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    It is unlikely that it will come down to a choice between Trump and Bloomberg but if it does, as terrible as that sounds, it’s only one issue. There must be at least a hundred things that Trump could do to completely destroy the country and I don’t think Bloomberg would do any of them. To put it another way, George Wallace was an out and out racist and a danger to the Black community but as disgusting as that is, even he wouldn’t take steps to destroy the country, to save his own skin and I’d vote for him in a nanosecond over Trump! I certainly never thought I’d say that!


    Kskd for Trump 2020!


    I long for the day when we actually search for, and vote into office people who are qualified to do the job rather than personalities who we recognize from past media reports.

    It almost makes me want to go back to a brokered convention rather than a beauty contest backed by billions of dollars.


    If you do not take the time to understand the populist energy, ahem “rising” out there, you will be completely confused at the politics unfolding before you. –>Krystal Ball, host of the linked show, “Rising”

    Vitalogy, that’s you, and a few others. The politics are changing rapidly.

    Here, nicely captured and packaged up for my friends on both the left and right, are the core drivers of said change, and it is not even that long.

    Quite simply, and the point I have been making for some time, is saying I am for Trump, or any of the other pretty damn negative things, is not productive. It is also false.

    That is why doing it has zero impact.

    Wanting to assign blame to people articulating these changes does nothing. Blame, no blame, we may still have Trump and you would not have helped avoid that. Secondly, what you want me to do, won’t have helped.

    Expecting it is laughable! Go ahead. Laugh. I am.

    There really is only one thing that does help. And not only will Trump be nicely defeated, but millions will seriously benefit from the resulting policy debate.

    That thing is to put people in front. You actually do gotta give a shit, or more Trump is the most likely outcome.

    Your call. As I stated many times. I can do nothing about it, and I made my call to embrace the change coming. Can’t do it for you, and I can’t realistically continue to defend toxic politics either.

    Now, this video is considerably longer:

    The core is there. Theory of change, policy, why the parties are being challenged, and why Dems are seeing a challenge from the left.

    The Dem party is backing a “hand picked” Clinton mini-me, who basically feels entitled to the seat, despite not actually engaging and representing the people she very clearly expect to vote for her.

    That race is a mini version of the greater nationwide one playing out right now.

    Good listen while doing a project around the house. If you care about politics, beyond the horse race “go team” aspect, at all, that second video is a great primer on why we are seeing what we are today.

    Or, continue with dated fear, blame and shame politics. Again, not my call. One would hope to be even marginally effective though.


    Radiogeek: with the current level of money in politics, we are likely to see said brokered convention.

    It will feature people power vs billions.

    Buckle up!


    Think of all this like climate change. Works in a very similar way.

    The choices we make matter. And our planet will do what it will do regardless of the fear, blame and shame put out there too.

    So many people downtrodden are the same way. They will do what they do no matter the level of fear, blame and shame out there.


    Kskd for Trump. Keep it up! 4 more years.

    Progressives for Trump. Worked in 2016 and looks to be working again in 2020.

    Trump supporters appreciate your effort.


    Progressives lost 44-56 to moderates in Iowa and lost NH 35-65.

    Can’t win a General with the minority on one party.


    It did work in 2016. Amazingly. We have 7 people in Congress today. Built a movement currently backing Bernie as frontrunner.

    Completely changed the national dialog too.

    Was not Bernie who ran against Trump.

    Too many to ignore feel Trump broke a toxic cycle.

    They will do it again.

    Not a damn thing you or I can do about that.


    The moderates won’t get the young and strong progressive vote.

    Since defeating Trumo us all that matters, falling in behind the guy who will means best case to defeat Trump. Nearly all those moderates will vote D. They will be joined by a solid majority of indies for the win.

    Progressives have position and standing now. That will only improve as the race proceeds.

    Easy peasy.

    Oh yeah, you said keeping your insurance mattered more than Trump did.

    And you try to pressure others? Preposterous!

    Let me know when you really want to try at this.

    Andy Brown

    “Populist energy rising”

    Overrated. A big portion of that energy is media amplification.

    Also, the more it is amplified the more distorted the message becomes.

    Noise is noise no matter which “side” generates it nor which media amplifies it.

    The noisier it gets, the more people tune it out.

    More and more people are tuning the primaries out with plans to vote for or against drumpf in the general. For many that’s their normal approach.

    Regardless whether the D candidate is progressive or moderate, political fortunes are bought with money. Most people do not pay much attention to the rhetoric espoused by candidates because as we all know the campaign promises are rarely achieved and the more anyone of them claims to be a change agent the more it stays the same.


    Lol, media amplification.

    The media I most often link is not backed by gazillions of dollars. That media hates us.

    Millions of people are why new media works.

    A tenth of the population watches TYT each week. The majors can only dream about numbers like that. The guy in the longer interview founded TYT, Justice Democrats (no corporate PAC money), and WolfPAC, all aimed at anti corruption politics.

    All Member funded too.

    Prior to these efforts there was one person in Congress not taking big money. One solid progressive in office. Bernie.

    Today 60 people in Congress do not take the money, and there are now 8 solid progressives in office and a ton more running. Looking to double up on our caucus at least.


    The is building nicely to join the fray, and from what I can tell is using a model much more similar to what the major, legacy broadcasters use. They smell the changes.

    More will follow.

    You are not entirely wrong Andy. But the scenario today is YUGE, given the brief amount of time to have passed.

    Totally validated how progressives compete with established big money. You will be more wrong over time. (Which we both should celebrate!)


    Yes, 2016 worked for Trump.

    How’s that worked out so far for your goals?


    Great! No joke.

    We got Trump due to toxic party politics impacting too many Americans.

    Building to a more performant body politic is the right thing to do. And that proceeds nicely.

    At some point, I am hoping you realize fear, blame and shame politics aren’t worth the time it takes to express them.

    Clearly, today is not that day.

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