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    Andy Brown

    Here in Westmoreland (Sellwood) with the dipole properly broadsided to Mt. Scott, 95.1 illuminates two of four LEDs on the signal strength meter (HK380i).

    I would describe the signal quality as noisy on full range speakers. It’s listenable at low audio levels. I’m sure it will sound better in the car since a moving vehicle is a big noise contributor.

    If the music wasn’t so interminably awful (The Carpenters now playing, I mean really) I’d listen at my desk where I am now, but sorry, the ancient syrupy music and the 1950’s jingles drive me away. Music was so much more than what Top 40 played in those days sans a few decent songs that made it through the system before albums took over in the mid 60’s. I won’t hang around for the one song in ten that makes me smile. If this is your thing, though, and you live within 5 miles of Mt. Scott, enjoy it.


    Listened this morning in car as I drove from I-5 to I-84 out to Wood Village and back..than on I-5 southbound until I reached Terwilliger exit..great signal..great music..Nice to have a station back that plays real Oldies…95.1 FM (OK enough of a plug)… a good mix and yes “the ancient syrupy music and the 1950’s jingles”…Is there – and don’t we LOVE IT !


    Right on, Tom!

    Sorry, Andy, but you must be out of the demo…

    Can hardly wait to hear it, but I’ll have to wait for the stream… And due to funding issues, I understand it’s likely to be awhile. I’ll keep an eye out here and on FB for progress reports…


    For me, a true oldies station should play everything. I hate John Denver, but I would expect KISN to play his big hits. A format like this seems to go by the motto, “Of you don’t like this song, just wait for the next one!”

    Oh yeah….the more old, syrupy jingles, the better.

    A few hours into the launch & I’m very impressed!


    I drove around today. It seems to be acceptable just about anywhere in southeast but fuzzes up with something substantial in the way. It came in clearly as far west as the Terwilliger curves and out to Gresham. It started to fuzz just south of the Morrison Bridge and continued that way into the northwest industrial area. Other than that, I didn’t go north of Glisan so I can’t say how reception was in northeast. North was probably more of the same as northwest. I also heard it fairly well in downtown Beaverton but only for a short stretch. I got a weaker signal around Cornelius Pass and Cornell Road. At no time did I hear another station trying to come in.


    Andy probably is on the other side of the demo but not in the way you infer. By the way, I’ve always loved the Carpenters. They were huge in the 70s pretty much across the board! I was surprised that they didn’t take on legendary status after Karen’s death, like Jim Croce.


    I’m not about to put down anyone whose name inspired an adjective!

    Andy Brown

    “His comments give the impression that he’s on the other side of 75 or 80. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pissed and moaned about it like this back when it was all new.”

    Wrong and semi correct.

    I grew up with the original “Good Guys” back in New York and thought it was great. Then I reached my 15th birthday in 1966 and the options on the radio grew exponentially, leaving Top 40 in the dust. I stopped buying singles and started buying albums. Some of the “hits” came from albums that had so much more great music then you could hear on Top 40 radio. Top 40 radio is tantamount to a juke box with 1/3 the songs in heavy rotation. I got an 8 track player for the car and never looked back.

    “Carpenters. They were huge in the 70s pretty much across the board!”

    Top 40 and AC. That’s hardly across the board. They were non existent on rock FM or emerging urban (disco) formats.

    It’s not like this is the only station on the air,

    I’m providing some reception reports for the larger audience. It’s my option to comment on the programming. If you don’t like that, too bad. What do you contribute around here, gouge? Mostly just dissing other people is 95% of what you post.

    The biggest defect in the 95.1 programming is that it is just like the corporate behemoths approach in that it is not live. It is all automated. IMO that is not in the least bit like the Top 40 radio of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Live delivery made Top 40 what it was. Now I’ve already heard all the excuses for lack of live when Stoneman put his first KISN clone stream on the air three years ago. The bottom line is that other low power outlets are going to be coming on the air and there are plenty of young interested people that will volunteer to deliver live DJ services. XRAY is live almost all the time. Yes, it’s a bear to manage a lot of people but KBOO has been doing it for years. The east side is going to be a rat race for underwriting resources, so Western Oregon Radio Club still has a lot of work cut out for it to do. The Portland Radio Project is coming on the air soon with a more adult oriented program approach, and they already are working on underwriting. Let me know when you hear some sponsorship on 95.1. Their kickstarter failed to reach goal, raising about 5k instead of the 10k goal. That doesn’t even cover the cost of the required hardware to put 95.1 on the air. Worse, the 5k they did get pledged was from only 45 people. That’s what I was saying all along in the other threads, there isn’t that much interest in what they are doing.


    Did you send them some money, gouge?


    I was driving today to the Lewisville park in Battle ground via SR 500. The signal was loud and clear all the way past Battle Ground. Even at the park it was “listenable”. On the way back it was kind of noisy. I agree that the processing is missing. Very much needing those highs.


    I’m Very Impressed with KISN-LP’s reach on the West side. Started picking up Kisn going West on Canyon Road just before the intersection for Walker Rd., technically part of West Slope, heading to Beaverton. I noticed throughout this report, going West had the best reception, opposed to going East. Spotty with sweet spots all the way to the Highway 217 interchange, and got better. Then began coming in clear with no interference in Beaverton just before Canyon Road turns into Tualatin Valley Highway aka T.V. Hwy., I was amazed! After that it was pretty smooth out to Aloha. Kisn has great reception in Aloha! Farther out on TV Hwy., towards Hillsboro, the reception got spotting in Reedville and after Reedville a Spanish station took over. In downtown West Slope the same could be said. Going home on Canyon Lane, only the Spanish station was heard but as I drove on my driveway Kisn had sweet spot and I was happy that another sweet spot was in my garage!


    When I said that The Carpenters were strong across the board, I meant “all ages”. Obviously, they were stronger with women.


    My location near downtown Hillsboro appears to be a hotspot for KISN-LP. I briefly tried various antennas (including one not designed for the job), and the results surprised me.

    10 Element Yagi on roof – Almost full quieting (in stereo)

    Radio Shack VU-120XR on roof – slightly noisy reception in stereo

    Folded dipole stretched out and broadsided to Mt. Scott – noisy reception; signal disappears if antenna is folded up or not broadside to transmitter

    GE amplified indoor DTV antenna – noisy reception; signal seems slightly weaker than that received by folded dipole

    I was able to aircheck the sign-on. I will post it once I find time to edit it. So far, what I have heard is as follows:

    1) The carrier comes up gradually and about a minute of a ticking clock is heard.

    2) Jingles and a welcome message are heard.

    3) Music interspersed with various new and classic KISN jingles are heard.


    The Carpenters are Alternative Rock Gods:


    I’m in Newberg — definitely a bit distant to receive their signal. Has anyone indicated how soon they hope to be web streaming?


    Since KISN people read this board, this may be just as good a place as any to get their attention: There’s a liner, left over from the online effort that seems out of place. It says something like, “If you want to hear the same songs over and over again, turn on your car radio.”. As that’s what most people have to do, to hear KISN now, it could be confusing.

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