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    This started out as a sad story of a Mom getting gunned down. But after further review, this whole situation was a result of the gun culture here in the US.

    The Las Vegas woman who was shot dead by a gunman in an apparent road rage incident was killed after she and her son — who was armed with a gun of his own — went looking for the angry driver who had confronted her and her daughter a short time before, police said Tuesday.

    Tammy Meyers, 44, was shot by someone in a gray or silver 4-door sedan outside her home shortly at around 11:22 p.m., and died two days later.

    Earlier, Meyers had been teaching her 15-year-old daughter to drive in a parking lot. Meyers was behind the wheel and they were driving home when a car came speeding up behind them, police said. Meyers’ 15-year-old daughter reached over and honked at that driver, who later got out of his car and confronted them.

    “She was getting a driving lesson, so she thought this person was speeding and needed to be corrected,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Ray Steiber, head of the homicide division, told reporters Tuesday.

    Meyers was “scared but she’s upset,” and when they got home Meyers and her 22-year-old son went out looking for the driver, and at one point were following a car before breaking off and heading home, Steiber said.

    When they got home, the suspect’s car pulled up and opened fire, and Meyers’ son returned fire, Steiber said. After the shooting was over, Meyers’ son discovered that his mother, who was behind him, had been shot, Steiber said.


    All these events could happen anywhere, but let’s face it Vegas is a great place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there. Get away from the strip and you see the results of probably one of the worst housing recessions in the US. Sure, things are starting to turn around, but the recession hit Vegas HARD. 50% value losses in real estate, literally 10’s of thousands of jobs lost, which may never return. Crime rates off the chart. Heck, there is even a 60-story highrise that has been topped off, but still uncompleted and probably will be torn down. Most other new projects started or planned have been cancelled. Vegas as a home…be very careful. EDIT: I have no ill will for Las Vegas, perhaps it can come back, and I hope it does. But the odds are against it in this bet.


    The building I referred to is the Fountainblue. It has been topped out for more than five years, but none of the finishing construction has been completed. It is going to likely be demolished within 2015-2016.

    Sorry for the hijack, back to the main story. A lesson to those involved in road rage…back down, drive away, and forget about it. Cowardly? No, heroically as nobody would get killed.

    darth talon

    I have friends that live in Vegas. And off the strip, it’s a hell hole.

    But this is just sad. We never would know about this story had the mother just went home and stayed there. But no. She and her son jumped into the car and went looking for the people in that other car. She went looking for trouble.

    Just sad and so foolish.


    She can thank her gun toting son for her death. When you fight fire with fire, sometimes you get killed by that fire.

    Just another example of how guns have tragic consequences. Had Mom and Son not had a gun complex, the Mom would be alive.

    This is an example of what the future holds when we allow guns to become a norm of all households.

    More guns = more deaths by gun. It’s pure statistics.

    Andy Brown

    There are too many stories like this, most of which never make the “news.”

    It’s another reason why I never put much faith in early reports about stories like these.

    Deane Johnson

    Looks like the L.V. cops caught the kid that allegedly did the shooting.

    There’s enough blame here for everyone involved to share some of it.


    per local t.v. news. The gunmen was know to the family. The lady was the neighborhood mom. She had feed the kid meals in the past and tried to keep the kid on the straight and narrow path. When she confronted him. She probly didn’t think he would pull a gun on her. As far as Vegas being a hell hole. There are some bad neighborhoods like any other big city. unemployment is down from 18 months ago. more people are working. things are getting better. But property crime is bad. Also this happened in one of the “better neighborhoods” on the west side of town.

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