KKRZ-HD2 Rebrands As ALT 102.3

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    This from All Access:

    KKRZ-HD2/Portland Rebrands As ALT 102.3 With The Woody Show In Mornings

    iHEARTMEDIA Alternative KKRZ-HD2 (RADIO 102.3)/PORTLAND, OR has rebranded as “ALT 102.3, PORTLAND’s NEW ALTERNATIVE” and added THE WOODY SHOW in mornings, syndicated by PREMIERE NETWORKS. ALT 102.3 is also airing two minutes or less commercial breaks after 10a.

    “We’re excited to bring THE WOODY SHOW and the best in Alternative music to the fans in PORTLAND,” said ALT 102.3 PD BEN MARCOTTE. “PORTLAND has an avid Alternative Rock fan base and THE WOODY SHOW has built an incredibly compelling and entertaining brand that we can’t wait to share with our listeners.”

    WOODY added, “Returning to PORTLAND is a homecoming of sorts for me. I was unceremoniously fired in 1997, but thanks to the folks at the new ALT 102.3, I now have the opportunity to return and reaffirm that decision.”

    The on-air lineup at ALT 102.3 is:
    5-10a/THE WOODY SHOW
    7-mid/MIKE JONES


    Does anyone even listen to radio 1023? Their signal is horrible. They should blow up the station and start incorporating the playlist of 102.3 into 1059 The Brew’s anemic playlist. Ive never heard so much repetition on one station like I do on 1059 The brew. The playlist on 1059 The Brew is absolutely horrible. If 1059 The Brew is Portland’s Rock station, then why are they not playing new rock on the station? 1059 Used to call themselves “The next generation of Classic rock” and then they switched and called themselves “Portland’s Rock Station”, yet they still play nothing but the moldy classic rock songs every hour.


    Dork, we get it. You don’t like the Brew. Please stop mindlessly hijacking every thread with this opinion. The only thing more repeatative than the Brew’s playlist is your endless wining. Change the station and find something else to talk about. At least your username checks out.


    In an odd alignment of the planets, I find myself agreeing somewhat with Radio Dork. Why doesn’t IHeart jettison the “Brew” format on 105.9 and then move the 102.3 format onto that frequency? For a community of the size of the Portland metro area, the coverage of 99 Watts at 423 meters leaves a bit to be desired.


    That may have been the plan for some time and IHeart is just testing the waters. On the other hand, Alternative isn’t the strongest format, if you aren’t already established and there’s a somewhat direct competitor, plus Classic Rock still has a few good years left in it, particularly the way The Brew is doing it. Of course, in the near future, KGON will either change format completely or adjust to directly competing with The Brew. If the latter happens, they’ll probably cancel each other out. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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