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    Thanks for jogging my memory Rich. Bob certainly has done a lot of good for our community.


    From Tom Taylor Now this morning…

    Newspaper/radio owner Pamplin sells its two AMs in Portland, Oregon.

    Looks like “News Talk 860” KPAM will be changing to Vietnamese-language programming under buyer Tron Dinh Do. His Intelli LLC thus continues a string of major-market acquisitions, including Dallas-Fort Worth-area KCLE Cleburne/1460 and more recently San Jose. Intelli paid $6 million for San Jose’s KLOK/1170 (January 19 NOW). Now The Oregonian reports the sale of KPAM Troutdale (50,000 watts daytime/15,000 watts at night) and easy oldies “Sunny 1550” KKOV. No speculation yet about a new format for KKOV, which is also 50,000 watts daytime but dials back to 12,000 watts at night. It’s licensed to Vancouver, Washington. The local PDX Radio site credits the Craig Adams News Service for a price ($1.2 million). As you can see on the Intelli site, it’s a player in TV (DirecTV channel 2075), magazines and other media. KPAM/KKOV seller Pamplin has the Portland Tribune and 24 suburban papers and will focus on those, plus digital and video. KPAM and KKOV are Pamplin’s only radio properties. It doesn’t subscribe to the Nielsen PPMs, so we don’t know their ratings. Broker on the sale – Tom McKinley of Media Services Group.


    This from All Access:

    Pamplin Sells KPAM-KKOV/Portland

    PAMPLIN COMMUNICATIONS CORP. is selling News-Talk KPAM-A/PORTLAND, OR and Adult Standards KKOV-A (SUNNY 1550)/VANCOUVER, WA-PORTLAND, OR to TRON DINH DO’s INTELLI, LLC for a price left undisclosed in the press release issued by broker MEDIA SERVICES GROUP, whose TOM MCKINLEY handled the deal. INTELLI owns Vietnamese KCLE-A-K226BM-K239CC (SAIGON RADIO)/BURLESON-FORT WORTH-DALLAS, TX, Vietnamese KAZA-A (VIEN THAO RADIO)/GILROY-SAN JOSE, CA; and WAZX-A (DIVA 1550)/SMYRNA-ATLANTA, GA. The deal has yet to be filed with the FCC.


    Do ma mai


    You would think that 20 employees of a radio station could have bought the KPAM station only with their own produced inputs of monies and saved their jobs…1.2 mil or less could have been raised???


    Sunny Short History

    “SUNNY 910” (KKSN) debuted February 8, 1989 at 5:00am. Then moved up the dial as “SUNNY 1520” (KKSN) on March 30, 1998. Another move down the dial as “SUNNY 1010” (KZNY) on April 15, 2004. KKAD picked up the moniker as “SUNNY 1550” on December 16, 2004.


    Come on Broadway,

    Aside from the assumption that people employed in radio have each $60K lying round to play with, unless you have the complete books for the radio business you can’t state anything about the viability of the existing station and format. Perhaps the radio stations were holding there own but Pamplin needed 1.2M to buy new printing presses? A server farm?

    This is a real shame as some really good local programming came from KPAM over the years. Depressing and the new FCC direction is likely to make radio and TV even less local and less compelling. Had old rules been in place perhaps KPAM could have had a different local owner.

    It’s hard to imagine such a niche audience as Vietnamese generating enough ad revenue to keep a 50KW station on the air, but I guess we’ll watch and see.

    Andy Brown

    The tract of land is where all the value is. There are 30 to 35 home lots that could be subdivided on the land which is already surrounded on all sides by homes. The two licenses aren’t worth much these days.

    “generating enough ad revenue to keep a 50KW station on the air,”

    Try two 50 kW stations. No matter how cheap power is in Clark County, that’s a hefty bill to pay.


    Employees combining to buy a radio station is almost always a terrible idea. First, hiring a lawyer to sort out all the possible outcomes would add another 100 grand at least. Then, who would actually run the stations? The biggest funder? The best manager? This is simply wrought with problems and will never happen.

    So get ready for Vietnamese Radio, Portland. (I knew there was a giant format hole for this in PDX).


    “The tract of land is where all the value is. There are 30 to 35 home lots that could be subdivided on the land which is already surrounded on all sides by homes.”

    But the way they build around here nowadays they’d probably cram it full of rowhouses or $1900/mo 1-bedroom apartments. Got to store all those Califoregonians somewhere, I guess. Doubtful it will be McMansions since it’s not far enough out in the country and there’s already a huge mess of that crap going in around Pacific Jr. High.

    First they would need to significantly widen NE 34th between the west end of the lot and at least 157th, if not all the way to 162nd, before doing any sort of demolition and redevelopment. Seriously, I can piss all the way across that street. Why is 34th so narrow through there anyways? It’s about half the width of a regulation neighborhood street if it’s even that wide. I’ve actually ended up driving on the grass/rocks in front of the yard when traffic is oncoming since it’s not wide enough to accomodate two cars going opposite directions.

    So get ready for Vietnamese Radio, Portland. (I knew there was a giant format hole for this in PDX).”

    There is as far as I know still the simulcast of Dai Viet Nam Hai Ngoai on KBOO 92 kHz. They got rid of FM Korea on 67 a few years ago.


    This FB post from Bob Miller, shared on KPAM’s FB page.

    “Alright, I’ve teased around long enough. Time to let the cat out of the bag. No more tricks and hopefully a treat:

    Yes, I’ll be returning to the airwaves. Temporarily. November 27 to December 1st in fact.

    By now you are probably aware that KPAM has been sold. Unfortunately, the staff will not be joining the new owners. This sale will not be final for a while, SO…that gives you and me one last shot at helping families of deployed troops from Oregon and SW Washington. We’re going to spend that 5 days Helping Our Heroes by raising as many funds as we can.

    For 15 years we’ve pitched in together and helped these families using the dollars you’ve generously donated. The need is still there and the need is still great. We’ve got lots of local troops deployed in some pretty awful places while their families often struggle here at home.

    Folks, I hope you’ve realized how much this has meant to me over the years. It still does and I so appreciate the opportunity to do it one last time. I also hope you know we couldn’t have done it without you.

    I’ve stepped away from the microphone but I will gladly step in front of it again for this worthy cause. These will probably be the last radio shows I ever do and yes, we’ll be live from the KPAM studios.

    We’ll do lots of the things you’ve come to know on the show; The LO Police Blotter, my brother, River Dookie reports, and Christmas tunes galore. We’ll also be asking you to help some brave Americans.

    Can I count on you? I won’t be on the air every day until the 27th to promote this so I hope you’ll tell your friends and neighbors what we’re trying to accomplish and encourage them to listen and help.

    Thanks so much! Bob”


    Any idea when they’ll turn off the bubble machine on 1550?

    I’ll miss both stations very much. (I mean the programming.)


    My guess is that both stations will flip on Monday, December 4. This is based on information posted in this thread stating that Bob Miller will last appear on KPAM on December 1, which is a Friday.


    According to today’s Daily Digest, neither station has yet applied to transfer ownership. I believe it was established that there wouldn’t be an LMA in which case programming won’t change until the sale is final. It might close before Spring but it’s hard to say.


    I will appear last on Dec 1st because that’s the last day of the fundraiser I’m helping with. . Lasts 5 days. November 28-December 1. Has nothing to do with any transfer of ownership.

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