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    Jeffrey Kopp

    KGW was unable to present the 11pm news Saturday because their video server was down. Good grief.


    Yes, saw the ending. All KGW could do is present the weather. Then cut to Grant McOmie’s “Grant’s Getaways” until “Saturday Night Live” when they cut Grant in mid sentence!


    Question for TV Engineers:

    Would the KGW Video Server problem have been at KGW Studios or their Hub center back East or wherever?


    The technical quality of KGW news has been going down for years. They used to produce a pretty good newscast, but I cannot get past the amount of technical screw ups they seem to have during the newscasts. I would expect something like this in a smaller market, for Portland…it should not happen. I can appreciate the need to control costs…but when it affects the quality of the newscast, then the amount of people who defect to other stations will over weigh the amount of savings. I find myself watching KOIN more because I can’t handle all the technical goofs that KGW seems to have.

    Andy Brown

    “Question for TV Engineers:

    Would the KGW Video Server problem have been at KGW Studios or their Hub center back East or wherever?”

    Since the newscast only plays locally, and because it is a replay of programming that is created and recorded locally, it makes no sense that they would upload it to a server somewhere else. But since it is TV, they probably do upload to some box far away. Making sense has never been a strong point for TV operations. However, wherever the ‘server’ that failed is located is no excuse for failing to adhere to the age old mantra of broadcast engineering which is ‘redundancy’ and ‘heat management.’


    They (Tegna) also have the worst diginet subchannel selection in Portland, and they still haven’t done anything with KGWZ 46.1


    I do like the KGW TV 8 news teams. But I do wish they had a better selection of diginet channels. Justice TV and Estrella are not exciting and I rarely watch either. I like KATU’s, KOIN’s, KPTV’s, and even OPB’s much better. Of course the rest of the Portland OTA TV fare we do not get on the North Coast. I would love to have CW-32 out here with Antenna TV and THIS.
    There must have been a glitch in the KGW system, as we are getting the channels on 17.1, 17.2, 17.3 rather than 8.1, 8.2., and 8.3. I thought the translator was off until I did a re scan. I should give the CE a ring on Monday.


    Some years ago, I met a member of the KGW news team at the yearly Beaujolais Nouveau event. She told me, “Oh no! We don’t use Ignite at KGW,” but stated that all other Portland newscasts are produced from remote hub centers. Perhaps, KGW could only hold out for so long.


    KGW lately has more “B roll feed stories” from all around the country to fill in for the lack of local content. The teasers appear to be local but they are from San Antonio, Orlando, Nashville, etc. I have commented on their site with no reply, the new set is nice but the content is less than local as it should be.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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