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    @Vitalogy, yes. It is a little tiny thin road!

    If we win it will be awesome beyond compare. It’s like winning State little league with a one eyed kid on the team. (Which we did do once, and we didn’t bench him. We worked on batting non stop…. he made it work)

    And if we don’t win, then it’s plan B, movement mode.. good things can happen on that path too.

    So, onward! Come what may, but we will leave it all on the road, no hold backs.


    Clintons top donors are maxed out. She’s going to have to tap second and third tier funds. And she must still campaign.


    Expect very serious negatives going into New York. Internal polling by the Clinton campaign is rumored to look worse than expected.

    The Bernie campaign is competetive, despite a slow start.

    Get your popcorn ready! It is all game on for a while now.


    Bernie Sanders is the first Presidential Candidate to receive an invite from the Pope.

    Maybe he wants to ask about the bird. More seriously, this Pope and Sanders share a significant common cause. The environment and a more equitable and livable economy are among the most closely aligned issues.

    I’m a big fan of both men, in that they share a very solid and humble character and approach things with a “we” mindset far more than the usual, “I” one.

    See NY Times. I am having trouble dropping that link on mobile.

Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)
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