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    Read and learn where our nation is going here…from TIME magazine no less…


    I think Jesus would tell The Broadway’s of this world to go fuck themselves right about now.


    OK, hello…I think I have figured this out. The Republican candidate who will win the nomination will be the one that supports not only the Obama health plan, but the gay rights supreme court decision. This candidate has the only chance to win. Who will it be? (it could be Jeb, if he is smart) Sorry, but this is politics 101.


    This was never “their own country” Broadway. That whole “is Christian Nation” thing? Bullshit.

    @Paul: Totally. Many are fundraising like no other off this right now!


    The only chance the GOP has is to create a candidate that has some of Obama’s views. I think we have moved into a new era where Presidential candidates need to be very moderate. An exteme conservative cannot win in this day and age.


    I think it will come down to conservatives voting Hilary for fear of Bernie!


    Sorry, Gouge, I edited my post after you quoted. So be it.


    Paul, you are spot-on in saying that the GOP is going to have to trot out someone more moderate, if they stand a chance of winning. The Republicans took it in the shorts this week, and it is a key indicator of where America is going.

    60% of Americans believe that the LGBT has the right to marry their loved one, and that number is only going up. As far as whether the SCOTUS reverses this landmark decision, that won’t happen. The groundswell of support is too great to reverse, and even if it wasn’t, basic civil rights should not, and by the Constitution, are not decided by popular vote.

    Broadway – so glad that you can speak for Jesus. Did He tell you Himself how he feels about it? Did you run up to the top of Mt. Hood with some stone tablets and etch it in there for all of us to see?

    You are increasingly coming across as a self-absorbed, deluded bigot of the highest order. You tell us that you’re better than that, but your actions are saying otherwise.


    People with functioning brains LEARN and EVOLVE through their lives. Long-held positions can CHANGE as we LEARN more. It’s not hypocrisy when people adjust positions after getting more information. It’s called GROWTH.


    On June 26, Missing said;

    For a guy “with no experience,” Obama has accumulated a notable record:


    Right on. Obama has been effective. And that despite the GOP basically tossing cinder blocks into traffic the whole time.

    Just think what we might have going for us given people on the Conservative side willing to govern.

    Obama would have made deals and their ideas would have been a part of it and we all would be better off.

    KSKD will ve voting Dem full ticket.


    Now is the time for all the advocacy groups to focus on help.

    It is going to take a lot to get past the strong feelings. That work is just as important.

    Long time friends have cried and cheered. One of our oldest friends got married very early. Slipped it in when Oregon had a window open some 15 years ago.

    She just now feels legit.

    For me personally, and the Mrs too, we feel like it is time to get along and maybe see other things worked on. Jobs. We still are not where we need to be.

    Health care. That needs significantly more work. Lots of us are able to avoid the mess Mrs and I had to deal with, but it is all still ugly. A relative has fallen through the cracks and is flirting with a potential disaster. More options are needed.

    And maybe we can pay people. Lots of us still not where we need to be there too. Or maybe it can get one hell of a lot cheaper to live.

    Infrastructure. We need a lot done. Tons of jobs there. Good ones too.

    The oligarchs want it to crumble so they can own it. Most of us do not want this and a lot of other private ownership of important things.

    To Broadway: there are still poor, sick people. They need stuff. Kids need parents. Lots of good work to be done. Maybe just help do that work.

    Environment. Man, our camping place is changed. Water down low. It is hot. So different from just 10 years ago.

    Energy. Lots of jobs there too.

    So we get some wins on pot, health care, discrimination. Good times.

    Sort of.


    My real thought is sheer wonder at just how hard it is to get along.

    Ideology seen as means to ends has crippled us. And for nothing more than some broad assumptions in so many cases too. We have more access to data, better science, ability to connect, untapped resources and people…

    This should be a huge building time, but instead we squabble.

    I dont think that is any more acceptable than this ugly discrimination and hate is.

    So how can we get after fixing that?

    How is it we get a whole pile of people out there rubbing shit in their hair and nobody really says anything, but for little dialogs like this one?

    Maybe it is time to come “out” like gay people have. Be bolder, share more stories, ask more questions and maybe just focus on one in particular: “how does this, whatever or whoever it is, make it better?”

    I see a lot of it should be, or God says, or markets type assertions and dubious claims all put out there with either the assumption that it will be better or that it should not be better so people will work or get what they deserve…

    But in a whole lot of cases we actually do know how to make it better and we don’t talk about that directly because doing that means actually owning the idea that it all needs to be better and how that conflicts with whatever thing we have chosen to cling to for whatever reasons we may have for doing that.

    How come that is OK?

    Deane Johnson

    Missing, you listed a number of things that need to be done, and there could probably be a lot more added to the list.

    You neglected to address how they should be paid for.

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