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    MundoMax Spanish Network has increasingly uncertain future


    MundoMax can be seen on KUNP 47.2 in Portland. Sinclair say’s network staying put for now.


    Comcast carries KUNP’s MundoMax service on Ch. 316.


    Look like The Spanish Network MundoMax. Maybe gone by the end of the year.


    So what’s next for KUNP 47.2 channel. Possibly Univison’s sister network Unimas or LATV.


    Mundomax will be history by November 30. So what replacement programing will be on KUNP 47-2 ??

    MundoMax network shuts down; will go off the air November 30


    My guess would be UniMas.


    UniMas might be a good guess. Many Univision stations carry it as a digital sub channel, so for KUNP, that would make sense. There are a few markets where UniMas airs on a separate station – LA and San Diego jump to mind. UniMas currently runs on Comcast Ch. 631, so if KUNP replaces MundoMax with UniMas, Comcast would have some decisions to make.

    Most of the MundoMax stations are standalone services, and many are LPTVs. Two Arizona outlets, according to RabbitEars, are planning to flip to America TeVe after MM closes on Wednesday night. Be interesting to monitor KUNP 47.2 that night to see how they handle the change, and when they do it. And what do they follow it with?

    Pretty amazing that MM doesn’t make it to the end of the year. It’ll be interesting what all the former MM stations do at 11pm or midnight Wednesday.


    It will probably be dead for a while. I doubt they could get everything agreed to on such short notice.


    RabbitEars lists 36 stations on the MundoMax network. Some have, or will, move to Eastrella TV. Stations in Phoenix and Kingnan, AZ, will move to America TeVe. It’s unknown about what the others will do come tomorrow night. Nonetheless, for the record, according to RabbitEars, here are the stations listed, as of today, who are carrying MM to the finish line:

    KUNP Portland (and sister in LaGrande)
    KWHY Los Angeles, CA
    KUVM-CD Mo. City/Houston,TX
    WTBS-LD, Atlanta,GA (no longer owned by Turner)
    KSAO-LD, Sacramento, CA
    KUNS, Bellevue/Seattle,WA (KUNP’s sister)
    WSPF-CD, Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
    W21AU, Orlando, FL (LPTV)
    KBTU-LD, Salt Lake City, UT
    KYVV, Del Rio, TX
    KSMO, Kansas City MO/KS
    WBWP-LD, West Palm Beach, FL
    KMCC, Laughlin, NV
    KXOK-LD, Enid/OK City, OK
    KOHC-CD, OK City, OK
    WUPL Slidell/New Orleans, LA
    KYNM-CD, Albuquerque, NM
    KXTU-LD, Colorado Springs, CO
    KCEB, Tyler/Longview, TX
    KFDF-CD, Ft. Smith, AR
    KCEN, Waco/Temple, TX
    KMBY-LD, Monterey, CA
    KCBT-LD, Bakersfield, CA
    KSBT-LD, Santa Barbara, CA
    KZAK-LD, Boise, ID
    KRMF-LD, Reno, NV
    KUIL-LD, Beaumont, TX
    KIII, Corpus Christi, TX
    KMDF-LD, Odessa/Midland, TX
    KDKW-LD, Lubbock, TX
    KMCW-LP, Medford, OR
    KAWT-LP, Abilene, TX
    KYPK-LD, Yakima, WA
    KBIT-LD, Chico, CA
    KAGS-LD, Bryan, TX
    KJBA-LD, San Angelo, TX


    Antenna TV Facebook page reports that KYNM Albuquerque, NM, has flipped from MundoMax to Antenna TV, reported to be running there on 21.1. This the first such announcement I’ve seen. I imagine there will be others tonight and tomorrow. Will monitor KUNP to see what they do later tonight.


    Bummer, I can’t get KNUP were I live is West Salem. I think I am shadowed by the Chehalem Mountains.


    MundoMax is now off the air in Portland. KUNP-LD 47.2 along with Comcast 313. Is currently showing ID placard. Well see how long this stays up.


    KUNP waited until the closing credits of a telenovela ran on the air. Then they went to a KUNP 47.2 ID, followed by several seconds of a black screen before fading up to the ID slide. I think KUNP stepped out before the network did. No voice over, no announcement of any kind, not even a “muy buenas noches” sign off. I checked the MundoMax website earlier tonight. No announcement of the closedown there, but the “Horario” (schedule) page of the site had no data entered there. The display was blank. The ID slide currently on air still shows the MM logo on it. Maybe they’ll plug into their new program service in the morning. Has anybody checked the KUNP site?


    Forgot to mention that the MundoMax website mentioned its Facebook page, which had some 300,000 followers. They also had a Twitter page.


    The slide is still there this mirning. No audio, by the way.


    After the shutdown of MundoMax on December 1st.

    Most other stations are either airing Estella or Azteca Spanish networks. A few others are broadcasting SonLife channel. Or some digitnet programming where longing for here locally.

    As for MundoMax flagship station in LA. KWHY TV 22.1 goes back to a Spanish independent format airing classic movies in Spanish.

    Meanwhile Portland and Seattle are getting the silent treatment. With no replacement programming in sight.

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