.

    If the averages of all the state polls were the basis of an election, Hillary would win by a handful of electoral votes. All Trump needs to take away from Clinton is Colorado.


    Electoral Vote has Hillary with 298 EV’s.

    There’s no plausible path for the Dickold.


    They’re giving FL to Clinton. According to RCP Trump has a very slim lead in FL.

    Of course he has a plausible path. Secure Florida and win Colorado or New Hampshire to squeak by. But he could end up doing a lot better than that. He still has a chance in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, or Wisconsin.

    Andy Brown

    Dream on.

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