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    The latest issue of Radio World has an article with some interesting information about KVEP.


    Hilarious and interesting article for sure. We need Craig to give us more scoop on this. I am curious where in East Portland the station facilities were located, etc.


    Some info gleaned from Craig’s history posts:

    Aug 28
    “1929 KWBS 1500 K.C. became KVEP “The Voice of East Portland” with studios: Francis Motor Car Co. building.”

    Sept 9
    “1929 KVEP 1500 K.C., signed back on the air, formerly KWBS. George A. Dunn, the new Owner & Operator.”

    Sept 23
    “1929 KVEP’s new 14 day Owner, George A. Dunn was being sought by Portland Police for Larceny & Bailee.”

    June 10
    “1930 Robert G. Duncan found guilty “electioneering on election day” on KVEP. Ten days in jail. $75.00 fine.”

    May 30
    “1930 KVEP went dark. The FRC had denied license renewal. KUJ Longview share-time was also not honored.”

    May 29
    “1930 FRC denied KVEP license renewal. “The Oregon Wildcat” had uttered obscene language on the air.”

    May 27
    “1930 FRC held a hearing about KVEP’s license and on Robert G. Duncan, dubbed “The Oregon Wildcat.” ”

    May 21
    “1930 The Chamber of Commerce wrote to the FRC to stop KVEP from broadcasting “offensive utterances.” ”

    May 19
    “1930 Robert G. Duncan “The Oregon Wildcat” was arrested for “electioneering” on Election Day on KVEP.”

    Sorry about the scrambled order,


    Francis Motor Car Company, later Francis Ford(Don’t take chances; Deal with Francis!)was on SE Grand @ Hawthorne. They opened in 1914 and were all over TV when I was growing up and a young adult. I think they went out of business sometime in the 80s. My dad worked there sometime before I was born but I’m pretty sure it was after 1929, when he was only 17. Here’s a picture of the building: https://www.cardcow.com/494504/francis-motor-car-company-ford-dealership-portland-oregon/


    In 1928 KWBS was located at S.E. Hawthorne & Grand Ave.


    Thanks all for the follow up information.

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