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    I know 102.7 KYTE is moving from Newport to Independence, Oregon.

    In Theory,
    If 102.7 move to the Portland Metro Area here the scenario of what will happened.

    KKCW K103 has to move from 103.3 to 103.5 and downgrade to Class C0 to protect KHTP 103.7 Tacoma/Seattle.

    KFIS 104.1 The Fish has to move from 104.1 to 104.3, but it has to downgrade from Class C2 to Class C3 to protect 104.3 in KMNT Chehalis, unless 104.3 in Chehalis move to another frequency such as 92.9, 98.5, 106.5.

    As for Portland translators, 102.9 has to move to 103.1, and 103.7 has to move to 103.9, and 104.5 has to move to 104.7 and be directional to protect KDUK.

    Master of Disaster

    Others may have a field day with this; nonetheless just a
    couple of glaring things:
    1. 102.7 KORD in Kennewick is, IIRC, a same-channel full class C that would need to be modified.
    2. Moving K103 anywhere would be like moving Portland to the top of Mt. Hood.
    2a. Referring to said station as “KKCW” further hurts such a proposal further.


    It’s a CP so all has been approved by the FCC with no changes needed/noted.


    I don’t expect any of these changes during the analog age and don’t expect to live to see an all digital FM age, if one should occur and my mother is 40 years older than I am, so I expect to be here for awhile.


    KYTE still not broadcasting from their coastal mountain site covering the valley like they did last year but their STA ran out last December for a failing generator…still running on the coast but licensed to Independence?


    It looks like Yaquina Bay Radio ended their Internet audio.. KYTE, KNPT , etc are all gone… (Likewise, the owners of the Tillamook cluster stations never brought back their net audio… bummer)


    See “Radio Happenings in the Capital City”.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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