KVDO 3.1 officially QVC?

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    Looks like it. I wonder if they’ll drop it from 22.5 and add something? They must have paid KWVT big bucks to get a channel between KATU and KOIN.

    Still no action on 46.1


    QVC Shopping Channel is currently assigned PSIP KVDO 3.1 for now. But there are always going to be changes with digitnets. As well as Northwest Television’s four LPTV station in the Williamette Valley area.

    This will all depend upon the DTV repack. Yes NWTV does have some LPTV stations out of core. Like KWVT RF 49 in Portland.

    And no I don’t see ION Network dropping QVC on there dot 5 channel anytime soon.


    The FCC’s final repack list is due out in the next few days, isn’t it? I think that KVDO is using QVC as a test until they’re ready to make their move. Once the list comes out, there might be some musical chairs going on. KVDO thinks that they might snag something in the process. And don’t forget that there are still subchannel networks out there that don’t have a place to call home in Portland yet. KVDO could pick up one of those. And we still don’t know what Watch TV is planning to do. I’ve seen reports that WTV is transmitting in 3.0 format already, but the 1.0 ones aren’t on yet. They, too, might be playing wait and see as well.


    Isn’t 3.1 just the 4th virtual channel from KWVT? I suppose they could reassign all their subchannels to 3: 3.1 KVDO, 3.2 KWVT, 3.3 Retro, 3.4 Azteca. Of course physical channel 49 will move to a lower channel but that’s arbitrary.

    As for the channel reassignment, there are more than enough physical channels here to handle everyone.

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