KCOE and KZSO swapping frequencies

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    I see that 106.5 KCOE in Terrebone, OR is moving to 94.9. AND…

    94.9 KZSO in Sisters also put out this note on Facebook:
    “ATTENTION KZSO LISTENERS. Due to actions beyond our control our frequency has been reallocated from 94.9FM to 106.5FM. We were notified over the weekend of the change and are currently not able to reconfigure equipment this quickly adapt to the new frequency. We will continue streaming online through the http://www.kzso.org website or you can get us on the Tune-In app. We will keep you informed as the situation develops.”


    Something doesn’t seem right here.
    You can’t force a station to change frequency on that short of notice.


    Due to intensive local iboc interference on those frequencies it’s impossible to verify this switch.


    Could it have anything to do with simulcast of 940 AM?


    I sent an email to an acquaintance who does this sort of thing for a living. Here is his reply:

    A “frequency swap” does not occur out of the blue, it requires either an
    application by the licensee or under some conditions, an Order to Show
    Cause and an opportunity for reply in a formal or informal hearing
    (exchange of letters). Remember that a LPFM station is “low man on the
    totem pole” and has no prior right to any frequency..

    This is the kind of stuff that my firm handles in my “day job”.

    (Name Omitted)
    VP – General Counsel & Engineering Manager
    CSI Telecommunications, Inc. – Consulting Engineers
    San Francisco, CA – Beaverton, OR

    Andy Brown

    The minor modification usually referred to as a “channel substitution” is classified as a minor modification as long as it is compliant with Section 316 of the Communications Act


    See §73.3573 Processing FM broadcast station applications.
    (iv) A channel substitution, subject to the provisions of Section 316 of the Communications Act for involuntary channel substitutions.


    The FCC, had it not felt the channel substitution met the requirements, would have returned to the applicant/licensee a letter saying that the change did not qualify as a minor modification and was instead a major modification and subject to all the rules concerning major modifications (meaning they could not easily do it).

    As far as the displacement of the secondary service, they have under 316 the right to object, but they are going up against the FCC’s decision, not the applicant’s desire to make the channel change, so that would be a poor option especially since there is another frequency being handed to them. Most modern equipment is pretty agile so it should not be a big deal.

    This is not a “frequency swap” by any accurate description. It is a channel substitution and a displacement.


    I am guessing that the technical challenge that KZSO faces is that of re-tuning its antenna for an acceptable SWR at 106.5 MHz.


    It appears that 106.5 and 94.9 have been considered by KZSO-LP for over a year… how were they “blindsided”?



    Retuning a fixed multi-element FM antenna is impractical.
    Here’s a zany thought. KCOE actually begins broadcasting @ 106.5 mHz with 94.9 mHz multi-sticks, IBOC and possible DBS splats into the 108 – 118 mHz Aeronautical Radionavigation Band and FCC mandates LPFM KZSO to move onto perhaps the last available LPFM channel which it now shares with Gilchrist Community Action (and trailer park) Association KITC which is a station worth listening to.
    Sincerely hope Sunriver / Ponds pays for KZSO’s new antenna. These are not off-the-shelf items. Interesting to see what happens.


    It appears that despite early studies of the 106.5 frequency, something went wrong. I have not heard what happened to cause KCOE to move to 94.9 after filing for its license. Can someone tell me, please?


    According to one source, the FAA filed a complaint of interference.

    Andy Brown

    Thank you Andy, I thought I looked but apparently not.

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