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    On July 18, 1946 the FCC granted an application for a new 250 watt AM daytime station in Portland OR on 800kc. to John W. “Jack” Davis, President. Mr. Davis had been an Account Executive at KSAN San Francisco. Calls assigned were KJXD which stood for “Jack Davis.” On December 18, 1946 KJXD was granted a modification of power level from 250 watts to 1kw. Also in late 1946 KJXD calls were changed to KPDQ which stood for “Pretty Darn Quick.” On July 8, 1947 it was announced John W. “Jack” Davis would be General Manager & Commercial Manager; Donovan “Don” Zundel, (formerly on KPFM) Program Director; Rodney F. “Rod” Johnson, (formerly with KWJJ) Chief Engineer & Jack’s wife Arla Z. Davis, Bookkeeper.

    On July 30, 1947 KPDQ began operation at 6:00pm. Studio & transmitter were located near the entrance of Oaks Park, on the right. (no physical address to this day, between 320 & 330, foot of S.E. Spokane St., on S.E. Oaks Park Way, access road). KPDQ’s studio/transmitter building was 12 x 14. Behind was a row of motel looking buildings. In 1936 KWJJ had been the first to build a facility at Oaks Park. JJ’s studio/transmitter were in a swampy area, to the east of the roller rink. That area has since been filled and used for parking. KWJJ would move to the North shore of Smith Lake in 1948. The old JJ Oaks Park facility would be taken over by the new KBKO (KLIQ) in 1949, becoming KPDQ’s new neighbor. KPDQ used a Raytheon RA-250 transmitter and its tower was 260 feet. KPDQ call slogan: join the K-Pretty Darn Quick switch to KPDQ. KPDQ broadcast sunrise to sunset daily. Programs consisted of news and transcribed music. A “Concert Hour” was featured at 4:00pm and “Dinner Music at 6:00pm.

    By October 1947 KPDQ featured a morning show called “The Alarm Clock Club” with the time announced every three minutes. On October 27, 1947 Bob Amsberry (formerly part of the show “Sammy Taylor, The Record Man” on KWJJ, doing funny voices, later aka Uncle Bob on KEX’s Squirrel Cage) began on KPDQ with a disc jockey show called “High School Parade” at 3:30pm. Bob also reported on high school news. At this time Don Zundel was doing the morning show. By November 1947 Sammy Taylor (who was on KWJJ weeknight nights) began a Sunday disc jockey show from from 10:00am to 1:00pm where Sammy would countdown the top 50 hits. On February 8, 1948 KPDQ began it’s first weekday religious program “Wings of Healing” at 8:30am and 2:30pm on Sundays, live from “Wings of Healing Temple” at 1629 S.W. 3rd Ave. in Portland with Dr. Thomas Wyatt, Minister. By this time Curtis F. Faus was KPDQ Chief Announcer.

    On May 30, 1948 KPDQ was knocked off the air then the Willamette River backed up into Oaks Park and KPDQ studio & transmitter site, during the Vanport Flood. On June 1, 1948 KPDQ was back on the air with reduced power of 250 watts, broadcasting from Chief Engineer, Rod Johnson’s home at 3115 N.E. 35th Ave. with FCC permission. The living room was made into a makeshift studio. Betty Johnson (later KWJJ co-owner) Rod’s future wife remembers: “All the neighbors wanted to come over and see big band leader – Stan Kenton, play at the house during that time.” On July 14, 1948 after six weeks KPDQ returned to Oaks Park where power was raised back to its authorized 1kw limit. On September 23, 1948 KPDQ began an Amateur Show on Saturdays at 1:30pm live from the window at “Day Music Co.” at 1123 S.W. Washington St. with emcees Carroll & Dick Day.

    On March 27, 1949 KPDQ began airing “The Scandinavian Hour” Sundays at 10am with host Bob Anderson (earlier on KXL, later on KWJJ, KGW, KPOJ, KGON-1520, KKEY, KXYQ). By this time Donovan “Don” Zundel continued as Program Director, as well as Music Director & Rodney F. “Rod” Johnson continued as Chief Engineer, as well as Chief Announcer. In April 1949 Sam Styles became Commercial Manager and in May 1949 Sam began hosting the new program “Happy Go Lucky Time” weekdays at 9:30am. On June 23, 1949 it was announced William E. Richardson (former KWJJ/KPRA GM & CM) was now Commercial Manager. On June 8, 1949 KPDQ & KBKO were off the air all morning after an 11,000-volt power line had fallen at 4:00am. Both stations were back on the air by noon, thanks to a P.G.E. generator. On July 25, 1949 Bill Sawyer’s “Make Believe Ballroom” moved from KWJJ to KPDQ 11:00am to 2:00pm weekdays. By December 1949 KPDQ was an “Associated Press” subscriber and utilized the “Capitol Records Transcription Program Service” and the “Associated Transcription Service.”

    On April 2, 1950 “Rays of Healing” with Rev. Willie Mae Lingenfelder, Paster, moved from KWJJ to KPDQ weekdays & Sundays at 8:30am, live from “Rays of Healing Church” at 732 N.E. Jessup St. On May 1, 1950 the “Italian Hour” debuted with host John Brenner weekdays 1:00pm to 2:00pm. By October 1950 the KPDQ schedule included: Sunrise Serenade, 6:30am; Whistle At Work, 9:30am; Cruse News, 11:55am; Dance Time, 12:00pm; Harmony Hall, 3:30pm; Serenade, 6:00pm to sunset. By December 1950 William E. Richardson was General Manager, as well as Commercial Manager. By early 1950 Charles F. “Chuck” Moore was Chief Announcer with Rod Johnson continuing as Chief Engineer.

    By July 1951 KPDQ had moved offices to the “6th St. Terminal Building” at 1008 S.W. 6th Ave., room 207. In July 1951 Dave Jack joined the KPDQ staff. By October 1951 the KPDQ schedule included: Sunrise Serenade, 7:00am; Almanac, 9:30am; The Scandinavian Hour, 11:00am; Social Security, 2:00pm; Harmony Hall, 4:30pm to sunset. On November 7, 1951 it was announced Fred C. Haskins was Program Director, Chief Engineer & announcer. Rod Johnson, former C.E. had left to become the new owner of KWJJ. On November 17, 1951 Jack Davis, KPDQ President & now General Manager once again, announced David M. “Dave” Jack was Commercial Manager. By December 1951 Jack W. Adkins was Farm Director & Charles F. “Chuck” Moore, Chief Engineer. By early 1952 Fred C. Haskins continued as Program Director, as well as News Director.

    On February 1, 1952 KPDQ debuted “Home On The Beach” featuring recorded favorites daily at 12:30pm. On April 6, 1952 the transcribed “Bibles Against Communism” began at 8:00pm weeknights & Sundays with Rev. Basil Malof. By May 1952 KPDQ personnel included: Woody Carson & Fred Vershin. On May 18, 1952 “The Buss McClelland Show” made it’s debut, featuring “Scintillating organ music for young and old” live from the Oaks Rink, Sundays 12:45pm to 1:15pm. By October 1952 the KPDQ schedule included: Sunrise Serenade, 6:45am; Music Time, 9:30am; The Scandinavian Hour, 11:00am; Record Rambings, 1:00pm; Harmony Hall, 3:00pm; Nita Serenade, 5:00pm & Western Jamboree Time at 6:00pm, live from Wagon Wheel Park at 175th & S.E. Main in Camas. By December 1952 Jack W. Adkins was Chief Engineer.

    On May 30, 1953 KPDQ began a 19 year tradition. The station carried for the first time “The Indianapolis 500” car race live from 7:45am to 10:15am with Sid Collins, announcer. On November 23, 1953 it was announced Harold “Hal” Starr (formerly on KXL & KEX) was KPDQ Program Director. By December 1953 Willard L. “Wink” Guthrie was Program Director & Robert G. “Bob” Beattie, Chief Engineer. On February 8, 1954 KPDQ began airing the transcribed “Hebrew-Christian Hour” at 7:45am weekdays – Saturdays & 4:15pm Sundays. Don Wilkinson remembers a KPDQ visit before he was Chief Engineer: “The original KPDQ transmitter at Oaks Park was a 250 watt Raytheon, with a custom linear 1kw amplifier added later. This was a real beast that used a 2000T tube with an 8kw power supply. Bob Beatty had a vacuum cleaner blowing air on the tube to keep it cool.”

    In March 1954 KPDQ installed a new RCA BTA-1M transmitter at Oaks Park. On July 10, 1954 it was announced Dave Jack had left KPDQ to work at “Wings of Healing Temple.” KPDQ stopped block programming after 9:30am and began Popular Adult music with DJ’s. In August 1954 Cab Calloway was a guest on Bob Beattie’s DJ show. In February 1955 Wink Guthrie, PD (later KBCH PD) & Bob Beattie, CE (KBCH CE) left to launch KBCH Oceanlake. On March 1, 1955 Neal Sargent (formerly KVAS PD) became Program Director & DJ and Donald C. “Don” Wilkinson (formerly with KVAS) became KPDQ Chief Engineer & DJ. Don remembers: “When I first arrived at the Oaks Park site, the booth had very poor acoustics. It sounded on the air like it was a small closet. I convinced Jack Davis to spend a few dollars for a case of egg carton separators which I stapled to the walls. Much improved.”

    In October 1955 Mark Fidler (formerly with WBKB-TV) became Program Director, News Director & DJ. KPDQ slogans: “The Music & News Voice of Portland.” & “1,000 Watts of Grown-up Listening.” Don Wilkinson remembers day to day operations: “Since there was only one person at the transmitter at any time, there were some interesting experiences. One morning, I put a 15 minute program on the air, then went out to my car to get my lunch bag. The wind blew the door closed and it locked. Then I remembered that I left my keys on the console desk. Now I had less than 15 minutes to try to get back in before the program ended. I got a tire iron out of my car and was working on the door trying to get it open. Just as I got it open, a police car came roaring in. Someone saw me working on the door and called the police. I got back in just in time to read the tag after some tall explaining to the cop. One day when Arla Davis brought out the logs, a mouse ran across the floor. She screemed just as the announcer opened the mike to read a spot. Jack Davis immediately called, demanding to know what was going on.”

    By December 1955 Keith Griggs (formerly on KBPS, WCYB, WMOX, WYXN, KVOS & KEX) was heard on KPDQ. On January 22, 1956 it was announced Philip A. “Phil” Roewe (formerly with WTMV) was Commercial Manager. On January 23, 1956 (Ray) “Moon” Mullins (formerly on KGW & KEX) began on KPDQ. The DJ line up was: Moon Mullins, 9:30 to Noon; Keith Griggs, Noon to 3:00pm & Mark Fidler 3pm to sunset. On June 4, 1956 the Williamette River was flooding, spilling over into Oaks Park. Don Wilkinson remembers: “It was threatening to inundate the transmitter facility. Before the water got too high the building was jacked up on blocks to keep it above the water. The tower was another issue. I jumped across the base insulator and rigged a shunt feed. It probably was not the best match, but it kept the station on the air while the bottom several feet of the tower was under water.”

    On August 4, 1956 KPDQ moved studios & offices to a brick building in The Hollywood District. at 4903 N.E. Sandy Blvd. On that date KPDQ held a grand opening remote broadcast in front of The Hollywood Theater from 10:00am to 5:00pm, giving away cash & prizes. KPDQ’s new slogan: “The Voice of Hollywood.” On September 20, 1956 KPDQ debuted “Doorway To Fine Music, featuring Marian Speaker at the Wurlitzer organ” live from “Joseph Lucas Music Mart” at 4200 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Noon to 12:30pm weekdays. By December 1956 Dale Allison was Program Director & Keith Griggs (later with KGW-TV) News Director. On January 6, 1957 “Wings of Healing” moved to 10:00am weekdays & 2:30pm Sundays. In April 1957 Al L. Charf (formerly on KVAN, KOIN) became Chief Engineer when Don Wilkinson left to become KLOO co-owner & CE.

    On July 24, 1957 a thief stole approximately $500 in equipment at the Hollywood studios and there was no forcible entry. By August 1957 Philip A. “Phil” Roewe was Asst. Manager & Eager Beaver (later on KKEY, KWJJ & KGON-1520) was doing an afternoon Rhythm & Blues show weekdays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Eager Beaver would also sell the show to advertisers. By November 1957 Barbara Angell (formerly on KPTV, later on KWJJ) had an interview show on KPDQ at 11:00am. On January 5, 1958 KPDQ began airing “Crystal Lake Gospel Church” live from 2615 Harrison St. in Milwaukie, hosted by Rev. Edna M. Brock, Pastor at 7:45am weekdays & 11:00am Sundays.

    By April 1958 James “Jim” Hartman (formerly KLOR sales) was Commercial Manager. In Spring 1958 16 year old Phil Boyer (later with KPTV, KNBC-TV PD, WLS-TV VP/GM, WABC-TV VP/GM) began DJing Sundays. By July 1958 Dan McDonald was Program Director & Daniel M. “Dan” McPeak, (formerly CBS Engineer, VOA C.E. Philippines) Chief Engineer. On October 26, 1958 18 year old Tom Murphy (later on KISN, KJR, KRLA, WCFL, KOL PD, WIXY, KGIL, KIIS AM/FM, KPRZ, KFI, KJQI, KGRB, WRLL) began DJing Sunday afternoons, replacing Ray Horn (formerly on KGON-1230 & KYNG, simultaneously on KEX) who left for KGW. On December 6, 1958 Tom Murphy added a Saturday afternoon shift.

    Tom Murphy remembers: “We played “Pop Music” on the station. We didn’t have great record service and I remember buying some records that we didn’t have including Clyde McPhatter’s “Lover’s Question”, Thomas Wayne’s “Tragedy”, Billy Grammer’s “Gotta Travel On.” and some others. I used Les Elgart’s “Who Cares?” as a theme song, which I had also used at [carrier current station] KFOJ. At KPDQ the turntables were in front of you, under the control board, and we had slider pots also in front.” In early 1959 Dan McDonald continued as Program Director, as well as Public Service Director & James “Jim” Hartman continued as Commercial Manager, as well as Promotions Manager. By March 1959 KPDQ religious programs had increased from sign on to Noon and all day Sundays.

    Here’s the weekday line-up: Sign on with Morning Hymns, 6:30am; Morning Chapel Hour, 7:00am; Amen Corner, 7:30am; Morning Hymns, 8:00am; Dr. Dan Gilbert, 8:15am; The World Tomorrow, 8:30am; Gospel Hour, Inc. 9:00am; The Hebrew-Christian Hour, 9:30am; Unity Viewpoint, 9:45am; Wings of Healing, 10:00am; Voice of China, 10:15am; Back To The Bible, 10:30am; Radio School of The Bible, 11:00am; McPeak’s Album Time & Church News, 11:30am; News, 11:55am.

    On April 1, 1959 KPDQ became Portland’s first full-time religious broadcaster since KFQN in 1924. Most Programming was transcribed. KPDQ slogan: “Portland’s Radio Pulpit.” In April 1959 Arlan Walker (formerly KGRO CE, later on KPOJ, KEX) became Chief Engineer. Dan McPeak, C.E. had left after purchasing KGRO Gresham. In August 1959 Donald C. “Don” Wilkinson (former KLOO co-owner & CE) returned as Chief Engineer.

    On September 10, 1959 KPDQ began broadcasting from it’s new transmitter site in Raleigh Hills OR. at 7201 S.W. Vermont Court. RCA BTA-1M transmitter was moved. Tower 260 feet. On October 4, 1959 it was announced David M. Jack had returned to KPDQ, becoming Station Manager. On October 22, 1959 it was announced Jim Hartman left KPDQ after being appointed KHTV General Sales Manager. The Portland TV station would go dark in just nine days from the announcement! By early 1960 Rodney Masters was Program Director. On April 6, 1960 it was announced Frank Woodman was Program Director.

    By August 1960 the KPDQ schedule featured: Gospel Melodies, 5:00am; Farm News, 5:55am; Gospel Melodies, 6:00am; The Bible Fellowship Hour, 7:00am; A Bit of Heaven Ministry, 7:45am; The Christian-Jew Hour, 8:00am; Dr. Dan Gilbert, 815am; Christian Crusade, 8:30am; The Winning Nations Crusade, 8:45am; Gospel Hour, Inc. 9:00am; The Hebrew-Christian Hour, 9:30am; Gospel Melodies, 9;45am; Wings of Healing, 10:00am; Voice of China & Asia, 10:15am; Back To The Bible, 10:30am; Pinebrook Praises, 11:00am; Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 11:30am; Haven of Rest, noon; Freedom Crusade, 12:30pm; Airmail From God, 12:45pm; Master Melodies, 1:00pm; Market Report, 3:25pm; Masters Melodies, 3:30pm; News, 3:55pm; Religious Music, 4:00pm to sunset.

    On August 18, 1960 licensee name changed to KPDQ, Inc. John W. Davis, President, 51%; W.S. Davis, Vice-President; Arla Z. Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, 49%. On October 8, 1961 KPDQ added an FM simulcast sister, KPDQ-FM when it began operation on 93.7mc. On March 22, 1963 it was announced Robert W. Ball, Jr. (formerly KRWC GM, KPAM/KPFM GM, KWFS GM) was General Manager & Jerry W. Johnson (former KRWC PD), Program Director. On March 25, 1963 “Songs of The Heart” with Jerry Johnson debuted weekdays 1:30pm to 6:00pm. The program featured Church Calander at :25 past the hour & News at :55. KPDQ slogan: “Portland’s Total Inspiration Station.”

    By July 1963 the KPDQ schedule featured: Strength For The Day, 6:00am; Heavenly Harmonies, 6:15am; The Bible Fellowship Hour, 8:00am; Christian Crusade, 8:30am; Prisoners Bible Broadcast, 8:45am; The Gospel Hour, 9:00am; The Hebrew-Christian Hour, 9:30am; Life Line, 9:45am; The Christian-Jew Hour, 10:00am; Voice of China & Asia, 10:15am; Back To The Bible, 10:30am; Our Daily Bread, 11:00am; Teen Report-Youth For Christ, 11:10am; Morning Melodies, 11:15am; The BIOLA Hour (Bible Institute of Los Angeles), 11:30am; Haven of Rest, noon; The Quiet Time, 12:30pm; Airmail From God, 12:45pm; Through The Bible Hour, 1:00pm; Songs For The Heart, 1:30pm; Prisoners Bible Broadcast, 6:00pm; Keyboard & Console, 6:15pm; The Christian-Jew Hour, 7:00pm; KPDQ Hymn Book, 7:15pm to sunset. Added slogan: “The Station of Inspiration.”

    On September 23, 1963 KPDQ debuted “Peace For Today” at 7:45am with Rev. Kenneth M. Haystead from First Assembly of God Church at 1315 S.E. 20th Ave. On March 1, 1964 KPDQ’s C.E., Don Wilkinson became a part time contract engineer for KPDQ, continuing as Acting C.E. Don had been a part time engineer at KATU since Fall 1963 and now had become full time as a staff engineer/booth announcer. By October 1965 David “Dave” Winchester was Operations Manager & News Director. On October 9, 1965 it was announced Robert W. Ball, Jr. had been elected President of the Western chapter of “The National Religious Broadcasters” which included over 50 stations.

    By April 1966 Dave Winchester was Program Director & News Director, plus air personality on “Songs of The Heart” weekdays 1:30pm to 6:00pm. On October 31, 1966 “Know Your Bible Hour” debuted on KPDQ from Central Bible Church at 8815 N.E. Glisan St. hosted by Rev. Dr. John G. Mitchell (formerly on KTBR, KWJJ) weekdays 8:45pm to 9:00am. On November 14, 1966 KPDQ debuted “The Pastor’s Study” from Hinson Memorial Baptist Church, with host Rev. Milton Jones, weekdays at 12:30pm. In October 1967 a new twist on the old slogan: “The Sound of Inspiration” mostly used on the FM side. By 1968 Robert W. Ball, Jr. owned interest in KPDQ, Inc. By September 1969 Donald R. Lucich was Commercial Manager.

    On October 26, 1970 “Prayertime” debuted weekdays at 1:00pm, with Allan Hamilton, Paster, of Foursquare Church at 1302 S.E. Ankeny. On February 1, 1971 KPDQ began broadcasting with Pre-Sunrise Authority. Operating 6:00am to sunrise with 491 watts, as a result of the ratification of the International Treaty with Mexico. On January 23, 1972 KPDQ was rated one of The Top 4 Religious Stations in the Nation, by the National Religious Broadcasters. In 1972 KPDQ had 13 full-time & part-time employees. By November 1975 Joe Alcorn was Operations Manager & Gary Hurst, News Director. KPDQ slogan: “Portland’s Sound of Inspiration.” In August 1976 Steve Taylor (formerly with KBMC) began part time as an Announcer/Board Operator, becoming full time in Novemeber 1976.

    On August 19, 1977 licensee name changed to Inspirational Broadcasting Corp. By December 1977 KPDQ & sister had moved into a new Inspirational Broadcasting Corp. building at 5110 S.E. Stark St. The facility also included a Chapel. In early 1978 Inspirational Broadcasting Corp. purchased KBMC (FM) in Eugene. On January 24, 1978 Robert W. Ball, Jr., Vice-President of Inspirational Broadcasting & General Manager of KPDQ AM/FM & KBMC accepted an “Award of Merit” for excellence at the 35th annual National Religious Broadcasters convention. The award was chosen from more than 1,000 stations Nationwide, in recognition on his 15 years of leadership in Portland broadcasting. On April 24, 1978 the Inspirational Broadcasting Corp. building received a “Community Improvement Award” by the Portland Chamber of Commerce.

    On March 23, 1979 Inspirational Broadcasting Corp. filed an FCC application to transfer control to son John W. Davis II. On May 16, 1979 Jack W. Davis II became President on his 32nd birthday. On January 20, 1980 Robert W. Ball, Jr. was elected First Vice-President at the 37th annual National Religious Broadcasters convention. In March 1980 Don Wilkinson Acting C.E., left to become KATU Chief Engineer & later KOMO-TV Director of Engineering. By November 1981 Jim Heim was Chief Engineer and KPDQ had installed a new Continental Electric 314R1 “Power Rock” transmitter. By 1982 KPDQ slogan: Pacific Northwest Christian Radio. In February 1983 Steve Taylor returned part time as an Announcer/Board Operator.

    By March 1983 The Lou Davies Show was on KPDQ 2:00pm to 2:30pm. In January 1984 Brien Morris (formerly on KGW) became KPDQ’s Traffic Reporter (simultaneously on KXL-FM, KMJK-FM, KWJJ-FM, KSKD, KCNR-FM, KXYQ, KKLI, KUIK, KRDR, KAAR, KYTE, KSGO). In October 1983 Steve Taylor (later on KPHP, KVAN-1550, KKEY, aka Steve Edwards on KMUZ AM/FM, aka Steve Taylor on KGON/KFXX, aka Steve McCoy on KRSK) became full time again as an Announcer/Board Operator. On July 7, 1984 KPDQ held an open house at its studios from 10:00am to 5:00pm in celebration of its 37th year in broadcasting. In Summer 1984 Chris Taylor (formerly on KGW, KWRS PD, KPAM-1410, KWIP, KCNR AM/FM; simultaneously on KCYX) did some vacation fill-ins. By October 1984 C. David Elmes was General Sales Manager.

    By November 1984 John Davis II was General Manager as well as President; Joe Alcorn was Program Director & Promotions Manager & Larry R. Wilson (former KPOK AM/FM & KUPL AM/FM OM & CE; simultaneously KXL AM/FM CE) Chief Engineer. Also KPDQ had affiliated with the Mutual Broadcasting System. In July 1985 Barb Hughes (formerly on KWWW, KSLM) began weekends. Chris Taylor remembers: “Joe Alcorn PD of KPDQ introduced me to Barb on Saturday July 25, 1985 while I was on the air doing the evening shift for Music Alive. I trained Barb for the job I was doing while also being full time at KCYX.”

    By December 1985 Ken Broeffle (simultaneously KUIK CE; later at ARS – Infinity – CBS Radio-Portland Director of Engineering, Clear Channel Asst. Director of Engineering) was Chief Engineer. By 1986 Michael Carr (aka Jon Zweygartt, former KUIK PD) was on afternoons 3 to 6pm. In 1986 Barb Hughes became Music Director and began hosting the “Music Alive” program, 6 to Sunset. On July 5, 1986 it was announced KPDQ was one of ten stations Nationwide named to a reporting list of “Power MusicLine 40” by MusicLine Magazine, the top Contemporary Christian music magazine.

    On July 10, 1986 Inspirational Broadcasting Corp., John W. Davis II, President & wife Jelene W. Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, filed an FCC application to assign KPDQ AM/FM licences to Salem Media of Oregon, Inc. (group owner: Salem Communications Corp., Edward G. Atsinger III, President, Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer & Founder; Stuart W. Epperson, Chairmen of The Board; Eric H. Halvorson, Vice-President-Secretary) for 6.5 Million (price included FM sister). FCC granted: 7-26-86. Transfer took place: 9-17-86. KPDQ slogans: “Sharing The Good News Throughout The Day.” “Radio That Makes A Difference.”

    On September 8, 1986 KPDQ began broadcasting into the night for the first time with power reduced from 1kw to 500 watts nights, signing off at midnight. In October 1986 Jack P. Kandel became General Manager & Darrell E. Kennedy, General Sales Manager. On December 18, 1986 KBMC Eugene was sold to McKenzie River Broadcasting Co., Inc. In 1987 Chris Taylor returned (former KCYX PD, KCNR AM/FM, KGRV, KROR, KCNR; simultaneously on KKLI) was on 6 to Sunset Monday through Saturdays. KPDQ slogan: “Upbeat 800.” In October 1987 Chris Taylor (later on KKRZ, KMXI, KDBX, KPAM-860, KYSJ) became Production Director.

    By March 1988 KPDQ was producing 33 hours of local talk show programming a week, including the popular “Liveline” with host Lew Davies, afternoons 1:00pm to 3:00pm. A 30 Sec. spot cost $16 and one hour of programming was $105. FM rates were higher. KPDQ was now broadcasting 24 hours a day with Barb Hughes (later on KYSJ) extending “Music Alive” from 6pm to Midnight. Chris Taylor remembers: “Barb and I were married (after working all day) on April 29, 1988 in a ski boat on the Willamette River between the Hawthorne and Morrison Bridges. We had quite a first year of marriage that culminated with an appearance on “Live with Regis & Kathy Lee” in Jan of 1989.” By July 1988 Ted Rogers (formerly on KIMN, KEX MD, KPOJ/KPOK/KUPL, KYTE) was Operation Manager. By December 1989 Joe Alcorn, Music Director. By December 1990 Allan L. Garren was Chief Engineer.

    In Spring 1991 KPDQ changed to a Gospel Country format. Slogan “You’re In Gospel Country.” By December 1993 Darrell E. Kennedy (later KPAM VP/GM) was General Manager (from KPDQ General Sales Manager); Lewis J. “Lew” Davies, Operations Manager; David Moore Music Director & Promotions Manager hosted “The Gospel Sing”; Dennis Hayes, General Sales Manager. Slogans: “AM 800, Your Inspiration Station.” & “Thanks For Choosing Portland’s Talk Alternative.” In April 1994 Jeff Davis (former KMCM MD, KROW, KMCM PD/CE, KRKT CE, KPAM-FM, KWJJ PM, KJIB/KWJJ-FM OM/PD, KYXI, KSGO OM/PD, KPDX, KWJJ-FM OM/PD) became Production Manager, hosting “The Midday Show”.

    By December 1994 “The Georgene Rice Show” was on KPDQ. In 1995 KPDQ installed a new Gates 1 transmitter. On July 13, 1995 Inspirational Broadcasting Corp. purchased KDBX (FM) Banks, OR. In September 1995 James Blind became a Board Operator & weekend air personality. In February 1996 Chuck Tyler (former KXL-FM PD) was Operations Director. In March 1996 KPDQ dropped its Gospel Country format, switching what was described as an “Inspirational” format. David Moore returned (former KDBX OM) became Program Director. Slogan: “AM 800 – The Inspiration Station.”

    On July 25, 1996 KPDQ picked up the Contemporary Christian music format from it’s FM sister KDBX “Spirit 107.5” becoming “The new Spirit 800 AM” dropping it’s Mutual Network affiliation. Some day parts continued simulcasting religious programs from KPDQ-FM. Chuck Tyler, Operations Director, added Program Director. KDBX had been sold to American Radio Systems License Corp. KPDQ slogans: “Portland’s New Home For The Best Christian Music, The New Spirit 800 AM.” & “Portland’s Spirit.” In August 1996 Scott Stevens became Music Director. In October 1996 Gina Ryder (formerly on KKSN; later KPAM MD) became Music Director. By December 1996 Lewis J. “Lew” Davies was News Director; Georgene E. Rice, Public Affairs Director & Brad W. London, Promotions Manager.

    In December 1996 Dennis Hayes (back, former KDBX GSM) was appointed KPDQ interim General Manager. Then in February 1997 Dennis Hayes became General Manager, as well as General Sales Manager. In April 1997 James Blind & Andy West became Co-Music Directors. By June 1997 KPDQ slogan: “Todays Christian Radio.” By December 1997 Chuck Tyler continued as Operations Manager, as well as Public Affairs Director & John White (later KKPZ CE) Chief Engineer. In June 1998 Justin Mansfield (formerly on KTEC) became Assistant Engineer, leading to Board Operation a year later. In August 1998 Mary Starrett (formerly on KVOS, KATU) began her talk show 2:00pm to 4:00pm on KPDQ.

    On August 24, 1998 KPDQ dropped it’s Contemporary Christian music format for Talk Radio & affiliated with it’s parent company’s SRN Radio Network. KPDQ slogan: “The New True Talk 800 AM.” By January 1999 “The Georgene Rice Show” was on 4:00pm to 7:00pm. In October 1999 Don Perkins became Chief of Engineeing. By December 1999 Dennis Hayes was General Manager; Chuck Tyler (former KXL-FM PD, later on KXMX) Operations Manager & Program Director; Mike Hadley, General Sales Manager. In January 2000 Lew Davies returned (formerly on KPAM) hosting a talk show Noon to 2:00pm.

    On June 16, 2000 it was announced Andy West became Operations Manager & Program Director with Dennis Hayes continuing as General Manager. In this time period Justin Mansfield began Voice Tracking a weekend shift. On August 22, 2000 it was announced Joseph D. Davis became Salem Senior Vice-President of Operations. In February 2001 KPDQ live, local talk shows hosts: Mary Starrett, Lew Davies & Dr. Steve Stephens were replaced by national talk hosts from Salem Radio Network (SRN). On September 3, 2001 KPDQ gained another FM sister when KFIS began operation. On October 30, 2001 it was announced Joseph D. “Joe” Davis became Executive Vice-President-Radio Division & Robert C. Adair was named Senior Vice-President of Operations of Salem Communications Corp.

    In October 2001 Leslie A. Pfau (later KWJJ/KRSK/KYCH MM) became Promotion Manager. KPDQ slogan: “Talk With A Deference, True Talk 800 AM.” In Summer 2002 Justin Mansfield became Asst. Program Director, as well as Asst. Engineer and began a weeknight Voice Tracking shift. On June 23, 2003 Salem announced Brad W. London (former KDBX PM) was now Station Manager & Damon Balch, Director of Sales. In August 2003 David Shult (formerly on KFLY, KCCS, KXL-FM, KKPZ/KKSL) became Operations Manager & Program Director with Dennis Hayes continuing as General Manager. In March 2004 Justin Mansfield became Automation Engineer as well as Asst. P.D.

    On April 12, 2004 KPDQ and sisters moved studios to “The 224 Corporate Center” at 6400 S.E. Lake Rd., Suite 350 in Milwaukie, OR. KPDQ made the switch at 12 Noon. The 3rd floor offices have close to 10,000 square feet with 6 new studios. On March 16, 2005 it was announced Joseph D. Davis became Salem Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer. On April 13, 2005 it was announced Jon E. Horton was Salem Vice-President of Operations. In May 2005 Dan Sheets (former KCCS OM/PD/MD, KZTU SM, KYKN OM) began hosting KPDQ mornings. On January 24, 2006 it was announced Kenneth L. “Ken” Gaines became Salem Vice-President of Church Relations.

    On January 29, 2006 KPDQ talk shows from corporate network SRN were replaced with mostly ministry-based talk programming. The SRN talk shows moved to KPDQ’s new sister station KTRO-FM which began operation on this date. In September 2006 Justin Mansfield became Interim Program Director & Operations Manager. On November 1, 2006 Michael Reichert became Salem Vice-President of Operations. In December 2006 Justin Mansfield became Program Director & Operations Manager with James Blind (formerly on KBVM, KUIK) Program Coordinator.

    On January 24, 2007 it was announced Mark Durkin (former KWSS GSM, KUFO GSM, KGON/KWJJ GSM) became Director of Sales. On July 1, 2007 Eric H. Halvorson became Salem President & Chief Operating Officer; Edward G. Atsinger, III, Chief Executive Officer; Joseph D. Davis, President – Radio Division & Evan D. Masyr, Senior Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer for Salem Communications Corp. By December 2007 Georgene E. Rice was News Director & Melissa Shambaugh, Traffic Manager. In August 2008 Segar S. Kannan became General Sales Manager. In 2008 Darlene Peterson was Traffic Manager. By January 2008 Jordan Smith, Marketing Director & Promotions Manager. In September 2008 Garrett Barker became Chief Engineer.

    In Fall 2008 Jeff Davis, Production Manager, moved from Mid-days to mornings when Dan Sheets retired. Justin Mansfield took over Mid-days and Clarke Hylton was added to evenings. On January 1, 2010 David P. Santrella became Salem President – Radio Division with Allen Power, Senior Vice-President. In October 2010 Teri Rodrigues became Promotions Director. On January 3, 2011 KPDQ debuted it’s first live local talk show since 2001 “Mars Hill Today” with host Joe Gonzalez weekdays at 1:00pm. Joe Gonzalez (former KGNW SM, KLFE GM) also became KPDQ Director of Local Ministries. In February 2011 Cathy Breitbarth & Mallory Kerr became Co-Traffic Managers. On August 1, 2011 Linnae Young became Salem Regional Vice-President. Current slogan: “True Talk 800” & “Life Changing Christian Radio.”

    References: Billboard Magazine, Broadcasting Yearbook(s), The Oregon Journal, The Oregonian. The Portland Reporter, Radio Annual(s), Salem Communications.

    Special Thanks to the following individuals who helped in the writing of this radio history, making it more complete: James Blind, Jeff Davis, David Gleason, Barb Hughes, Betty Johnson, Greg Johnson, Justin Mansfield, Joel Miller, Tom Murphy, Don Perkins, Leslie Pfau, Georgene Rice, Dan Sheets, Chris Taylor, Steve Taylor, Andy West, Don Wilkinson.

    The first history of KPDQ was originally posted on February 23, 2003.

    Waynes World

    Wow Craig the radio historian- you aren’t called that for nothing! I knew Tiger Tom worked for KPDQ . I thought it became Christian in 1959, at about the same time KISN started with the hits. I remember when am 800 played contemporary Christian music my friends at church thought it was Satanic. but I loved it.


    Outstanding, as always, Craig!


    I liked the detail in this story about the Raytheon 250 watt transmitter’s output being boosted with a homebrew linear amplifier. I looked up data on the 2000T tube, and it is one of those big bulb-shaped power triodes, possibly from the 1920s or 1930s. I suspect that most likely, the tube would have been used in a grounded-grid configuration.

    Dan Packard

    Ah, so many stories to tell, Craig. AM 800 comes alive thru your fantastic research. I love some of the old rock jock names from the 50’s, (Ray) “Moon” Mullins & Eager Beaver. And it’s the place where frequent contributor Chris Taylor meets his future wife. 😉

    Chuck Tyler (o.m. in the 90’s) went on to Salem’s big Fish in Las Hamberguesas (Angeles), where he still is today, I think.


    Thanks for the nice comments! As I’ve said, these histories are never finished. Always a work in progress.

    And thanks to Don Wilkinson for clarification in paragraph two of the history, on where KPDQ & KWJJ were in Oaks Park.


    I found the data sheet for the 2000T tube that KPDQ used in its homebrew linear amplifier. This tube was introduced in 1934, and it was Eimac’s first product.

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