Kansas Teabaggers take a huge hit to the sack

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    Republican voters in Kansas rebelled against the policies of Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday, ousting his fellow conservatives in at least 11 state legislative primary races amid widespread angst about Kansas’s financial situation.

    With some races still undetermined on Wednesday, but also leaning toward moderates, the primary was a tangible sign of the grumblings that have been going on under the surface in heavily Republican Kansas, as deep cuts to taxes, a centerpiece of the Brownback agenda, have left the state short on revenue and led to cuts to government services.

    The results promised to reshape the dynamics in the Legislature, which has been dominated in recent years by conservatives friendly to Mr. Brownback, and perhaps add pressure for the governor to reconsider some of his tax policies, which were predicated on a supply-side theory of economics and championed by conservatives nationally. Kansas has repeatedly missed revenue collection targets, has seen its credit rating slashed and has cut funding for some government services during Mr. Brownback’s tenure.

    Imagine that, extreme right wing economic policy goes up in flames when implemented. And keep in mind this occurred during a nationally growing economy.


    It only took the complete and total multi-year collapse of the state economy to finally convince the Republicans there that tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of everything else is not a recipe for success.

    Quick, (or honest) they are not.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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