KOIN bumper audio out of phase


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    Jay Bozich

    I’ve been meaning to tell someone this for a year, or however long it’s been since KOIN did some sort of remodel or rebranding.

    Since KOIN audio is on 88.1 I guess here would work?

    During the noon newscast, at least, for this entire time the piece of equipment that plays the bumper music to commercials is out of phase in stereo.
    Maybe a connector mis-wiring?

    I hear it, but of course to confirm it I switch my receiver to mono and there’s nothing.
    Everything else sums as normal.
    They just switched music too, from that weird bongo drumming stuff to something a little more sedate.
    Still out of phase.

    Maybe pass the word along if you know someone…


    Where do you find KOIN audio at 88.1? Up until 2009, KOIN audio could be heard on an FM radio at 87.75 MHz (if the radio could tune that low).

    Years ago, elsewhere on this board, somebody gave a technical explanation for how a phase flip like this could happen in a modern television control room. I recall that the explanation said that the culprit would not be something as simple as a miswired connector (because analog balanced pair audio is no longer used), and that generally, there is no means available (such as a phase reversal button) for station technicians to correct the problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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