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    Another possibility is Active Rock but I’m not holding my breath on that one either.


    In the late 1990s, we had Classic Country 970 KUPL-AM and Cowboy Country 1010 KXYQ. The lackluster performance of the classic country format makes me doubt that anybody would attempt it on a full-powered FM


    It ran on KWJJ-AM for awhile too.


    Actually, classic country might not be a bad guess, based on Lance’s prediction in the above linked article. Classic country has seen a resurgence, with recent flips to the format in Green Bay, WI and Knoxville, TN, and in other markets via Cumulus’ “Nash Icons” branding.

    Of course, today’s classic country isn’t a format centered on artists like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, but rather a format that could easily referred to as Hot AC Classic Country. “New” classic country stations play gold country music titles from about 1995 and forward from iconic artists of the era like Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, etc. It’s the stuff that today’s country music listener knows very well, but hasn’t heard on the radio for a long time. With two country stations that have been making new country familiar in Portland for several decades, a classic country format like this might be able to gain a decent following – possibly even break a 1.0 6+ share on that class C3 signal.

    Andy Brown

    aka playing it safe.

    In media today, too much corporate conservatism and too little “no guts no glory” thinkers.

    A sad reflection on these times we live in.

    I mean with all due respect, playing what has already been played so thoroughly for so many years albeit not recently is hardly imaginative. All it does is suck away some listener’s that don’t like what the two major country players are doing and in the end the total share across all country stations doesn’t increase.


    Any new information about their construction permit? Since their CP expires on August 31st, 2015.

    Andy Brown

    The C.P. is not under any risk. See highlighted text below. This does not apply to LPFM since you can’t assign an LPFM construction permit. See my other post at:

    See §73.3598 Period of construction.

    (a) Except as provided in the last two sentences of this paragraph, each original construction permit for the construction of a new TV, AM, FM or International Broadcast; low power TV; TV translator; TV booster; FM translator; or FM booster station, or to make changes in such existing stations, shall specify a period of three years from the date of issuance of the original construction permit within which construction shall be completed and application for license filed. Except as provided in the last two sentences of this paragraph, each original construction permit for the construction of a new LPFM station shall specify a period of eighteen months from the date of issuance of the construction permit within which construction shall be completed and application for license filed. A LPFM permittee unable to complete construction within the time frame specified in the original construction permit may apply for an eighteen month extension upon a showing of good cause. The LPFM permittee must file for an extension on or before the expiration of the construction deadline specified in the original construction permit. An eligible entity that acquires an issued and outstanding construction permit for a station in any of the services listed in this paragraph shall have the time remaining on the construction permit or eighteen months from the consummation of the assignment or transfer of control, whichever is longer, within which to complete construction and file an application for license. For purposes of the preceding sentence, an “eligible entity” shall include any entity that qualifies as a small business under the Small Business Administration’s size standards for its industry grouping, as set forth in 13 CFR 121 through 201, at the time the transaction is approved by the FCC, and holds

    (1) 30 percent or more of the stock or partnership interests and more than 50 percent of the voting power of the corporation or partnership that will hold the construction permit; or

    (2) 15 percent or more of the stock or partnership interests and more than 50 percent of the voting power of the corporation or partnership that will hold the construction permit, provided that no other person or entity owns or controls more than 25 percent of the outstanding stock or partnership interests; or

    (3) More than 50 percent of the voting power of the corporation that will hold the construction permit if such corporation is a publicly traded company.

    (b) The period of construction for an original construction permit shall toll when construction is prevented by the following causes not under the control of the permittee:

    (1) Construction is prevented due to an act of God, defined in terms of natural disasters (e.g., floods, tornados, hurricanes, or earthquakes);

    (2) The grant of the permit is the subject of administrative or judicial review (i.e., petitions for reconsideration and applications for review of the grant of a construction permit pending before the Commission and any judicial appeal of any Commission action thereon), or construction is delayed by any cause of action pending before any court of competent jurisdiction relating to any necessary local, state or federal requirement for the construction or operation of the station, including any zoning or environmental requirement; or

    (3) A request for international coordination, with respect to an original construction permit for a new DTV station, has been sent to Canada or Mexico on behalf of the station and no response from the country affected has been received, or the licensee or permittee is challenging the response from Canada or Mexico on the grounds that the facility as approved would not permit the station to serve the population that is both approved by the Commission and served by the station’s TV (analog) facility to be vacated by June 12, 2009.

    (c) A permittee must notify the Commission as promptly as possible and, in any event, within 30 days, of any pertinent event covered by paragraph (b) of this section, and provide supporting documentation. All notifications must be filed in triplicate with the Secretary and must be placed in the station’s local public file.

    (d) A permittee must notify the Commission promptly when a relevant administrative or judicial review is resolved. Tolling resulting from an act of God will automatically cease six months from the date of the notification described in paragraph (c) of this section, unless the permittee submits additional notifications at six month intervals detailing how the act of God continues to cause delays in construction, any construction progress, and the steps it has taken and proposes to take to resolve any remaining impediments.

    (e) Any construction permit for which construction has not been completed and for which an application for license has not been filed, shall be automatically forfeited upon expiration without any further affirmative cancellation by the Commission.

    [63 FR 70050, Dec. 18, 1998, as amended at 65 FR 7648, Feb. 15, 2000; 68 FR 12761, Mar. 17, 2003; 69 FR 53352, Sept. 1, 2004; 73 FR 5684, Jan. 30, 2008; 73 FR 28369, May 16, 2008; 74 FR 8879, Feb. 27, 2009]


    The application to transfer control of KWLZ has been approved.


    How about moving to Healy heights?


    Best Country station I’ve heard in a long time is KVET in Austin. No Taylor Twit and any other Pop artist.


    “How about moving to Healy heights?” There are a couple of ways of looking at this and may be more but this is what I have: KWLZ is supposed to have to wait for KXXO before they can proceed but I understand that the latter isn’t ready yet. While all this has been going on, KXXO purchased KWLZ so maybe, a letter to the FCC, relieving KWLZ of any interference caused to KXXO, is all it takes, possibly in the form of a modification of the current construction permit. In the meantime, KXXO has been operating from its auxiliary site for quite awhile with apparently no intention of returning to its licensed site. If that’s the case, KXXO probably wouldn’t create any interference anyway because they wouldn’t reach the protected area of the auxiliary site. Whatever they do, it must be done by August 31, unless they plan either on starting the process over with a new application or staying in Warm Springs. I’m pretty sure we’ll see something by the deadline. I’m guessing program tests followed by a silent STA to prepare a studio. (Some of my more technical comments were intended to add color, not so much for accuracy.)


    KXXO is broadcasting from Capital Peak and Crawford Peak since last Monday without a PTA. Humid marine air at altitude and circular polarisation do not play well together (oops). 3 Cities has been pulling gear from Rooster. I don’t think it’ll crow any more. 31 August seems to be the KWLZ-PDX drop dead date. Remember, this is the new FCC. When it comes to legacy broadcasting, it’s not improper if no one complains and if no one gets caught.


    If by PTA, you mean “Program Test Authority”, they don’t need it if they’re operating under a construction permit. It sounds like things are progressing. This might actually happen after all.


    KXXO is now again halfway decent in Hillsboro using a 9 element log-Yagi pointed north connected to a Sony F1HD tuner. I have also heard it (weak) with a small (but very good) Eton E-5 portable by standing on my front (North) deck and adjusting the whip antenna just right.


    This from All Access:

    KEITH SHIPMAN’s HORIZON BROADCASTING GROUP, LLC has closed on the assignment of News-Talk KWLZ-F (simulcast of KBNW-A/BEND)/WEST LINN, OR to 3 HORIZONS, LLC, a partnership between HORIZON and 3 CITIES, INC. (licensee of AC KXXO (MIXX 96.1)/OLYMPIA, WA) at a value of $800,000 credit towards HORIZON’s capital account with 3 HORIZONS. The deal also includes a Joint Sales Agreement between the parties. KWLZ is moving into the PORTLAND market from WARM SPRINGS (southeast of PORTLAND) and its move is being enabled by KXXO’s move to a new site northwest of its previous location.

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