KXL's Scott Robbins Recovering from Heart Attack

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    This is from the Robbins and Markley Facebook Page:

    Hey it’s Markley. As many times as we’ve joked on the show about Robbins worst fear of having “a grabber”, please know this is no joke or prank or some sort of radio bit. (I wish it were)

    Scott suffered a massive heart attack early yesterday morning. He went into cardiac arrest and was saved by CPR and needed 3 different shocks to bring him back. He was stabilized in the hospital and was coherent. I (along with his family) was able to talk with him several times throughout the day. The plan was to have Scott wait a couple days to get strength back before having a necessary triple bypass open heart surgery.
    During the overnight hours this morning, Scottie took a turn for the worse and suffered a code blue – An entire team of pros were working on him and brought him back. The staff here said it was pretty much a miracle he made it through last night. Without going into a whole lot of other details, Scott will go through several tests today to try figure some things out. The doctors want to get these answers and obviously get Scott stabilized and breathing on his own before his open heart surgery.

    Ya know, I’ve told Scottie a lot of times that our friendship means more to me than the show. That’s never been more true than it is right now. Even if everything goes great with Scottie’s recovery from here on out, it’s gonna be a long road back for him. My guess will be that Scott will want to come back to the show before the doctors clear him to do so…I won’t let him do it. His recovery is priority one.
    Once I know Scottie is out of the woods and is on his way to recovery, I’ll do my best to keep the show rolling. IMO, the show will suck without him there. If you listen to the show you might know that if Scottie takes a day off, I take the same day because I don’t want to be on without him. But, if that’s what our management feels is the best thing for the show and the radio stations we’re on, I’ll do the best I can with it.

    Until Scott has his open heart surgery, I’m thinking I might just burn the rest of my vacation time now. (Yes, as unbelievable as that may sound, we still have unused time this year!) Honestly, until I know he’s gonna be alright, I don’t want to do a show. Neither my heart nor my head will be in it. Maybe that means a few guest hosts for a few days…or some more worst of…not sure.

    Hopefully I’ll have a good news update on Scottie very soon – and I’ll keep you updated best I can right here.
    Thanks for reading – and please keep Scott in your prayers.

    Hey, it’s Markley again. Here’s a quick update on Scottie’s condition.

    After a scan today, the doctors were able to find where Scott’s internal bleeding was originating from. They then performed a procedure (they had no choice) to stop the bleeding and the procedure was successful.

    (If Scott wants to share all of the particulars of that info I’ll let him do that later….I know he would hate all of this attention on him and all of the details of his health, but I’m trying to get the balance of getting you updates without all of gory details)

    Now we’re waiting for his condition to steadily improve to go into open heart surgery. I gotta admit, this has been a very scary day.

    Thanks so much for your prayers and the comments – I can’t wait to share all of this with him!

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