KXL cancels Mike Darcy

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    Longtime Portland gardening personality Mike Darcy announced that KXL has canceled his Saturday radio show.
    “I learned on Monday that my show will be canceled at the end of this month. It was quite a shock as I have been at KXL for 35 years and I love doing this show. But things change and they (KXL) are going to change the Saturday morning lineup.”


    Can we now expect a right wing approach to gardening?


    I’m saddened by this, since I’ve listened to that show for many years.

    The KEX garden show had a really long run too. That one went away about 8 years ago I think.

    I guess they would rather play these godawful financial “consulting” shows instead, which seem to be infomercials for various white collar criminals.


    This is sad to see the end of The Mike Darcy Show on KXL. I ran the board for Mike when his show first started in 1981-82 when KXL was up on Ankeny. He always took his job hosting the show very seriously and was very easy to work with. Without a doubt, over the last 35 years he helped 100’s of thousands of Portland area residents with their lawn and garden questions…

    This has got to be one of if not the longest running shows in Portland Radio history. Good luck Mike, and thanks for your years of service…!


    Tomorrow, 31 December, is his last show.


    Can you say, Podcast?

    Mike has a solid and long standing listernship that would probably follow him wherever he goes next.

    I wish him well in his new garden.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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