KGW News Screw Ups

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    Has anybody noticed the increasing amount of technical screw ups on the evening news. Someone is certainly asleep at the wheel in master control.


    It’s not just KGW. With the switch to automation systems like Ignite and the move to MC centralization stations are seeing more screw ups than ever. But they’re saving money.


    KGW is the last of the Portland stations to move their master control out of Portland. Everyone has gone to hubs except OPB. But, Portland is their hub. The other stations hubs are in Phoenix, Indiannapolis, Seattle, Tacoma,and Orlando.


    Some months ago, there was an episode of Coast-to-Coast AM on the subject of the Saturday night horror movie shows that were popular on local TV up through the 1970s. The banter between George Noory and the guest described how budgets have shrunk and technical quality has gone down the tubes to the point that in local newscasts today, cameras are robotically operated and the news anchors step on foot switches to advance the on-screen graphics. The conclusion was that in the 1970s, before home video and cable networks became established and long before internet-delivered video content came along, there was real money in local TV. Now, there is not. 🙁


    Can’t think of the last time I sat down for a local TV news broadcast. When I was a kid it was on every night before dinner. But why wade through half an hour when you can get the info you need online in 5 minutes? I have to figure the money is gone because WE are all gone.

    Of course, someone has to pay the journalists, or there won’t BE journalists, just semi-pro bloggers with an ax to grind. And that is the rub, isn’t it?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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