KINK is now "Carbon Neutral".

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    It’s the first radio station in the United States to be so acclaimed! If you figure out what that means, feel free to let us know. Here’s the story: KINK is First Radio Outlet to Become Carbon Neutral
    RADIO ONLINE | Sunday, November 26, 2017 |5:56pm CT

    Alpha Media/Portland, OR, has announced that, for more than a year, AAA KINK-FM has been on the path to becoming Carbon Neutral. Through a series of eco initiatives and completing an audit from YRandG, KINK became the first radio station in the U.S. to be named Carbon Neutral. Over the next year KINK will roll out even more eco-friendly actions in the hope that listeners will adopt them to their way of life.

    101.9 KINK Program Director Sean Demery commented, “Individuals doing small actions can pay large eco dividends when realized as a large group. KINK is the loudspeaker, but it’s our community that has the power to make a difference.”

    Andy Brown

    They’ve been stuck in neutral for years.


    Only in Portland. :rolleyes:


    KINK has been advertising on-air that they broadcast a signal that can be used to remote-control water heaters for energy savings. I would like to see an engineering-level explanation of how carbon neutrality was achieved. In other words, is it possible that the radio station is still using as much energy as it normally does, but it was able to get listeners to conserve energy on its behalf?

    Some years ago, KGO installed solar panels at its transmitter site. However, the output of the solar panels only partially covers the amount of electricity used by the station’s transmitter.

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