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    It’s common to put several towers up and tune them all To one virtual channel. The Watch TV stations control five stations. Tune them all to one virtual channel and you’d actually get a better signal, even though we’re talking about LPTV channels here. If all 5 WTV stations were up, you could tune them to say, Ch. 4, 7, or 9 and promote it as such.


    “I would think 7 or 8 might be possible”

    KXPG in Portland (Salem col) ch 22 (real ota ch) has 6
    22-1 Ion (720p)
    22-2 Qubo (sd)
    22-3 Ion Life (sd)
    22-4 Shop (sd)
    22-5 HSN (sd)
    22-6 TLMD (sd)

    The subs don’t look great.


    The problem there is the main ION is in HD. If all were in SD, then there would be better bandwidth. The 720p is taking more.


    As of this morning, Comcast is now airing Decades off KOIN on Ch. 306.


    Message Body:
    I sent email to Rick Brown:

    Help me and share with Feedback PDX Radio Post for our helping needs:

    Hello Rick Brown

    I have heard from a reliable source of late that KOIN indeed is looking at adding Heroes & Icons and other diginets in the near future on 6.4 to 6.6. I do not sure which one as yet, but I understand about your discussing diginets. Maybe in late 2016 or later? Time will tell, but with the shake up of the TV band changing, who knows how much space all of the TV channels will have in the future. I had looked at A large market like Los Angeles or Denver, or Chicago will really be changed. 2016 should be an interesting year as included Decades and Heroes & Icons had been placed.

    I had heard KOIN took GET TV & Decades TV what I enjoyed with KOIN runs on 6.2/6.3, however, I have expressly endorsed KOIN buy other 3 encode boxes for 6.4/6.5/6.6 or whatever KOIN discussion decision. Other viewers expressly support about Heroes & Icons, imovies, Weathernation or Heartland or TUFF TV(sports) bring to Portland OR! Thank you for formal consideration with adding sub channels! Let me know!


    Mr. David Johnson
    731 SW Salmon Street, #1116
    Portland, OR 97205


    I would really be surprised if KOIN would add several more diginets as it would really degrade their 1080i picture. KATU runs only 720p, so a 4th channel might work there. The CE at KOIN told me a couple years back they had no plans to add any diginets as they wanted the best OTA picture, but corporate told them they had to add first Get TV and then Decades. But I guess anything is possible. They could add more SD channels and really narrow that bandwidth, but who would watch them? Below 2 mpls I would think the pq would be poor. I do know if any others goes below 2 mpls, but not the greatest bandwidth.


    Has anyone noticed if it has degraded the quality of the CBS diginet on KOIN?


    I am sure the pq has degraded a bit, but probably not too noticeable. I think KOIN was using 17.8 mpls for a 1080i picture without any sub channels. Not sure what they are using now with two extra subs.


    I’ve been looking at all three on Comcast recently. Saw Oklahoma’s blowout of Oregon in the NCAA tournament the other night on CBS. No problems with PQ there.

    I’ve been watching Get quite a bit recently. Watched “Barabbas” (the 1961 drama with Anthony Quinn) last Sunday night (Easter Sunday) and looked great in full HD. Don’t see that movie on TV too often. Looked and sounded fine, but I wondered if they used the master film for transfer to digital or best available print. (Some of the commercials in the ad breaks were cringeworthy at times, though.)

    Decades looks and sounds OK. They ran three back to back episodes of “Dobie Gillis” last night, a nice surprise. None of the streams seems to be interfering with each other. Don’t know if Comcast tweaks the incoming signals or not.


    Decades has now appeared on Tegna owned KREM-TV in Spokane.


    Thank you for inform me about my ex-Spokane resident that I informed my friend in Spokane about Decades with KREM! Thank Washnotore! 🙂 thanks. smile


    Incredibly bad idea posting your exact address out in the open on a public forum like that, “david44”. That’s like posting one’s ham radio call letters out in the open — an invitation to any and all weirdoes who may be reading, saying “please rob/stalk/murder me”.

    Hopefully Dan will one day or another see this thread and remove that part of “david44″‘s post lest worse should come to worse.

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