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    This from All Access:

    KFXX (1080 The Fan)/Portland Keeps Colin Cowherd, Shifts Lineup

    ENTERCOM Sports KFXX-A (1080 THE FAN)/PORTLAND has added COLIN COWHERD’s FOX SPORTS RADIO show for 9a-noon, retaining the show despite its move from ESPN RADIO. COWHERD was a local host for THE FAN before joining ESPN.

    The station has moved DUSTY HARRAH and CAM CLEELAND from noon-3p to mornings 6-9a; ANDY “DIRT” JOHNSON and BRANDON SPRAGUE move from 10a-noon to noon-3p.

    ESPN RADIO programming has moved to sister Sports KMTT-A (SPORTS 910), a former CBS SPORTS RADIO affiliate.


    There are a few interesting things going on with this move:

    1) What with 1080 carrying The Herd and moving Harrah & Cleeland to morming drive, 1080 has shifted ESPN programming to its sister station 910, which is now called ESPN Portland 910 after dropping CBS Sports Radio programs. Mike & Mike (Greenberg and Golic) are simulcast on both stations from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m., as are ESPN’s evening programs. This clears the way for 1080 to specialize in local programs during daylight hours…yeah, technically Cowherd’s show is a national show, but both 1080 and Cowherd seem to treat him as one of “their own.” Cowherd apparently said he wanted his new Fox show to be on 1080 because of that relationship.

    2) On a national level, The Herd is a separate Fox Sports Radio feed. He is on at the same time as Rich Eisen, another Fox Sports Radio host. It makes you wonder how long that will continue, i.e. will FSR make changes to its main schedule, or might they be creating an entirely new feed built around Cowherd?

    3) This makes two Fox Sports Radio programs that are not carried by 620 Rip City Radio, an FSR affiliate. Besides The Herd, FSR’s Dan Patrick is on 750 The Game in the slot right before Eisen/Cowherd. For now, the local Rip City Mornings with Bunker & Danforth holds down the 6 a.m slot, but I’ve wondered if iHeartMedia might get in a bidding war with Alpha to poach The Dan Patrick Show to 620 to go with other FSR programming.


    It will be interesting to see if ESPN enables 910 to gain parity with the other three, ratings wise.


    With the move of ESPN to 910 and the sale of 1390 in Salem, this leaves Salem without a station carrying ESPN. Could ESPN Salem be coming to KBZY? Just a thought.


    So Colin, (former PDX sportscaster), made a big splash as a feature reporter today on Fox’s NFL pregame show. They continued to promote his radio show that will air on Fox Sports Radio.

    This guy has obviously had some hair work done, and I never cared for his repetition of points on ESPN. Hopefully he can correct that, like he did with his hair.


    I actually talked to Colin a couple weeks back when he was flying out after his event with KFXX, I happened to run into him at PDX.

    Fox Sports 1 is a different platform altogether, and it seems that the main network is IHeartRadio. He is being given a lot more autonomy than he was at ESPN, and is focusing more on radio and less on TV (which is what he prefers).

    More live and local is a good thing, and Colin has such strong ties in Portland, local guy making it big, that IMHO it makes sense.


    Too bad he’s such a tool on the air. Hey, Colin…Your lungs work…There’s no need to yell ALL OF THE TIME! And how does anyone have any sort of personal relationships, as pissed off as he is all of the time? He also makes it quite clear that he is the ultimate authority on everything. I sure hope that we can finally get past this mode of everything needing to be bigger, louder and more bombastic to be considered as successful.

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