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    “LPFM’s can’t use DA’s to avoid co channel issues.”
    KISN-LP FCC Authorization is for 100 Watts ERP H/V [BLL-20150511ACA], the maximum allowed by law and regulation.
    Now you know one of the two KISN-LP personalities who are in my PDX top three. Now you know why.

    Andy Brown

    FYI: DA’s can be used for LPFM service to avoid 2nd adjacent interference when they can’t pass waiver requirements, but not to avoid co channel or first adjacent short spacing.

    re: KISN LIC vs CP

    Uh, no. KISN LP is still on Mt. Scott and is licensed for 2 watts, ERP. The construction permit you reference is a just in case the rent gets too high they wanted something to move to quickly.


    KICN is now simulcasting KQRZ, which I believe is on the same tower.


    “Uh, no. KISN LP is still on Mt. Scott and is licensed for 2 watts, ERP.”
    Dang! Yer right again. CDBS has the Walgreens location as active. Red and not blue. 2000 mW at 208 m goes a long way.

    The left coast has only four LPFMs of worth. PDX has two. 95 Kissin’ is one of them.

    Still think some folks in the Portlandia LPFM Wars are defending in the wrong direction or are being out-flanked. I wouldn’t be doing what some are. The Audio Division is not the Media Bureau where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs for no good reason. {Gonzo, 1988) Best play the MB game.
    But Chico, look what happened to Salem Broadcasting. Yeah sure, but that was Julius Genachowski and then Tom Wheeler’s FCC with a board and bureaus appointed and maintained by a very different White House than today.


    Now that I am out of the field and have access to true HTML and RAS … 12 Watts TPO and two Watts ERP? C’mon man. Granted, the single Shively is a wine barrel hoop (stainless steel, jeez, but ya gotta give what that market wants) with a -3dB loss. But the other seven dB in losses? Is the transmission line a stick?
    I conducted RF surveys in 2008, 2012 and 2016 for two different clients. Y’all remember the TV guy with black frame glasses and a cell phone attached to his head saying, “Can you hear me now? Good! Can you hear me now? Good!” That’s me but with a big Yagi. 2016 KISN-LP RF field strength at the Hillsboro Airport was -27.45 dBm. That’s near 52 dBu isotropic. Granted, the airport is at elevation. But explain the -29.21 dBm (near 48 dBu isotropic) through the gap between Woodland and Columbia City.
    Two Watts ERP? I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ to no body.

    Andy Brown

    “But the other seven dB in losses?”

    Check your math. Total losses equal 7+ dB, not 10+

    For the curious:


    2016 KISN-LP RF field strength at the Hillsboro Airport was -27.45 dBm.

    Cbaravelli, you don’t use a yagi antenna to check field strength. You will get inaccurate data. It’s like using an RF amplifier before you take measurements. Even with a yagi it’s hard to believe that you could pick up 95.1 at a -27 dBm. That is an extremely hot signal. About the only way to get that would be to be looking into barrel of the transmit antenna close by. The HAAT is very high from Mt Scott. So, the signal does (potentially) cover a lot looking at their propagation maps (posted on their website).


    I recently noted that 96.7 KICN-LP is off the air, and KQRZ-LP’s programming is being simulcast on 101.5

    Jeffrey Kopp

    Up to now I could receive KISN only in my car, but I just purchased a Onkyo TX-8220 receiver and it gets 95.1 using the antenna that came with it (a 4-foot piece of wire). In Milwaukie.

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