KKK, American Nazi Party praise Trump's hiring of Bannon

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    President-elect Donald Trump is drawing praise from the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and other white nationalist groups for appointing former Breitbart executive Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist.

    “Perhaps The Donald is for real,” Rocky Suhayda, chairman of the American Nazi Party, told CNN in an segment that included interviews with several white nationalists.

    Trump’s hiring of Bannon has drawn bitter criticism from Democrats, but white nationalists believe it’s evidence the president-elect intends to live up to his campaign promises to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

    David Duke, a former KKK leader who lost his Senate bid last week in Louisiana, called Bannon’s hiring an “excellent” decision.





    Previews of the oncoming Trumpmerikka.


    Trump will do more for blacks than Obama and the Democrats. They knock on doors in the inner cities when they want votes and then disappear until the next election.

    President Trump wants to rebuild the cities and make life better for minorities and the poor, but he will be met with vigorous opposition because better conditions for blacks would mean the loss of a dependent class and the loss of a voting block. Democrats have treated black people like chumps, and that’s far more destructive than the words of the leader of an irrelevant fringe group of which Robert Byrd was a member.

    But you’ll play that race card anyway, because that’s what liberals do. Liberal politicians exploit racial tension for the sake of political gain. Shame on them, but maybe they are finally outed with this shakeup of the elite establishment.


    How do you know if Trump will do anything for blacks? Is it based on what he says or what he does (i.e. Associates with a white nationalist)?


    That is quite the lunatic screed there, Pope Bacon. For a man whose preferred candidate won, you sure are an angry man as of late.

    Everything you wrote is opinion, nothing factually supportable, all shared with utter certitude in a manner that’s equal parts smug and dumb.

    If you *actually* believe there’s some secret cabal of Democratic elites who have been up to the nefarious shenanigans you’ve outlined, you’re far nuttier than I thought. That’s pure, tin foil hat, Alex Jones flavored, nuttery.

    And per the usual, complete avoidance of the topic at hand which is fact based:

    The KKK did hold a victory parade for Donald J Trump.

    White Nationalists are thrilled with his election. They’ve been quite outspoken about it.

    I note Republicans are completely silent about all of this.

    Steve Bannon is an alt right media darling with a long history of making racist and bigoted claims and trolling in utter lies and falsehoods to rile people into a blood fury; and then take their money.

    Republicans are largely silent upon that, too.

    None of this is reassuring.

    Certainly there’s no proof or action at this point indicating that black America is destined for ever improving greatness under President Trump. Based upon Donald Trump’s own words, actions, and the kind of people he’s surrounding himself with, there are instead a number of very legitimate concerns being raised.

    To say nothing of the explosion in reported hate crimes that have occurred since Donald Trump’s election. I personally know people who have been accosted by joyful (and seemingly hateful) Trump supporters and been called “Jap”, “Nigger”, and in one joyful exchange told “You better head south before the wall goes up”!

    Ah, but yes, it’s “the liberals” who are the real racists. Got it.

    Not a one of these issues Pope Bacon or any other Donald Trump supporters seem inclined to either believe or address.

    I guess everything’s just swell.

    Andy Brown

    Bacon continues to show all readers he is a shallow uninformed troll with several personality issues. Not new news to many but bacon’s lemming like posting appears to be in full throttle mode as he avoids answering questions or providing any substantive facts to his musings. This is bacon when he’s “winning” and it may be the stupidest we’ve ever seen from the troll that wouldn’t go away.

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