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    Andy Brown

    OK, I got my Google Earth running and this might be helpful.



    Let me see if I understand this. Was the move you were talking about actually from the KECH tower to High Camp?

    Andy Brown

    Yes. That occurred in 1988 (302 issued 2-01-88). The move from the Eagle Crest Vineyard to the KECH tower occurred in 1983 as per Radio Ron’s post. (302 issued 1-18-84)


    Here’s the call sign history:



    In my following of 105.1 in the area…began in the West Salem hills…then to the KECH 22 site outside of Silverton…then to High Camp with chan 32. Then they wanted to move their TX site to Portland and heard they actually had a CP to build a 1000ft tower just outside of Molalla that showed “some type of clout” to get fully to PDX/Skyline site. Also heard the story…if you look at some of the pictures of the painted tower in the maps you can tell it’s just a partial tower…heard that with the high winds the top 105.1 fell over and they just took it off and remounted the antenna on remaining tower!

    Andy Brown

    The application to which Broadway refers


    originally tendered in 1996 but not approved until 2001 went through a bunch of petitions, objections, etc. See:


    and was never licensed if it was, as Broadway suggests, built out, blown over, etc. Instead another 301 was filed to move to the West Hills. The coordinates of the proposed 427 meter above ground tower were 45 11 0 122 30 0 which currently show no evidence of a tower ever being there, but looks like there’s enough land to do it. I did not convert the NAD27 coordinates to NAD83/WSG84 for Google Earth, so the arrow would be slightly off but you can see from the zoom picture it’s the right spot. No 302 was ever issued for that site that I can find. In the application list, some of the data is out of order so look closely at the dates over on the right.




    Yes, that’s about the time they decided to re-license to Molalla instead, which enabled them to re-locate to the west hills. Just before that, in 1999, they applied for 576 meters HAAT. Was that from Goat Mountain?


    Steve Naganuma –

    I’ve always wondered if you have any pictures of the Q105 studios. If so, are you able to post some or link to them? I became a huge fan of the station in ’88 and always wondered what it looked like up there in those studios.

    Steve Naganuma

    Here is a picture of the Q105 on-air studio and a couple of pictures from the top of the US Bank Tower (late 1980s). We use to do live reports when the Rose Festival fleet arrived. The Q105 studios were on the 15th floor, but still overlooking the river. Notice the picture on the right with an empty space where the Oregon Convention Center is.



    I like the studio photo! I am curious, was the music played from carts in that era?

    Andy Brown

    In the first half of the 80’s at KMJK we went from vinyl to cart for air. In the second half of the 80’s, CD players started to make their way into the program audio chain. The six ITC carts and a ten channel board would indicate to me that their main air library was all on carts. (six cart channels, two mic channels, the reel machine leaves one channel for remotes/a possible turntable not shown – or an early CD player – or all three on various “B” inputs) I wasn’t there, though, but that’s my guess.

    Steve Naganuma

    Yes, all the music was on carts. The CD player was used mainly to air American Top 40 or new releases.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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