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    This from All Access:

    Seattle Seahawks Move Portland Affiliation To KFXX-A (1080 The Fan)-KGON

    The SEATTLE SEAHAWKS radio network will have a new PORTLAND affiliate — actually, two — as THE OREGONIAN reports that ENTERCOM Sports KFXX-A (ESPN SPORTS RADIO 1080 THE FAN) and Classic Rock KGON/PORTLAND will join the NFC champion’s network for next season.

    The SEAHAWKS previously aired on ALPHA MEDIA Sports KXTG-A (750 THE GAME) in the PORTLAND market.


    Four sports stations in Portland, and the Seahawks end up on a music station. Yeah, that makes sense. Sheesh. I know the decision was made based on $$ (as are all decisions in radio), but this is a bad programming move. 98% of people who tune in to KGON during a game will want to hear classic rock, and will turn it off when they hear a game. Am I wrong?

    Paul Tilton

    fieldstrength – I would think you are right. It would be interesting to see KGON’s Sunday numbers hour-by-hour through the last couple of BFL seasons though.


    Maybe part of the deal is the Seahawks wanted an FM station and 92.3 is the one Entercom decided on.

    OR going to left field here to speculate 1080AM and 92.3FM The Fan.


    I occassionaly listen to The Fan on KWJJ-HD2. It does sound a lot better, but I can’t see them doing away with KGON for sports.


    Yes, KGON will be airing the Seahawks games so we are talking about Sundays, and a couple of weekday evening games. No changes to the format. KGON has been rocking for over 40 years and it will stay that way.


    Except during Seahawk Games. I just don’t see the logic in this move.


    The Cardinals did that down here in Phoenix several years ago, on AM 1060 and Classic Rock KSLX(FM). We have several underpowered AMs that do not cover the market, so the FM was used to make up for it. KSLX carried a short pre-game and post-game show, and the AM did 2-hour pre-game and and post-game shows. I would strongly suspect KGON won’t carry eight hours of football, even if it’s just on Sundays. And I’d hardly call Portland’s AM 1080 “underpowered”!


    The idea of running NFL games on FM is nothing new, but usually it happens in the home teams market. The fact that this is happening in Portland seems to smell like a gussied up deal that allows better revenue for an FM than they normaly could command for a Sunday afternoon. So in that sense, it makes perfect sense. The ratings hit would be minimal and probably more than made up with additional revenue. Good move.


    The last time the Seattle Seahawks were on a rock-format station was Back in 2002. At that time Entercom station KISW-FM started carrying Seahawks games for a few seasons.

    If it worked well in Seattle all those years ago. Than there should be no problem here Portland. The other half of Seahawk nation.

    Face it folks rock stations are starting to become dinosaurs. I for one was glad to see KUFO at 101.1 get the boot. In favor of news/talk KXL.


    Face it folks rock stations are starting to become dinosaurs. I for one was glad to see KUFO at 101.1 get the boot. In favor of news/talk KXL.

    Is that a fact or an opinion? I disagree with you Washnotore. Kgon continues to get strong ratings and i think putting Seahawks games on KGON is stupid! There are plenty of people like myself who could give two shits about Winterhawks games and want to hear ROCK! I guess people who want to hear rock will tune into 1059 The brew while the Games are on KGON. Hopefully 1059 the Brew will capitalize on this and put on something interesting on during on during the times that KGON are running the games. But Probably not, 1059 the brew will probably continue to piss off their listners and watch their listening audience erode by continuing to play the same 5 stale songs day after day, not to mention speed up their songs and have music that sounds like the chipmunks come out of their station. )Have you seen their facebook? It is loaded with people leaving comments such as they need more variety on the station and please play better rock. But im guessing the brew does not care and will continue with mediocre ratings and will continue to play the same 5 songs up until a format change which may be in the not so distant future.
    Portland really needs a REAL rock station brought to portland, similar to KUFO. TINY stink hole markerts have great rock stations, why does portland not have a REAL rock station??? I think there is an audience for one and that if programmed correctly will be a huge success.


    Compared to what went before, the last 25 years of Rock has been a niche format. Name ten Rock songs since 1990 that a significant chunk of the audience would want to hear repeatedly now.

    Master of Disaster

    The Seahawks were on Rock 94 1/2 in Spokane several years ago, and it appears they still are: (Scroll down to see the list by state/province. There’s a lot of FMs on that list.)

    As far as the discussion about other stations/formats, the Master of Disaster is reminded of a list posted by a former member years ago, written by a programmer, discussing reasons programmers should ignore certain forms of feedback about programming decisions. Among others, comparing a station to a competitor and ‘play more of this instead of that‘ were on that list.


    It was nice to hear the Seahawk game today on KGON. The station doesn’t carry the pre game and post game show.

    There was no classic rock for two hours. Can’t complain about that.


    Again, I don’t think this kills any ratings on a classic rock. If anything, it might gain some.

    There are a lot of fans who want to hear what is going on, and if FM is their only choice, they will gravitate toward such.

    Again, good smart move, KGON.

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