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    Since these guys started their collective radio careers in the Portland market, though you all would be interested in this:

    32 years together!



    If you count our Portland days, I was lucky enough to work with Kent Phillips for 36 years. It helps that he’s an incredible programmer. I always enjoy this blog and miss Portland. I started at KJIB in 1973 followed by KYXI ’74-’76. Then to KXL ’76-’82. I met Kent in 1982 and we ended up doing mornings on MAGIC 107 before moving to Seattle. I’m happy to report it was my choice to retire…talk about luck!


    Steve Naganuma

    Alan, congratulations on a great, long radio career. Here is a short KMJK aircheck of you on middays.

    Enjoy retirement!



    Alan…not sure you’ll remember me. Had the pleasure of working with you at KXL and a short time at KMJK when Victor owned it. You had more then luck my friend – Very Talented – Both you and Kent – to have an extremely long career in broadcasting – has to be one of if not the industry record – Congratulations and best of luck to you!



    Of course I remember you Tom! Great set of pipes and smart enough to have a backup career. And thank you Steve for the old aircheck. I forgot that I used to puke on the air like that! Great times.


    Andy Brown

    Congratulations Alan.

    You’ve earned it.

    It’s a shame that Mike Cooley is no longer around to comment on your retirement. He told me the story about when you told him you decided you were going to pursue a radio career.

    And dang it, you did it!!



    I too worked with Kent and Alan in the late 80’s at KPLZ, many times their all-night lead-in. PD Casey Keating explained how to transition from all-night to an early Kent and Alan show. Challenging, as the two were so damn good! Can I just say they were two of the nicest guys you will ever meet. I also worked with Humble Harv at the same combo. I’ll just leave it there!

    But congrats, Alan on your retirement. The San Juans are absolutely beautiful…



    Great to hear from you Paul. What a pro! Andy thank you for the Mike Cooley shout out. He built or remodeled most of the studios in Portland during the 1990’s and did so until a few years ago. He was a great mentor and also built a studio for me to finish out my career up in the San Juans.


    Charlie Busch

    I remember being at “K-Plus 101.5” when my P.D. and G.M. were looking for a new morning show. I had come up from KMJK and told them about Kent and Alan. The drove down and sat around PDX for a couple of days unannounced and ended up hiring two of my favorite people. I remember vividly how reluctant they were to leave Portland and always said they’d be back in 5 years. (so much for that plan) I love you both and am very happy for your happiness. You are two of the best talents around, and more importantly, two of the best people I’ve ever worked with or have known. WHAT A RUN!!! All the best. (If you ever get bored, I have a few stations in the Southern Sierra Nevada you can come play with.)



    Thank you Charlie! That is the absolute truth. We wouldn’t have gotten the gig in Seattle if it weren’t for you. All the best to you always. Kent says hello.
    He’s looking forward to sleeping in a little.

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