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    This from All Access:

    WLIT Brings In Kristina To Host Mornings

    IHEARTMEDIA Hot/Modern/AC WLIT-F (93.9 MYFM)/CHICAGO taps KRISTINA to host a new morning show from 6-10a beginning MONDAY, JUNE 1st.

    “I’m so excited to have KRISTINA join our team at 93.9MYFM. Her talent, creativity and charismatic personality will fit well in CHICAGO,” said PD MICK LEE.

    KRISTINA began her broadcast career in PORTLAND, OR where she held numerous on-air positions for iHEARTMEDIA, including middays at Top 40 KKRZ (Z100), afternoons at AC KKCW (K103) and Classic Rock KFBW. Most recently, she hosted mornings on Top 40/Rhythmic KXJM (JAM’N 107.5) and served as MD.

    “After working my entire career in the PORTLAND market, I was waiting for the perfect opportunity and finally found it working in CHI-TOWN on 93.9 MYFM,” said KRISTINA. “Words cannot express my thanks to ROBERT DOVE, DAVE HILL, JUSTIN RILEY, CHRIS SHEBEL and my entire family at iHEARTMEDIA/PORTLAND for their continuous support.”

    Matt Jones

    I’m a little surpried that no one has commented on this. This is a really
    big deal!

    One of the best on-air talents in the city is being recognized for her abilities and hard work, and is getting a job in Market 3! I mean, isn’t that what we all wanted when we started in the biz? To move up, and work in a Top Ten market? Kristina (with a K) has put in over 15 years of incredible work here in Portland, and now has an even bigger stage on which to play! 🙂

    Besides being a great talent, she’s also a genuinely great person. Very deserving of this promotion, and I couldn’t be happier for her. Congratulations, Kristina!! You’ll definitely be missed in the hallways at iHeart Media Portland.


    Hosting mornings in Chicago at one of the best known calls in the industry: You can’t beat that!


    Kristina is an awesome air talent and I wish her well but this is 2015 and let’s remember radio today Sucks a huge one. Nothing is live and locacal everything is voice tracked! So let me guess she is moving to Chicago to voice track a mix type radio station. She will have to read off liner cards and that is it. No personality, just bland boring radio. Radio today does not give two craps about air talent and that is a sad fact. If this was radio 20 years ago then this would be a huge deal but it’s not. I’m surprised she is not voice tracking her show from Portland, that’s how clear channel loves to do radio these days. Again, I think Kristina is a great talent, I enjoyed listening to her on jammin 95.5 back in the day when personality radio was important but sadly that’s not the case today.


    I finally heard my first Portland station in HD yesterday and it was Jammin’ 107.5. So far none of the others have even had the signal to flash the HD logo on the Sony. Several Seattle stations are in HD most of the time here on the Oregon Coast.


    You’d think that KINK or KLTH would be more likely in that they’re using the same antenna but with more power.


    You’re absolutely right, Matt. Kristina is one of the best and deserving of props. Nice to see a woman getting this kind of shot at the big time – it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

    Unfortunately, this thread has nothing to do with towers or KISN, so the very few people left reading this board have little to say. 😉

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