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    I was in the Walmart parking lot in St. Helens yesterday and KOHI (presumed) had a horrible signal. Very weak audio, a hum in the audio. I could even hear Eugene(?) under it in the afternoon. How in the World can they except to get an audience with a signal like that?

    Andy Brown

    Why don’t you call Dave and Marty and ask them how the work on their ground system is going?

    Phone: 503-397-1600
    E-mail: kohi.radio@gmail.com

    Then come back here and share your findings.

    jr tech called them at the end of April (apparently you missed that thread in its entirety)
    and they said antenna work would be done in 30 to 45 days. FYI, they have not filed anything with the FCC that is publicly available and operating at large deviations of licensed parameters for this long usually requires an STA and changing the antenna in any way usually requires filing a new 301 form, so it may be that they are repairing a rusted out ground field (see their web site http://www.am1600kohi.com/index_files/Page481.htm) and discovering it’s a stickier wicket than they envisioned. They might also have no radio experience and are unaware of the need to notify the FCC when they can’t make power for an extended period of time. In the old days, you were allowed to operate at nighttime or PSSA parameters during the day to facilitate repairs for up to 30 days, but that may no longer be the rule since all the changes to the STA rules. Not all communications with the FCC show up in their public records. Sometimes a phone call can get you some grace in certain situations that only result in interference received as opposed to interference caused.



    I had read the original thread, but I figured the issue would have been fixed by August.
    KOHI has never been a money-maker. I remember back in the 60s when I visited KOHI, as they were right on the highway, the GM told me that selling ad time was always a chore as everyone listened to Portland stations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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