KDZR "Radio Disney" Sold To Salem For $275,000

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    Radio Disney is still on 1640 as I write this. The FCC AM Query still lists Radio Disney Group, LLC as the licensee. Is the sale to Salem Common Ground Broadcasting, Inc. going to happen?


    Pending FCC approval. AM sale prices make me shed a tear or three. Seems one time annual earnings before EBITDA and real estate.

    Steve Naganuma

    Looks like KDZR is for sale again. Asking price is $750,000. See the listing on this link.



    WE really need more religious radio. The dial especially on FM is full with a zillion of them.


    KDZR is a conservative news-talk format with a little business thrown in…Salem will make a great profit if they sell for $750k…almost half a mil…half ways listenable in Salem during the day.


    During the day, yes. But the night signal isn’t listenable even here in Newberg,


    Seriously does anyone listen to radio at night anymore? And Disney? Would be nil. But good to see your name on here again John. Hope all is well in the newspaper universe.


    The only place that Radio Disney can be heard over-the-air today is on KRDC in Pasadena, CA. It broadcasts the “Radio Disney Country” format.


    It seems to me that the last time I checked, there was a Radio Disney on one of our HD2s or 3s.


    Radio Disney is no longer on HD anywhere in the country. That contract ended in 2018.


    Thanks, Paul Walker, for asking about the newspaper. I am VERY pleased to report that after three months of being online-only (for the first time EVER in our 26-year history), we have returned to print with the July issue of Christian News Northwest, thanks to the gradual reopening. We halted printing for April, May and June because 99 percent of our 1,900 distribution locations in Oregon and southwest Washington were CLOSED and it would have been a waste of thousands of dollars to go to print. Newspapers of ALL types — daily, weekly, monthly — have been hit HARD by this pandemic. I have a further explanation at cnnw.com


    The figure Salem asks for AM 1640 is unreal unless it comes with some real estate;I assume there is not any as the station is co-located with the AM 1330 site on Mt Scott.

    For “comps” we have two items:
    #1. Salem sold Washington DC’s AM 1260 WSPZ ( 35kw D/5kw N ) for $750K in 2019. Now airing Relavent Radio (Catholic Talk) as WQOF, clearly AM 1260 in Washington DC covers a much larger market
    #2. Locally, KXPD was sold in early 2020 for $200K to PIN Investments. Ironically both KDZR and KXPD have the same 0.5 daytime contour….

    Unless there’s something special KDZR should go for about $200K-$250K.

    ¡Ay caramba! |Radio Disney aün existe! Yes, Radio Disney still exists but it’s a Latin American radio network. XHFO-FM in México City is one affiliate. In some countries like Bolivia, Radio Disney is heard in every major city. For more information visit: radiodisney.disneylatino.com


    I am intrigued that Radio Disney is so popular in Latin America. I can’t find an affiliates list on that page. Do they have the frequencies posted somewhere?


    Any single Spanish-langueage list of Radio Disney affiliates in LATAM seems to be outdated. Disney partnered with various national providers and is even available as an audio channel on some of the direct-to-home satellite services. (There’s also a Rádio Disney Brasil in São Paulo for Portuguese speakers.)

    Here’s a partial list
    Brazil: São Paulo 91.3
    Chile: Santiago – 104.9 , Valparaíso – 102.1
    Bolivia: Santa Cruz – 98.5, La Paz – 102.7, Cochabamba – 107.5, Tarija – 100.9
    Perú: Lima – 91.1
    Argentina: Buenos Aires – 94.3
    Uruguay: Montevideo – 91.1
    Costa Rica: San José – 101.1

    Many other countries…

    Sort of off topic but it does show how the Disney maestros did continue with the radio strategy elsewhere while killing it off in the US market.


    Here’s all the Radio Disney affiliates in Latin America from the Spanish Wikipedia version. The only Radio Disney affiliate in the US is in Los Angeles in which is no longer pop music and its now Country. Radio Disney Country KRDC 1110 AM Los Angeles.

    Radio Disney Affiliates in Latin America

    94.3 Buenos Aires Argentina
    91.3 (solo en verano) Pinamar Argentina
    96.5 Asunción Paraguay
    92.9 Guatemala Guatemala
    92.9 Sacatepequez Guatemala
    91.9 Montevideo Uruguay
    97.3 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
    89.3 Santiago de los Caballeros Dominican Republic​
    101.1 San José Costa Rica
    98.3 Cuenca Ecuador​
    93.7 Guayaquil Ecuador
    93.7 Santa Elena Ecuador​
    104.9 Santiago Chile
    102.1 Gran Valparaíso Chile
    101.5 Panamá City Panamá
    91.3 São Paulo Brasil
    102.7 La Paz Bolivia
    98.5 Santa Cruz Bolivia
    107.5 Cochabamba Bolivia
    100.9 Tarija Bolivia
    91.1 Lima Perú
    92.1 XHFO Mexico City Mexico​

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