Kate remains in trouble


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    Now, I could go on about that piece. Lard Areson in fine form, and it’s typical of the OR GOP efforts to exploit the current divide and struggle the left is experiencing.

    I hope most OR people know the corruption does exist, and we really do need party reform, but here all of that has not played out badly for ordinary people. We could have done better, but we for sure didn’t do worse.

    Perfect lesser evil case in point. I’m in, as there is no way I want the GOP growing in OR. We do need to clean up the Dem party, and speaking to policy more aligned with ordinary people is a big part of all that.

    I’ll vote a full D ticket. Won’t even think about it.

    But will people turn out?

    Remember all that VOTE FOR stuff I wrote about? Well, this is where it all counts!

    I looked back through my communications from OR Dems. The vast majority of them consist of:

    “Can you believe these fuckers, pls give $25”

    Now, without a strong, people focused policy, an empowered and motivated GOP, tepid turnout could really change this State.

    I have been canvassed by the GOP. I have not seen a Dem, other than Berners looking to organize, at my door.

    Kate has a tepid ground game, dubious media presence, lots of shit being flung her way, and is getting poor advice as to how to win her election.

    There isn’t a lot of GOTV FOR going on in this State on the Dem side of things. The GOP is running dead aligned with their base, drumming up excitement, amplifying tepid excitement to the negative on the Dem side of things.

    Now, some of you are going to say, “stupid people….”, or “if you don’t vote…”

    To which I will respond, we can’t control people, but we can attract them.

    Dems are expecting votes, running media campaigns on some good issues, but not actually touching on the big ones.

    We Dems do not have much of an advantage right now, and could really use better policy advocacy, and a whole lot better ground game. I am not sure who thinks sending people a bazillion e-mails asking for money every goddamn day, rather than putting people on the ground is a good idea, but I do hope they aren’t getting paid very well, because it’s bad advice.

    You all should be talking to your friends right now. Turnout matters, and the left is looking tepid. There remains time to change that.


    Yet more evidence Democrats are in trouble…even in Oregon:


    When you’ve lost the Oregonian…

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