KYTE-FM For Sale Notice

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    nosignalallnois, I made a mistake. Nobody’s perfect. You knew what I meant. You are being a jerk.

    Yet it appears you still don’t have it figured out. Now you have the signal’s coverage area at 40 and the metro’s population as 4000. Just like you still haven’t figured out how to spell my handle.

    FYI, I was a jerk on here years before you crawled out of the woodwork.



    LPFM radio stations have no priority over FM broadcast and translator FCC frequency assignments, period.
    In my knowledge, there are three LPFMs in Oregon and two in Washington in the past three years which either relocate license, city or frequency or go silent. Sunriver Broadcasting v. Sisters School District (KICE-FM v. KZSO-LP) is a flagrant example.
    Unfortunately, the Portland FM market is over saturated and KIEV-LP is not a minority class broadcaster or the Church may have had a fighting chance.
    Bad things happen to good people. Lo siento.


    KYTE-FM’s poorly promoted web audio stream seems to be static latey – they must pull the audio of-the-air. Are there still transmitter site issues?


    04 June 2018, FCC grants an STA application due to ” Required equipment out of service”. KYTE-FM is not audible during my last frequency survey. Something else may be the problem. Money? KYTE-FM continues to broadcast from the original near Newport – OR location.You could call Dave to find out.

    Steve Naganuma

    Can you guess how many car rental companies use radio station call letters as their company name?


    What is the word on KYTE? They haven’t had a working STA since last December but apparently continue to broadcast from their former main site. How can this be in compliance?


    Their audio stream is back up – a mix (as in potentiometer) of KCRF and KYTE , as both IDs occassionally creep through…

    56kbps MP3 ….

    (KYTE was originally on Port 501 and KCRF was on Port 502…)

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    Geez, I hope their air signal doesn’t have that awful 60Hz tone as well.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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