KOIN adding diginet?


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    I have heard from a reliable source of late that KOIN indeed is looking at adding a diginet in the near future. Not sure which one as yet, but they are discussing it. Maybe in 2016? Time will tell, but with the shake up of the TV band changing, who knows how much space all of the TV channels will have in the future. A large market like LA will really be changed. 2016 should be an interesting year.

    Andy Brown

    I’m guessing participation in the incentive {reverse) auction by commercial TV broadcasters will be thin. It’s also quite possible that the “repacking” phase that’s supposed to begin after the incentive auction will be delayed because of the lack of bandwidth turned back in the larger markets as well as the complaints and legal maneuvers to stop the FCC from its master plan. The government can not auction off the cleared spectrum to the wireless carriers without completing the repacking process.

    This is going to take way more time then the FCC thinks, especially if they are going to keep moving the target, one of their specialties.




    Some of the OTA networks carried in many major cities but not in Portland:

    Weather Nation


    There are others like The Works, METV TOO,etc.

    Markets like LA have them all, as there are so many TV stations and most have diginets. The CBS O&O stations all run Decades, so I guess that is a possibility for CBS, even though it is not O&O.
    I hope that the FCC puts off the repacking, but the longer that goes, few TV stations will be willing to add translators and the like, as they do not know what will happen. Right now the FCC is not allowing any new apps for translators anyway. Like here on the Northern Oregon Coast, we have the main 5 (2-6-8-10-12), but we also have a lot of CPs (4,5,15, 28, 36, 38, & 51), since CPs, I presume any of those could come on.


    Weather Nation is like the Weather Channel 25 years ago, which didn’t run 30 min of commercials every hour like it does today. Portland needs an OTA weather station. Live feed:


    The tentative deal for Nexstar to buy Media General means some type of divestiture is ahead for Portland TV landscape.

    This means KOIN/KPTV and KPDX. Will await some type of ownership shuffle. Once a deal has been finalize.

    The Nexstar-Media General deal is still contingent with a previous deal for a Media General-Meredith merger to be terminated or voted down by Media General shareholders.

    Master of Disaster

    Actually, the reverse of what Washnotore said is true, as KOIN is owned by Media General and KPTV/KPDX is owned by Meredith. So if the original deal between Meredith and Media General goes through things could be shaken up quite a bit.


    This came up awhile back. It appears that KPDX could go with either KPTV or KOIN but they couldn’t keep both KPTV and KOIN.


    I did a scan this morning and here on the North Coast we have 14 channels now. 6.1 & 6.2. 6.1 KOIN HD and 6.2 KOIN SD. so it looks like they are indeed getting ready to add a diginet.
    Our line up:
    2.1 KATU HD
    2.2 METV
    2.3 Get TV
    6.1 KOIN HD
    6.2 KOIN SD
    8.1 KGW HD
    8.2 Justice TV
    8.3 Estrella
    10.1 KOPB HD
    10.2 OPB+
    10.2 OPB Radio
    12.1 KPTV HD
    12.2 COZI
    12.3 Laff

    From 1991 until 2010 we have only 3 analog channels KATU, KOIN, and KPTV.
    I am very pleased!!!


    Right now KOIN is just running a sd simulcast of 6.1 …
    looks terrible!


    It is pretty bad looking. I guess they do not have all of the bugs out of it as yet. I think when 12 added 12.2, COZI looked pretty bad in the beginning too. I have no idea how much bandwidth 6.2 has either.


    Rabbit ears now lists 6.2 (soon)


    This is probably fairly basic but I don’t know the answer. Do you have to make a new sweep of the channels, when a new one arrives or can you just go into “add/delete”?


    I have been told both ways. But out here on the coast, the TV dial has changed a lot in the past few years that about weekly, I do a new scan. That is the only way I find new channels, unless they are posted elsewhere. Now with 2.3 changing programming, The Comet should just show up in the place of Get TV without a scan, as the 2.3 is already there. 6.2 was not there until I scanned. I am finding OTA TV a lot more exciting these days with the addition of sub channels. TV antennas have been popping up out here on the coast. For years there were few with just 3 analog channels. Now a lot of people are enjoying the great variety OTA TV has to offer out here.


    Depends on the set… I have one that appears to add new channels, even overnight when it is off, and an older set that must be prompted to scan, when new channels are expected. Yesterday, after reading about 6.2, I turned on the small Vizio on my desk and it was there.

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