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    Could someone tell me about the history of this radio station. Wikipedia doesn’t have that much details. When did Q105 move from the old KECH tower to the old KRCW analog tv 32 tower? Also what was the format of Q105? Were they a HOT AC station all the time? I know around June 1995 it flip to Earth 105 (classic Hits), and in June of 1998 it flip to Rosie 105 with the same format until they changed their name to 105.1 THE BUZZ around 2002.

    Andy Brown
    Steve Naganuma

    Q105 was a rock leaning CHR from early 1987 through the summer of 1991. In 1991, Q105 slowly evolved into a Hot AC format. I remember, Q105 moved into the US Bank Tower in 4/87. Q105 engineering staff were still wiring equipment in the control room while I did my first air shift. On a side note, Big Jim Ryan continues to move up the CBS Radio corporate ladder.



    Is any RF coming off of High Camp any more…great site for something…


    “Is any RF coming off of High Camp any more?”

    FM or TV RF, No. All I can find is the Allotment Record for 105.1:

    Andy Brown

    There are over 100 active licenses within 1 km radius of the old 105.1 co-ordinates of 45 00 28 122 20 05 NAD27 (45 00 27.44 122 20 9.29 NAD83). Mostly land mobile, microwave, etc.

    Andy Brown

    Goat Mountain is about 12.5 km NNE from Happy Camp.

    If memory serves, 105.1 moved from Happy Camp to Goat Mtn before moving off the mountain altogether. The aim was to get a better signal in Portland. The oldest 105.1 Authorization available shows the coordinates in my earlier post which are Goat Mtn. I don’t recall when they moved there. Goat Mtn at around 4,000 feet AMSL is probably twice the elevation of Happy Camp.


    Ok, I may be confusing the two sites, here is a site used by K273AJ that appears to be about 12.5 km NNE of the previously discussed site. it is 45 07 52N, 122 17 28W.
    K273AJ: http://transition.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/fmq?list=0&facid=91973

    Which is which? or is this yet another site?


    This is the first I’ve heard that they had considered Goat Mountain! I remember the application and must have thought it was an adjustment on the same tower. The really interesting one was when they had a construction permit for 439 meters above ground.

    Andy Brown

    In this view you can see the two Goat Mountain sites, about 500 feet apart. The one on the left is the old 105.1 site which I first gave the coordinates to which I got off of the oldest 105.1 Authorization in the FCC electronic database, the one on the right is the one jr. Tech referenced. They are only about 500 feet apart. I’ve been to the one on the right several times (once we flew up there in a helicopter) and inside the shack as that is where the KATU repeater for their 450 MHz was and probably still is, which is needed to talk into Salem (as the base station was only about 500′ up the old KATU tower and did not have line of sight). One time we walked over to the other site but I don’t remember much about it. That’s why I did a 1 km radius search from the one on the left since I knew there were two sites up there. The Goat Mtn. site is, as I said before, about 4000′ AMSL.


    Here is the oldest data in the FCC electronic database that has coordinates, dated Feb. 1988. You will note that they match what I listed in my earlier post, i.e. the site on the left in the view above. I also distinctly remember that they moved there from Happy Camp, because it was an attempt to better penetrate the Portland metro and at the time that was all they could do. This was post the Van Halen ownership years as Entercom is the licensee on the Authorization. They built studios in Big Pink in the 80’s and from Happy Camp could barely hear the signal at the studios.

    The oldest data here http://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws.exe/prod/cdbs/pubacc/prod/app_list.pl?Facility_id=68213 isn’t much help.

    This is the oldest Authorization I can find (1988 move to Goat Mtn. from Happy Camp).


    I can’t find any records of their existence at Happy Camp, but we know that’s where they were before 1988.

    I’m not as familiar with the UHF TV antenna site history. I don’t think there was ever TV at Goat Mtn, just Happy Camp but I’m not sure. I think 22 has always been at Happy Camp, and nowadays isn’t there an LD and/or CA on that tower as well? Which tower was recently in the news when a guy fell off of it base jumping? Wasn’t it recently vacated by somebody? Isn’t there a new 105.9 translator there now?

    Anyway, to find out what’s going on at Happy Camp go here http://tinyurl.com/qez6lvz , select “coordinates” and fill in the NAD83 coordinates and do a search to see all the licenses there. Note: lat/long data must be in Aa Bb Cc.c form, don’t put in more than one place after the decimal in the seconds field. Also the reset the form button will clear the fields but then the search button won’t do anything, you have to reload the page to re do the search (at least in Safari, didn’t try it in Chrome for Firefox). Also note that the search will return not just “active” licenses but also “cancelled” and “expired” licenses.

    Got that?


    105.1 was KSLM-FM, then KORI then KSKD. KSKD was top 40 and moved from the Eagle Crest Vineyard in Polk Co. to the KECH 22 tower in Scots Mills around 1983. It and KSLM-AM were sold to some outfit from Florida who moved the FM to the PDX area and dumped the AM. I don’t remember the call signs after it quit being KSKD.


    This is the only change I can find at the higher elevation and it’s 1999: http://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws.exe/prod/cdbs/pubacc/prod/app_det.pl?Application_id=285442


    Ok, I am still perhaps confused… I looked up the co-ordinates for Analog UHF ch 32 (now KRCW) and found:
    45 00 28
    122 20 05
    Shown on an old authorization from Jan 31, 1990.

    Several old ‘302s show 105.1 (now KRSK) at:
    45 00 35
    122 20 17
    Both locations are shown in this sat. photo. Did ch 32 miss the mark or is there another building near the green arrow?:
    I’m thinking *this* location is “high camp” (happy camp?)

    About 12.5 km to the NNE of this site (co-ordinates for K273AJ and others), is this site:
    45 07 52
    122 17 28
    Sat photo shows 2 locations fairly close to Clear Lake, I am thinking that *this* is Goat Mt:


    IIRC, the base jumper was killed at the old “catch 22” site (old analog KXPG) which is slightly east of Silverton and slightly south of Scotts Mills, just barely in the foothills:
    45 00 00
    122 41 37

    Apparently (from a couple of posts above) this site was also used by 105.1 in the old KSKD days.

    Andy Brown

    I think you have it figured out.

    The page at http://cartographic.info/usa/map.php?id=1142785 clearly shows the two sites at Goat Mountain with the site on the left at having coordinates 45.1315103 122.2967491 which convert to 45° 7′ 53.4354″ 122° 17′ 48.2964″

    The error I made is in my Google Earth, High Camp has been mislabeled by me as Goat Mountain, When I checked it out yesterday, I discovered that since I upgraded to OS 10.7.5 Lion, my Google Earth is not getting sat data and it’s all just a black screen with roads. Sorry for the confusion, but Radio Ron’s post clears up the “move” I remember (to try and enhance PDX metro coverage), being from the vineyard to the Ch. 22 tower. The two sites at Goat Mtn. do have substantial towers and lots of RF services, including two translators. The official Goat Mtn. coordinates is the site on the left (45° 7′ 53.4354″ 122° 17′ 48.2964″ ) and the site on the right has the coordinates 45° 07′ 52.00″ 122° 17′ 28.00 and is home to K216EH and K273AJ.


    Sorry for the confusion. However, the 1988 105.1 authorization does show them at the Ch 32 coordinates of
    45 00 28
    122 20 05


    which show up about 600 feet from the actual site, so those coordinates were apparently defective and got copied before being corrected.


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